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Session 2 creativity

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Alison Smith's presentation
LinkedUp Show and Tell, Shrigley Hall, 1-2nd July

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Session 2 creativity

  1. 1. Creativity<br />St Cuthbert’s Catholic Community College for Business & Enterprise<br />
  2. 2. In case my name came out of the randomiser during the second session, I planned to just talk about a few of the ways we have tried to promote languages at my school. The MFL department is very small, and in the past we’ve struggled to get noticed by Senior Management and pupils choosing their options. Here are a few of the things we’ve done to remind everyone we’re here!<br />alison.smith@sthelens.org.uk<br />
  3. 3. Creative ways to promote MFL<br /><ul><li>Whole school events using languages
  4. 4. Exploring cross-curricular links
  5. 5. Competitions/Quizes/EDL</li></li></ul><li>European Day of Languages<br />Say Hello!<br />26 teachers wore different flags (1 for each letter of alphabet). Pupils had to greet them in the right language to collect stickers<br />Where on earth do they speak..?<br />Photo quiz around school: match the famous landmarks to the countries and name the languages they speak there.<br />EDL Book Trail – in collaboration with the English Department we created a book trail around school. We chose popular books but used their translated titles<br />Every year, we encourage all staff to take their registers in a foreign language for EDL<br />
  6. 6. World Cup, Germany 2006<br />Before the tournament began we held our own World Cup draw: Tutor Groups were paired with a team playing in the finals. The draw was a ‘glitzy’ affair with live satellite link-ups in target lang to some of the managers (played by various staff with language skills). During the tournament, groups took their register in the language of their team & departments planned football/linguistic/geographical themed lessons.<br />In 2010, we developed the project with the PE department to include a five-a-side football tournament. My tutor group were paired with Germany (pure co-incidence), and were runners up (I was a proud coach!)<br />
  7. 7. Cross-curricular Day<br />To launch our new Faculty system, the College held a cross-curricular day. The MFL department is now in a Faculty with English & Media Studies. We planned our day around the film Amelie with four sessions that each child took part in. Two session were in French, two in English.<br /><ul><li>Scene Analysis (the scene where Amelie discovers the treasure box) French session
  8. 8. Scoop: pupil stook part in a treasure hunt around school to find clues to put together a newspaper article) French session
  9. 9. Newsround: pupils made a 3 minute news report about Princess Diana’s death. English session
  10. 10. Gossip: a look at the impact of tabloid media. English session</li>