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Case story regional transport authority

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Encanvas case story

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Case story regional transport authority

  1. 1. Case Story Regional Transport Authority 2007 Cross-Industry Partnership Working Portal The world’s largest metropolitan transport authority. This organization is responsible for both the strategic planning and provision of transport services for a major conurbation. Client Potential inability to respond to legislative requirements. The lack of coordination of road works undertaken by any of the 33 constituent local authorities themselves meant that there was an unnecessary frequency of disruptive works across the region and seldom did on organization take advantage of work being undertaken by another to minimise congestion. Problem Three applications were needed: To capture the relevant details of the proposed works and accurately plot these on a map of the region. To make the proposed works available for viewing to all interested parties in a secure environment. Overlaying all proposed works in a given area in a given period to enable a coordination and arbitration process to ensure the most efficient implementation of the proposed works. Solution www.encanvas.com Having proven that, by using Encanvas, it was possible to edit maps (plot road works) and store spatial data in one integral record, all three applications were built and deployed on the Internet in 6 ½ man-days during an elapse period of 12-weeks. Delivery timeline The system has become the defacto operating platform for the conurbation’s street works community for forward planning. Outcome