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New Monitoring and Analysis Dashboard for Demandware Sites

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Dashboard offers a visual overview of all the important components of the architecture on a single screen. It then multiplies as a data driven step by step guide to troubleshooting the issues identified through this monitoring dashboard.

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New Monitoring and Analysis Dashboard for Demandware Sites

  1. 1. Monitorem BROCHURE
  2. 2. WE are a team of Demandware developers, analytics and support folks! Technology To serve them Technology To serve them Solution To reach them Solution To reach them Analytics To understand them Analytics To understand them Monitorem To monitor solution Monitorem To monitor solution
  3. 3. Monitorem provides real time intelligence of user experience and Demandware custom solution serving it across all the channels your brand is present in. Use this collective intelligence not only to identify patterns within business and technology components but also their impact on each other. Overview Site monitoring Demandware custom solution Web analytics
  4. 4. Unified view of user experience and technology. Demandware focused as Monitorem is built solely to address the needs of Demandware retailers. Intuitive interaction for creation of action items and decision making. Integration flexibility to connect any other data source or system with Monitorem. Not yet another BI tool!
  5. 5. Monitorem Highlights • Unified view of user experience and technology • Real time trends (Goes beyond Google analytics) • High Integration flexibility • Manage your data using real time APIs • Create your own dashboards. • No low level Software installation • Provides a configurable proactive Alert mechanism • Visual and interactive reports • And Data driven troubleshooting mechanism
  6. 6. It provides a brief and customizable snapshot of the entire user touch points. Comprehensive, yet not too much with a handy overview of the metrics Unified View- User Experience
  7. 7. Unified view - Technology Monitorem 3rd Party Services
  8. 8. Troubleshoot & analyse 10 min 40% 9
  9. 9. Case Study Business Problem A leading online shop in France and its internationalized sites with increasing demand showed massive problems in the performance, stability and robustness. Solution implemented We analysed the performance before the optimization through the Monitorem Dashboard and identified key problem areas. Post optimization, we studied the impact of release. The tools used for analysis were: • Demandware Analytics • Monitorem Dashboard
  10. 10. Case Study Result Client’s gain: The impact of optimization was verified by looking at the overall performance of the Search Pages. As seen on Monitorem Dashboard, there was a 63% improvement in the response times for the Search Pages. This directly attributes to the loading times of search pages for a user of client’s site. Partner’s gain: Using the Monitorem Dashboard, atfogo were clearly able to show the performance improvement based on data thus justifying the investment made by client on performance optimization
  11. 11. Data collection, processing and its visualization is all performed on Ideatarmac’s Monitoring platform. Web services, HTTP, FTPs Integration Architecture
  12. 12. Demandware plug in Monitorem Architecture
  13. 13. Integration Flexibility allows to receive any form of data using any standard communication protocol. This gives us the ability to Monitor any of your backend systems, CMS, OMS or any other 3rd party system with analysis capabilities based on the Integrated data. Default Integrations SiteConfidence  Google Analytics Monitor.us Zendesk Supported Data Formats CSV XML Excel Json Strings And many more Supported Communication Mediums Webservice  http  ftp  live feed Database lookups REST And many more Integration Flexibility
  14. 14. Feature list (User Experience)
  15. 15. Feature list (Technology)
  16. 16. We are working on making a use case based analytics platform for retailers, emphasising on real time automated decision system with big data capabilities, Business intelligence and Analytics. Future Vision
  17. 17. About Ideatarmac Ideatarmac’s Philosophy of existence is to manage complex scenarios for Omnichannel Commerce. We are Demandware developers, Analytics experts and Support folks! We have enabled eTailers & agencies to build, manage and optimize over 50 Demandware powered sites. Jena, Germany Kronfeldstrasse 7, 07745 Jena Germany P: +49 1523 4089 667 E: psaxena@ideatarmac.com Bangalore, India Novel Business Centre, BTM 1st stage, Bangalore, Karnataka-560068. India P: +91 9886253806 E: achauhan@ideatarmac.com www.ideatarmac.com