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Ruth Meinzen-Dick, "LAUNCH EVENT: 2019 Global Food Policy Report"

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Ruth Meinzen-Dick
LAUNCH EVENT: 2019 Global Food Policy Report
Washington, DC, USA
MAR 27, 2019 - 12:15 PM TO 01:45 PM EDT

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Ruth Meinzen-Dick, "LAUNCH EVENT: 2019 Global Food Policy Report"

  1. 1. Ruth Meinzen-Dick Washington DC, 27 March 2019
  2. 2. ▪ Rural areas provide essential ecosystem services for the planet ▪ Rural livelihoods can contribute to—and are affected by—deforestation, groundwater depletion, land degradation, water and air pollution, and climate change ▪ Costs and benefits not equally distributed ▪ Rural residents and environmental degradation: Beyond villains or victims to custodians and partners in revitalization Revitalizing, Restoring, and Improving Rural Areas Claudia Ringler and Ruth Meinzen-Dick
  3. 3. Photo credit: Foundation for Ecological Security
  4. 4. Rural areas are critical for key ecosystem services Key functions and relationships affecting rural environments ENVIRONMENT Source: Ringler and Meinzen-Dick 2019
  5. 5. ▪ Invest in rural revitalization to create healthy and thriving rural areas and to provide safe food, clean water, climate change mitigation, and other key environmental services ▪ Provide economic incentives to address environmental degradation, including through payments for environmental services, removal of subsidies that distort resource use, and well-defined, tradable rights for environmental “goods,” such as clean water, and “bads,” such as pollution ▪ Invest in innovative practices and technologies, such as precision farming, small-scale irrigation, and communication technologies, that can increase agricultural yields and reduce environmental degradation ▪ Support context-appropriate institutions to motivate and coordinate action among rural dwellers to address environmental issues Key recommendations ENVIRONMENT Source: Ringler and Meinzen-Dick 2019