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Pavithra bday ppt

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Pavithra bday ppt

  1. 1. PERVERTRA DURING DRAMATICS AUDITIONS as ROSEY the Secy (Husky voice) Ohhhh God!!! Hello Mr. Makhija! Why do I can’t handle this!!! you look so tired today??
  2. 2. desk during SummersRose y at Hospi sk, K Y A C HAAIYE Hello ! Hospi de TUM KO???? A ya some thing HOT K uch TAND
  3. 3. Pavithra ke deewane Many more And Even………….
  4. 4. PERVERTED TRIVIA It means, “Your“Seene mein jalti body gives me hai armanon ki the kicks!!” :D arthi”.. Yeh kya hai? I like it BIG (When talking about Ritesh’s ……. DIMPLES ) She is good at handling the C**KS
  5. 5. BUT HER TRUE LOVE…………
  6. 6. “PERVertra ki PAVITHRA kahani……………..” Main pehle bahut pareshaaaaan thi………
  7. 7. Hameshairritated rehti thi…..
  8. 8. Hamesha gussemein rehti thi…..
  9. 9. Phir mujhe milaa…..
  10. 10. Meri tohduniya hibadal gayi!!
  11. 11. Have a horse-ome birthday! Heeeeeeeeeeeeehaawww Come and hoosh me at A base at midnight !!!