multimedia image processing education virtual reality image multimedia communication multimedia signal processing multimedia applications image and video processing & analysis video processing audio multimedia security video processing digital multimedia broadcasting e artificial intelligence multimedia analysis augmented reality mobile computing 3-d imaging multimedia databases higher education multimedia broadcasting education and training online education pattern recognition video processing digital multimedia broadcasting lstm perceptual linear prediction game-based learning h.264 face recognition multimedia interface audio processing creativity mobile application data mining codec peak signal noise ratio video quality measurement video compression classification baro-jamneun-sunaebo lore olympus korean mythology networking deep learning operating system digital multimedia natural language processing web development portable web server portable server web server bhattacharyya distance pso fast encoding bioinformatics learning learning disabilities infographics computer vision h.265 tracking image restoration advertisement face detection image segmentation cryptography educational robotics baling tin tradition game neurotypical neurodivergent autism webtoon greek mythology surface reconstruction interactive learning mahalanobis distance signal processing thematic analysis korean traditional music pansori knowledge management multimedia systems nlp techniques big data operating system mechanism multimedia standards wireless multimedia database fuzzy logic machine learning data mining techniques stereo imaging medical image processing visualization image acquisition health communication behaviour change motivation serious game health awareness obesity virtual reality-based learning usability cultural heritage audio guide oculus touch controller vr gui quality education discrete wavelet transform arnold transform color image qr code google analytics unity software learning analytics multimedia & its applications linear predictive coding mel frequency cepstral coefficients high efficiency video coding sobel filter vanishing point region of interest (roi) dc motor canny edge detection rgb color hsv color lane detection autonomous vehicle image acquisition & medical image processing  pat information technology stem teaching encourage children virtual learning environment achievement mathematics screening tools screening control and management system. sift tracking target foreground segmentation video processing • digital multimedia broadcastin internet of things security subjective evaluation video quality and jitter. packet loss turbo code colour shift keying bit error rate performance visible light communication collage image semantic analysis image database image creation working memory capacity preschoolers dual-tasks tangible object tangible multimedia transmedia in korea transmedia storytelling transmedia in the united states transmedia image compression neural networks image categorization feature extraction subset selection gabor filters interactive advertising text mining multimedia data semantic web information retrieval ontology hevc denoising radiological images mammograms neural network bag of phrases n-gram uiqi . spiht q(skewness) cdf 9/7 q(kurtosis) mri image deconvolution whiteness measures blind image deblurring vp-8 dsis mpeg cif qcif mos decimation free directional filter bank (ddfb). copyright protection audio watermarking relative states transform domain mean frame group of samples cepstrum domain sub-frames differences of mean compression fast fourier transform sq. encoding entropy artificial neural networks openni vpx kinect corba pcl h264 3d monitoring biological compass nanotechnology situated learning magnetic force microscope ladygaga twitter wom hitphenomena music concert telehealth bloom’s taxonomy teacher education technology integration shape education technology multidisciplinary design cepstral coefficients mel frequency future education behaviour awareness digital media literature review mini systematic educational robots engineering cad design ai algorithms mini systematic literature educational game communicating on the spectrum educacion signal rubric game design soft computing data visualization information security internet of things (iot) digital library communications educating the educators business education education policy education management science mobile signal processing  image coding  3d and stereo imaging mel frequency cepstral coeffic educational management curriculum iot-enabled innovation iot applications cognitive signal image processing ad hoc network security  software security blockchain privacy  blockchain new design blockchain issues blockchain foundations blockchain consensus algorithm blockchain attacks  biometric security evolutionary computation autonomy-oriented computing non-repudiation authentication artificial immune systems access control quadtree-based coding elearning human computer interaction block chain spatial domain dual cryptography message security modifying vernam cipher image steganography multimedia content broadcasting themes medical devices ethical issues disease management healthcare decision-making health informatics medical research health services clinical care health data mining satisfaction memory retention blended learning activities multimedia devices related issues  semantic processing ubiquitous computing machine learning applications knowledge processing information extraction nlp data mining foundations  corpus analysis business intelligence content protection human-machine interaction software agents robotics programming languages mechatronics computational theories assessment technology array signal processing image coding wavele tfamily particle swarm optimisation hierarchical classification gpcr decomposition level digital maternity training and learnin multimedia training and learni universal design for learning universal design out-of-the-box thinking synectics teaching blended learning management human computer interaction (hc interactive. generation oculus rift mobile based vr application historic place expert evaluation tourism primary school education packaging design web application cipher audio genetic algorithm fusion bit fission machine learning and computer vision and case stud probabilistic models rapid prototyping model english language proficiency instructional system design (isd) game design & rubric and assessment technology. coherence enhancement diffusion directional filter fingerprint image enhancement image acquisition & medical image processing patte lower secondary school. malay vocabulary mobile learning application teaching and learning and video quality. bitrate error rates group of pictures multiview video coding videoconferencing quality of experience telepresence mahalanobis distance. sentence correct rates quadtree-based coding unit partitioning. visual content acquisition trapezoidal camera architecture stereoscopic distance occlusion multi-view video adaptive filters  signal noise control  multiple iir etc.)  array signal processing  audio/speech pro positioning remote sensing soñar radar seismic genomic • soft computing • soa • semantic web • quantum computing • pervasive computing • nano computing • knowledge management • high performance computing • gaming models • grid computing • e-learning • data mining • cyber security • cloud computing • dna computing • green computing bio-metrics • aspect oriented programming storage and retrieval display and printing image scanning image formation image acquisition and display image & signal processing applications emerging technologies in digital signal processing emerging technologies digital signal processing in communications coding and transmission applied digital signal processing interest. malay grammar infographics elements virtual world gamification preschool early childhood education child computer interaction college students understanding learning computer programming visual programming environment educational semantic web user interface guideline semantic application keywords – interface learning of integers critical and creative thinking skill (ccts) arcs model animation exaggeration principle board game student as a game designer technical standards language listening comprehension kindergarten learners story telling kindergarten digital storytelling mobile application. malay proverbs learning theory digital storybook dyslexic students assistive technology mobile learning pre-school children fine motor skills multi-touch hand gestures game-based learning and teaching object-oriented programming learning and teaching programming single image removing rain streaks rainy image pseudo-random number advanced encryption standard data hiding quantization index modulation (qim) arnold cat map jpeg standard compressed sensing robust watermarking mobile computing and multimedia • virtual reality and 3-d imaging • wireless • multimedia systems and devices • operating syst • multimedia interface and interaction • multimed • multimedia signal processing • multimedia stand • multimedia databases and file systems • multime • multimedia communication and networking • multi • multimedia and artificial intelligence • multim • education and training • multimedia analysis an • audio virtual tour panoramic view photorealistic social interaction intergenerational storytelling tangible interface memory memento place value application temple koh rattakosin thailand travel elderly sinhala optical recognition braille recognition braille power model energy consumption delivered multimedia butterfly cataloguing. ecology character recognition image recognition joint reconstruction. joint sparsity model distributed compressive sensing wireless multimedia sensor networks content pedagogy technology early reading dyslexic children’s visualspatial potential non-immersive vr web-based virtual environment goal-directed exploration factors blackboard utaut mobile learning adoption learning style &pupils with learning disabilities digital devices modality principle mechanics cognitive skills geoplay user experience preschool children multi-touch gestures free-rotate gestures multimedia learning application form one mathematics integers animation exaggeration multimedia tools multiple intelligences metacognitive awareness gender introductory programming infographics design infographics in education iban language teachers ease of use usefulness user acceptance digital story telling e-examination environment e-examination imaging systems machine vision arts motion compensation style transfer computer-guided rotoscopy unconstrained environments visible wavelength. near infrared light iris recognition threshold. dwt noisy image median filter (mf) agn psnr color local features android application object detection discrete cosine transform (dct) classifier peak signal-to-noise ratio (psnr). steganography support vector machine (svm) selective encryption etc. h.264avc ofdm aes pca mlk-dr weizmann dataset dimensional reduction multimedia retrieval transforms thresholding tumor. minima transform masking coding jpeg mdc dsis. vp9 optimization strategy communication model principal components threshold operators shrinkage databases wavelet t ransform artificial bee colony adaptive lifting scheme near infrared spectroscopy hemodynamic acupuncture non-invasive brain imag ing case study self-enhanced green screen keying digital compositing visual ef fects basis pursuit lifting scheme. cdf9/7 orthogonal matching pursuit compressive sensing image processing. event detection data fusion image mining facial images vector order statistics remotely sensed images and coloured images. multi- agent systems. indexing with ontology jade ontology mapping gabor filter cbir neural network. color histogram recall color moments color correlogram precision inertial measurement unit cad model extended kalman filter sensor fusion vision based range and angle measurement inverse mapping projection. dynamic pixel count controller dataset ground truth evaluation tuning audio key finding multiple input and multiple output (mimo) generalized likelihood ratio test (glrt) orthogonal discrete frequency coded space time wav compound gaussian clutter computer vision. multi-background registration segmentation threshold decision energy minimization surveillance trilateral filter and in-loop filter. brain and eyes biology point of view interface pov electronic games wavelet thresholding wavelet transform filters feature selection edm educational data mining educational software evaluation graphcut maximum likelihood maximum a posteriori coherence enhancement diffusion directional fi fingerprint image enhancement sparse representation non-uniform blur adaptive dictionary image deblurring qos reliable upc-parameters vbr atm renegotiation scalable atomic commit protocols database recovery two-phase commit database systems database infection voting protocols distributed transaction processing hierarchical clustering arabic text clustering suffix tree data structure keyphrases extraction. arabic language stemming computer aided learning branching and looping concept logic algorithm video texture feature color feature retrieval edge indexing attendance system monitoring and system access control. 1. introduction social media e-health short message service social networking diabetes sms emotion communication dynamic database spontaneous behavior emotion perception continuous annotation facial expressions virtual environment virtual objec t & computer hardware renderi ng & procedural modelling. clouds image synthesis natural phenomena usabilit y user-centered design virtual reality and ‘umrah multimedia elements multimedia analysis and internet digital multimedia broadcasting up-sampling wavelet super resolution back projection intensity region growing x-y-z image object surface segmentation active appearance model iris tracking gaze detection fft dft paired transforms. frequency analysis fast algorithms btia psnr and watermarked image. bt ibt payload embedding secret message in quality song tolerance level of embedding message bit level encoding. song authentication perceptual coding speedy object detection scale and dynamic geometrical transformation reference images clustering technique the trace transform image correlation s-box block cipher stream cipher fingerprint image parallel thinning connectivity preservation unit-width skeleton medial line approximation
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