mathematics soft computing optimal control digital control algorithm computer control theory fuzzy logic embedded systems differential geometry evolutionary algorithms discrete mathematics algorithms computer modelling softcomputing control agriculture software feedback control probability of nectar. butterfly communication network optimization techniques  genetic algorithms fuzzy set theory genetic algorithms real-time issues soft computing and control computing technology genetic algorithm relative entropy image segmentation sensitivity butterfly-pso (bf-pso) particle swarm optimization (pso) mean square error and risk linex loss function optimization multi-objective puma560 arm manipulator nsga-ii algorithm intelligent control pd computed torque control forecasts distribution models stock market volatility garch numerical analysis networked control systems operations research mathematics and control theoretical and computational physical chemistry / chemical organic chemistry environmental chemistry catalysis / synthesis analytical chemistry biological chemistry scientific computing robust control  fuzzy set theory  functional analysis  feedback control  embedded systems  digital control civil engineering materials engineering interdisciplinary engineering geomatic engineering food sciences process control and instrument  hybrid systems computational complexity numerical neural networks and fuzzy logi ideal lattice extended euclidean algorithm euclidean algorithm set theory statistics abstract algebra and applicati homer base transceiver stations hybrid system wind turbine solar-pv taylor dispersion model chemical reaction concentration of aerosol fluid mechatronics automation robotics data mining techniques particle swarm optimization dc motor adaptive control normal distribution computer science cloud computing math science big data environment storage hardware real valued recombination. photovoltaic controller neural network mppt decision analysis exponential membership function nonlinear fractional programming fuzzy mathematical programming introduction anticlockwise clockwise determinant curl vector p-q control pmsg pitch angle flc dynamic responses medoid lda pca fisher face eigen face convergence rest bounded variation periodic function taylor series convergencefourier series fourier series machine learning computer vision medical imaging tumor detection fault detection topology and analysis systems and automation system identification and control stochastic modeling stochastic control and filtering communication software development mean shift equivalence classes maximum entropy of order n pid controller tuning component firefly algorithm linear quadratic regulator separately excited dc motor fault detection and isolation matlab-simulink. performance parameters anfis inverted pendulum numerical- modelling. heat flux cross- ignition liquid fuel malty- burners facial normal. nodding behaviour driver drowsiness - inclusion. soft anti-image soft pre-image m(g)--ideal su-action m(g)-group su-action m(g)-group soft set extended trapezoidal rules of second kind delay-dependent stability boundary value methods delay differential equations svd parallel computing reduction gpu lsi partitioning around medoids k-medoids k-means clustering medoids triangular snakes subdivision odd graceful graph labeling cluster techniques parallel algorithm minimum spanning tree torque control cost function model predictive control (mpc) permanent-magnet synchronous motor (pmsm) matrix converter (mc) direct torque control (dtc) degree of the node gradient mean shif ring theory gray levels edge detection
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