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  2. • About Keytop • Product&Service • Project Cases
  3. About Keytop • Establish in 2006. • 8 years' experience of parking guidance. • The biggest parking guidance systems supplier in China. • Our project cases are located in different parts of the world including Europe,America,Asia(50 countries). • More than 1000 cases . • Domestic market share of Parking Guidance System is more than 65% . • Domestic market share of vehicle tracking system is more than 90% .
  4. About Keytop—Company Honour
  5. Brazil Chile Ecuador Spain France Poland Slovakia Hungary Norwa Iran Abu Dhabi Turkey China Thailand Vietnam Philippines Indonesia Singapore Korea Japan Malaysia Columbia United Arab Emirates Italy Uruguay Macedonia Saudi Arabia Iraq Russia American Azerbaija Kuwait JordanPalestinian Israel About KEYTOP—The cases are located all over the world
  6. • About Keytop • Product&Service • Project Cases
  7. Indoor Parking Guidance System(PGS) Car Location System Outdoor Parking Guidance System(PGS) Product&Service
  8. 1.Parking Guidance : Guide the driver to find certain free parking space by led indicator color and led display. 2.Vehicle Finding : Input license plate find the best way to collect car. 3.Security(CCTV):NVR will record every parking space's video from camera. Car Location System-Main Functions
  9. Car Location System—Parking Guidance Steps Step 1:Learn available lots from led display
  10. Car Location System—Parking Guidance Steps Step 2:Judge the spaces status from led indicators' colors
  11. Car Location System—Steps to find car
  12. System Devices—IP Camera Camera Led Indicator
  13. System Devices—POE Switch
  14. System Devices—Network Switch/Server Network Switch Server
  15. Led Display Kiosk System Devices—LED Display/Kiosk
  16. Car Location System—System Structure
  17. Indoor Parking Guidance System(PGS) Car Location System Outdoor Parking Guidance System(PGS) Products & Service
  18. Indoor Parking Guidance System(PGS)
  19. Indoor PGS Wire Connection Wired Using CAT5 STP(network cable) to connect,device port:RJ45. Communication Wireless The communication among the devices is all wireless.
  20.  RS-485 ( Wired ) Indoor PGS Communication Way
  21.  LAN ( Wired ) Indoor PGS Communication Way
  22. Indoor PGS Communication Way  Wireless
  23. Forward Mounting Sensor (Wired,2 in 1,the latest version) Wired Wireless Indoor PGS Devices—Ultrasonic Detector
  24. Wireless Wired Indoor PGS Devices—LED Indicator
  25. Zone Controler ( ZCU) Central Controler (CCU) Indoor PGS Devices—Controler
  26. Indoor PGS Devices—LED Display
  27. Indoor PGS Software Functions C/S 、 B/S Parking Guidance Fixed Parking Protection Real Time Monitoring Statistic Function Parking Time Detection Authority Control Extended Functions
  28. Indoor PGS— Wired Sensors' Comparison sensor lamp KBG cable trunk forward mounting sensorcable trunk Sensor+Lamp need one KBG to install lamp Forward Mounting Sensor 2 in 1:need cable trunk only
  29. Indoor PGS— Wired Sensors Comparision More Complicated Installation Easier Installation:save about USD20/lot
  30. Forward Mounting Sensor(2 in 1): More Tidy And More Beautiful VSVS Indoor PGS— Wired Sensor Comparision Split Type:Sensor+Lamp
  31. Indoor Parking Guidance System(PGS) Car Location System Outdoor Parking Guidance System(PGS) Products &Services
  32. Outdoor Solution 1:Wired Single Space Detection  Wired:install magnetic detector at every parking space to detect vehicle
  33. Outdoor Solution 2:Wireless Single Space Detection  Wireless:install wireless magnetic detector at every parking space to detect vehicle
  34. Outdoor Solution 3:Entrances Counting  Wired:install magnetic detector at the main entrances of carpark to count vehicles Collector Collector Collector LED Display LED Display Controller LED Display
  35. Outdoor PGS—Magnetic Detector 1.Communication Way:Wired/wireless 2.Functions:single space detection/entrance counting
  36. • About Keytop • Products&Service • Cases
  37. Singapore Changi Airport:3850 lots Main Cases—Overseas
  38. Singapore Jurong Point:1400 lots Main Cases—Overseas
  39. Indonesia Cambridge City Square Main Cases—Overseas
  40. Krakow Airport,Poland 1160 lots Main Cases—Overseas
  41. Singapore City Square Mall:1200 lots Main Cases—Overseas
  42. Thailand Kasikorn Bank Main Cases—Overseas
  43. Japan Shin-Tokyo Building Main Cases—Overseas
  44. Philippines SM Mall of Asia: 3160 lots Main Cases—Overseas
  45. Singapore HarbourFront Centre : 1500 lots Main Cases—Overseas
  46. Slovakia CASSOVAR Main Cases—Overseas
  47. Spain OviedoBus Station 、 Main Cases—Overseas
  48. France Alizes Main Cases—Overseas
  49. Philippines SM Megamall:1700 lots Main Cases—Overseas
  50. Vietnam EDEN Main Cases—Overseas
  51. Poland GORZOW Main Cases—Overseas
  52. Hungary CORVIN PROMENADE Main Cases—Overseas
  53. Philippines SM ARENA:1457 lots Main Cases—Overseas
  54. Abu Dhabi Country Club Main Cases—Overseas
  55. Ecuador Quicentro Shopping Center Main Cases—Overseas
  56. Thailand Sathorn Square Main Cases—Overseas
  57. XiaMen JiaHeXiang Business District:2000 lots Main Cases—China
  58. ShenZhen Walmart:1800 lots Main Cases—China
  59. WuXi YaoHan PGS Main Cases—China
  60. ShangHai North Railway Station Main Cases—China
  61. TaiPei Municipal Government 2100 Lots Main Cases—China
  62. KunShan Civic Culture Square Main Cases—China
  63. ChengDu Yanlord Square Main Cases—China
  64. ShenZhen Kingkey Financial Center:2083 lots Main Cases—China
  65. TaiPei Taoyuan International Airport 2030 Lots Main Cases—China
  66. ZhengZhou International Trade Center : 1500 lots Main Cases—China
  67. Main Cases—China TianJin Railway Station
  68. Main Cases—China ShenYang Hang Lung Plaza
  69. Main Cases—China BeiJing Ocean City Netscape
  70. Main Cases—China BeiJing BeiKun Center
  71. Main Cases—China CNPC Southwest Oil and Gas Company In ChengDu
  72. Main Cases—China KunMing ShunCheng Twin Tower
  73. Main Cases—China KunMing Power Supply Bureau
  74. Main Cases—China JinJiang Marco Polo HongFu Hotel
  75. Main Cases—China XiangTan Better Life Shopping Mall,HuNan
  76. Main Cases—China LinYi JiuZhou Commercial Building
  77. Main Cases—China BeiJing KaWua Building
  78. Main Cases—China Erdos JinChen Commercial Centre,Inner Mongolia
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