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2011 - Top 100 Global Brands

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2011 Best Global Brands
- Defining Brand
- World Changing Brands
- Top Trends
- The 100 most valuable brands
- Brand Sector Overviews
- Brand Strength

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2011 - Top 100 Global Brands

  1. 1. BEST Defining “Brand” –GLOBAL World Changing Brands –BRANDS Top Trends –2011 The 100 Most Valuable Brands – Brand Sector Overviews – Brand Strength 1 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand www.BestGlobalBrands.com
  2. 2. T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S BEST GLOBAL BRANDS 201102-03 16-43Defining "BranD" BeST gLOBaL BranDS 2011living up to the true definition of brand isn’t rankings and brand profiles for the top 100 Brands of 2011.easy, but it is possible.04-09WOrLD CHangingBranDSMeet the four brands that made their boldestideas a reality in 2011. 44-65 66-67 SeCTOr CriTeria anD OVerVieWS MeTHODOLOgY Industry insights from our experts. We look at the ongoing investment and management of brands as business assets.10-15 68-69 BranD STrengTH our 10 Brand strength Components. 70TOP TrenDS aBOUTOf 2011 inTerBranDrebels, partners, and human-like machines. Contributors and contact information.How brands stayed ahead in 2011. 1 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  3. 3. 2Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  4. 4. D E F i N i N G " B R A N D " By JEz FRAmpTONBrand:n. a living business assetWe are living in uncertain times; the economy remains in flux, from brands, and as such, brand owners must become more sensitivecivilians are taking to the streets in protest and seeking political to their needs and desires to ultimately evolve the brand experiencechange, natural disasters abound. all in all, it seems as though the across the whole organization. these trends demand significanttough times aren’t over yet. change in management structures and decision making for large, traditional, organizations, of which there are many in our top 100.For brands, the ups and downs of today’s world make an alreadycompetitive marketplace all the more complex. Brands increasingly to ensure the brand is truly a business asset, and to increase barriersneed to be quick and nimble—flexing to stay one step ahead of the to competition, organizations need to truly live their brand valueschange happening all around them. and it isn’t just about speed, internally. removing silo structures, so that multi-functionalit’s about consistency and accuracy in response to the social media teams can work together seamlessly to drive creative thought andconnected and hyper-aware marketplace: every employee must be innovation, is a frequent subject of conversation in many largeable to predict and respond in-line with the customer expectations corporations. the time for discussion is swiftly coming to an endand desires of the brand. as we truly enter the age of the socially networked world.In order to succeed, we believe Ceos, CMos, and Brand Managers the top 100 Best Global Brands show us what is possible. these strongmust manage their brands as living business assets, constantly and highly innovative brands have responded to the needs of theirnurturing them in order to keep pace in a rapidly changing world. people, their consumers, and the world beyond their corporateYour customers interpret your brand as a result of every interaction; doors. In times like these, it’s an admirable achievement worthfrom culture to product, from environment to communications. celebrating and emulating.In short, everyone in your organization is a brand manager now! Congratulations to the top 100 from all of us at Interbrand.the business leaders who manage the top 100 Best Global Brandsunderstand that what consumers want in Hong Kong may be verydifferent from what they desire in rajasthan. they also recognize that Jez Framptonit is about more than simple market expansion! But, savvier, and more Global Chief executivediscerning customers are demanding greater degrees of engagement Interbrand 3 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  5. 5. w O R L D C H A N G i N G B R A N D S AppLE, COCA-COLA, Bmw, AND pANASONiCeach year as we value the world’s top 100 brands, afew emerge as clear standouts. Brands that have usedcreativity and innovation to enable us to do things wenever thought possible, and cause us to feel a spark ofexcitement and joy. These brands have, very literally,changed the world. AppLE’S NEw HEADquARTERS: Pavillion, to the Boston Museum of Fine arts, to the world’s first A LiviNG, BREATHiNG OFFiCE SpACE private spaceport. the collaboration ensures the new headquarters will not only be a landmark space, but also one more touchpoint to“It is a little like a spaceship landed…” communicate the brand and redefine our ideas of what an office– Steve Jobs headquarters can and should be.First you are taken by the striking image: a circular, alien-like COCA-COLA’S pLANTBOTTLE™:mothership. an office building re-imagined—a headquarters REvOLuTiONARy AND EvOLuTiONARyto match the streamlined beauty of apple’s products. “Coke stepped back and saw that everyone was looking for the out-of-set in Cupertino, the new norman Foster-designed apple the-box solution. We joke about looking inside the bottle…Instead ofheadquarters is slated for completion by 2015. It will house saying, what is wrong with the current PET plastic packaging, we said,12,000 employees in a space aiming for visual inspiration and what is right?”environmental sustainability. – Scott Vitters, Sustainable Packaging Director, Coca-ColaIndeed, with the help of a senior arborist from stanford, apple Perhaps unsurprisingly for the number one most valuable brand,will be transforming 80 percent of the barren asphalt space into Coca-Cola demonstrated that it was a world-changer with nota landscape alive with native plant life and apricot orchards. even just one but two innovations this year: its PlantBottle™ andmore, apple’s campus energy center will act as the facility’s primary Coca-Cola Freestyle®.power generator, using natural gas and other clean energy sources.the city of Cupertino will only provide backup power when needed. the PlantBottle™ has been 10 years in the making—an effort to de-couple plastics from petrochemicals that was made a realitythe structure, while reminiscent of apple’s beloved retail spaces in at a moment when the world was ready to embrace a moreits clean and iconic design, takes them to an entirely new level. the environmentally sustainable packaging solution. the bottlebuilding has been designed with every detail in mind. It is scaled low– packaging, which is comprised 30 percent of plant materials,not more than four stories. as steve Jobs noted in his presentation to first rolled out in 2009. In 2011, it can be found in nine differentthe Cupertino City Council, “We want the whole place human scale,” countries, with 12 more in the works, and a 2020 goal to useunderscoring apple’s desire to infuse its high-tech products and PlantBottle™ in 100 percent of its markets.facilities with accessibility and a human touch. Beyond saving Coca-Cola and the world the equivalent of almostWhile the groundbreaking space is likely to lure top talent to work 30,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, perhaps the most revolutionarythere, it should also draw avid architecture enthusiasts eager to take aspect of PlantBottle™ is that it is, as scott Vitters notes “evolutionary.”a tour. Much of this has to do with the collaboration at hand here. By Unlike other new plastics, PlantBottle™ can be recycled the same wayworking with the largest architecture practice in the world, norman standard plastic bottles are recycled, thus eliminating the need for aFoster, apple will be joining good company—from abu dhabi’s Uae new recycling infrastructure. as a result, Coca-Cola has been able to 4 Apple Headquarters rendering Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand (Credit: Foster & Partners, apple Inc.)
  6. 6. roll out the bottles rapidly, as well as see them readily accepted in all markets. so far, its growth has been awe-inspiring. In the few years that PlantBottle™ has been available, its purpose has also shifted gears, revealing the potential that exists in environmentally sustainable initiatives. While the program started out as an initiative on how to advance Coca-Cola’s environmental performance, it has since evolved into one that is now also focused on how to continue to drive cost-competitiveness to the businessApple Headquarters rendering at a time when commodities are becoming increasingly volatile.(Credit: Foster & Partners, apple Inc.) additionally, Heinz’s recent move to license the PlantBottle™ and use it for its iconic ketchup bottle—which promotes the visibility of PlantBottle™, while also helping Heinz meet its own separate environmental goals—even suggests that PlantBottle™ has an opportunity to become a profit-center for Coca-Cola in the future. overall, PlantBottle™ has not just radically changed the way plastic can be produced, but it is beginning to radically change the way businesses view their sustainability initiatives. COCA-COLA FREESTyLE®: REiNvENTiNG THE SODA FOuNTAiN "Whats really exciting about Freestyle is that it is a completely new brand experience. A way for consumers to engage with our portfolio. The whole world is going to a digital and social age and Freestyle gives us a vehicle to make us relevant in that space." – Gene Farrell, Coca-Cola Freestyle® Vice-President and Manager Coca-Cola’s Freestyle® soda fountain unit is another world-changing initiative from the brand. a complete reinvention of the old standby, this soda dispenser is sleek, fast, easy-to-use, more environmentally sustainable, and more data-rich for the retailers behind it. It has literally changed its product category. Using a micro-dosing technology that is more frequently seen in the medical community to measure precise dosages of drugs, the machine custom creates up to 100 Coca-Cola beverages on the spot by blending concentrated ingredients with water and sweetener. afterwards, it dispenses the sodas via a special technology called PUrePoUr. In terms of design, the digital interface was designed to be as intuitive as possible. additionally, Coca-Cola commissioned the designers behind Ferrari racecars to design the soda fountain. the result is a sleek and clean device that has received unanimous praise by the design community, generating enormous buzz. Perhaps the most world changing of all, however, is the data-rich component to the Freestyle. Coca-Cola is using the machines to collect information regarding what products are purchased, how frequently, from which locations, and at what time. all data from the machines funnels immediately back to Coca-Cola’s base in atlanta for a more accurate understanding of what consumers want.Coca-Cola Freestyle®(Credit: Coca-Cola) 6 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  7. 7. Freestyle is just the first phase of what Coca-Cola hopes will bea future of more customizable and social products. In the future,Coca-Cola hopes that customers will be able to use Freestyles appto customize and mix their own recipes on their phones or to findwhich products are most popular among a customers circle of friends. Bmw GuGGENHEim LAB: CHANGiNG THE wORLD ONE CiTy AT A TimE“Here is a car company working to transform itself into a mobilitycompany and they’ve shared some of those challenges with us. I’d saythis a very brave endeavor of BMWs. They make most of their moneyselling cars and motorcycles, and yet, they have funded an initiativewhose advisors include Enrique Peñalosa ex-mayor of Bogotá, alsoknown as the ‘War on Cars Mayor.’”– Charles Montgomery, BMW Guggenheim Lab memberas great things often do, the BMW Guggenheim lab, a mobilelaboratory, started from a conversation. two years ago, BMWapproached the Guggenheim with a vague but ambitious projectidea—a joint project that will be global and focused on cities.Knowing nothing more than that, curators david van der leerand Maria nicanor set aside time to write a dream proposal thatthey assumed would never come to life. Much to their surprise it The Bmw Guggenheim Lab in New york (Credit: Guggenheim)did. the BMW Guggenheim lab’s “Confronting Comfort” is currentlyon display for all to see in new York’s east Village through october 16,2011. In 2012, the lab will move to Berlin, with a series of additionalcities to follow, including Mumbai.the idea behind the lab is to find out what happens when five as great things oftenpeople—ranging from urbanists and scientists to journalists—come together to create discussions and experiments around city do, the BMWspaces. Urban dwellers are also invited to join with the hope that itwill lead to new ideas and better designs for future cities. Just some of guggenheimthe interactive projects so far, include author Charles Montgomery’s“emotional Map” experiment and a group interactive game called Lab, a mobile“Urbanology” created by elma van Boxel and Kristian Koreman of thearchitecture firm ZUs.Beyond just the people involved, a great deal of thought has been laboratory, started from aput into the physical space, which also reflects the nature of theproject. all have been designed with accessibility in mind—part open- conversation.air forum, part community center. the two story-structure is made ofblack carbon fiber, the same material used to make tennis rackets, andcan comfortably seat 300. everything, from bleachers, tables, chairs,to carbon-fiber rain gutters were designed to fold up for easy travel.each lab location was selected to reflect the tensions of the specificcity. For example, in new York, the lab sits between two tenementbuildings in a neighborhood at the crux of gentrification. In Berlin,it will reside on the Pfefferberg site, an old, industrial brewery thatis typical of the city’s landscape. and just as each of the city spaces 7 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  8. 8. The Bmw Guggenheim Lab in New york(Credit: Guggenheim) 8 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  9. 9. will adapt, the programs in each location will also be different, witha new lab team in each area working with local institutions. Whereasnew York focuses on underlying physical systems that feed cities, thelab in Mumbai will focus on access issues.overall, BMW’s move to partner with the Guggenheim on thiscreative thought experiment demonstrates the brand’s boldnessand willingness to embrace its inevitable future. By investing inthis world-changing endeavor, it is likely to discover findings thatwill help it move forward—and positively impact the cities of theworld in the process. FuJiSAwA SuSTAiNABLE SmART TOwN: LEADiNG THE GREEN REvOLuTiON “Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town” rendering (Credit: Panasonic)“Panasonic is aiming to become a brand that leads the green revolution.”- Takumi Kajisha Managing Executive Officer, Panasonicthe Great east Japan earthquake, which devastated the country this wORLD CHANGiNG BRANDSyear, prompted the world to rethink their energy infrastructures.nowhere has this had more weight than in Japan itself. still reeling the four world changing brands here are all taking risks, channelingfrom the disaster, the need for safe and secure energy infrastructures human truths, embracing big ideas, and in many cases, tappingare a priority for the country’s dense population. resources outside of their own. Ultimately, they are proving that brands with bold and inspiring visions have an enormous opportunityone brand that is spearheading efforts in this area, and looking to to reshape reality. they are living, breathing brands—and they haveimprove specifically in its native country, is Panasonic. In May 2011, changed the world.Panasonic announced that it would be working with eight additionalpartners (accenture, Mitsui & Co., Mitsui Fudosan Co., nihon sekkei,orix Corporation, PanaHome Corporation, sumitomo trust & Banking Overall BMWs moveCo., and tokyo Gas Co.) to implement a world-changing concept called“Fujisawa sustainable smart town.”Panasonics role in the eco-city is pivotal. It is developing solar to partner with the guggenheim on thispanels that are integrated with the landscape, basic specificationsfor homes with space for installing storage battery equipment to creative thoughtpromote electric vehicles, smart home appliances, led lighting, and aPanasonic collaboration control system called seG to enable optimal experiment demonstratesenergy management. additionally, Panasonic will be developingeconomical eco-car and electric bicycle sharing programs for suburban the brands boldness andstyle household use that will contribute to reducing the towns carbonfootprint. and Fujisawa is just the beginning. Panasonic has a number willingness to embrace itsof additional eco-cities and smart city projects in the works, includingone currently under way in singapore, proving that its goal to become inevitable future.the number one green innovation company in the electronics industryby 2018 may indeed become a reality. 9 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  10. 10. 10Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  11. 11. D i F F E R E N C E i S v i T A L the end of 2010, Gap has spent the past year GOOGLE AND pixAR:“Here’s to the crazy ones. wORkpLACE iNNOvATiON rethinking its strategy and positioning, with a new CMo, seth Farbman, at the helm. this The rebels. The trouble- It may be counter-intuitive for some to think year, it moved forward with a number of highly makers. The ones who that an internal endeavor could elevate a innovative experiments. First was its pop-up store on Fifth avenue in new York that was see things differently. brand’s presence externally, but for Google and Pixar, this has proved to be exactly curated by the popular blog “Cool Hunting.” While some may see the case. Google’s workplaces around the taking cues from young, edgy brands like opening Ceremony, the store infused the Gap them as the crazy ones, world—replete with a slide that shoots to the cafeteria serving gourmet food, local brand with a hefty dose of cool by offering we see genius. Because expressions in each location (murals in Buenos the latest in innovative design, artisan craftsmanship, and social and environmental the people who are crazy aires and ski gondolas in Zurich), bicycles and scooters for travel between meetings, consciousness. the small space was filled with enough to think they massage chairs, large inflatable balls, yurts products ranging from Grado headphones to the latest Jonathan adler pieces. even more can change the world, and huddle rooms—have been a successful way for the organization to drive home its recently it launched a campaign for its 1969 are the ones who do.” positioning as innovative, experimental, denim Collection. In addition to featuring a bird’s eye look at GaP’s innovative workspace and fun. similarly, Pixar’s Willy Wonka-esque – apple’s “think different” advertising and employees, it has rolled out a roaming headquarters,featuring secret panels and campaign, 1997 “Pico de Gap” gourmet taco truck with a menu work-sheds that resemble tiny houses, orchestrated by Top Chef contestant ryan garners “oohs and ahhs” in the media. Pixar scott. the food truck is set to launch in major and Google’s internal culture has been an The words of Apple’s 1997 “Think Different” cities across the U.s. in the fall. the creativity unexpected way for them to stand out from campaign seem, in many ways, prophetic is yielding a wealth of positive buzz. competitors. devotion to employees and as we head into 2012—and it is no attention to the workplace puts them in a coincidence that it also marked a pivotal position to hire the best talent for their fields, iBm: iT iS ALL ABOuT moment in the brand’s evolution to the setting both companies up for the delivery pOSiTiONiNG fastest rising Best Global Brand we see of a superior product. an innovative and today. indeed, bold and visionary thinking fun workplace also encourages employee While retail brands have the advantage of has never been more vital than right now. loyalty, reducing costs typically associated a direct consumer audience, it can be more with these aspects of business. overall, both challenging for a B2B brand to stand out today’s average consumer experiences a organizations internal culture have made from competitors and generate chatter. torrent of information coming at them at their brands the powerhouses that they and yet, IBM integrates its “smarter Planet” every moment. twitter, Facebook, Wikileaks, are—and allow us to be forgiving when they messaging into everything—and elicits awe Google+, Youtube–blink and you might miss blunder. for the incredible way it weaves the long-term something. In fact, the influx has become so positioning into the many spaces it works in, overwhelming that aggregators that filter GAp: FROm pOp -up TO be it consulting, software, cloud computing, the information for us (popUrls, Videosift, FOOD TRuCk or anything else. While what IBM actually the Hype Machine, just to name a few) “does” may not be as clear to consumers as have become businesses in their own right, after its embarrassing logo rebrand misstep at it is to its B2B core audience, there is still an growing and evolving to meet the needs of innate understanding of the brand and what those who use them. it stands for because of the spot-on nature of its messaging. Ultimately, for Brand Managers, all the noise means one thing: standing out from CHANGE THE wORLD competitors is becoming increasingly challenging, even as it is increasingly It is true that creating a unique and lasting important. Yet, despite the obstacles, some positioning in today’s brand landscape is brands are finding ways to do it–and they are no easy feat, but a number of brands are not just creating a short-term impact, but proving what’s possible if you think outside even more importantly making a relevant and the box. so start taking some risks–and start differentiated promise that they can sustain changing the world. for the long term. Googles office in zurich (Credit: Google) 11 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  12. 12. 12Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  13. 13. C O L L A B O R A T E O R D i E from the partnership by saving on r&d,“none of us can know everything; while quickly moving closer to making its environmental sustainability goals a reality. each of us knows something; we also, by partnering with the world’s #1 brand, Heinz (#49) can gain from additional publicity can put the pieces together if we around the effort. pool our resources and combine the increasing importance of corporate citizenship and sustainability is making not- our skills.” for-profits need for additional resources more challenging than ever before. Many of these - Henry Jenkins, author of Convergence Culture brands are now feeling competition from strongly branded commercial companies moving into their space. take IBM, which Today’s more interconnected society has Windows Phone. additionally, Microsoft Bing now provides advisory services on climate given rise to a whole new unexpected would power nokia’s search services across change and Bt, with its Carbon assessment network: that of corporate brands. From nokia devices, while nokia Maps would service. as a result, many not-for-profit Ford’s use of Google’s prediction Api, to LG become a core part of Microsoft’s mapping brands are forming long-term relationships and prada’s exquisitely designed mobile applications. the list of opportunities is with top brands to stand out within the phone, Coca-Cola and Heinz’s plantBottle™ endless, improving both brands’ positions for market and secure future income. and for partnerships, Bmw and Guggenheim’s the future. leading brands, the partnership is a win as joint Lab, and HSBC’s collaboration well, improving their reputation and fostering with world wildlife Fund, it is now COCA-COLA AND HEiNz goodwill toward their efforts. commonplace to see brands teaming up together to harness their collective power. the partnership between Heinz and GuCCi AND uNiCEF while brand collaborations are not without Coca-Cola also benefits each brand. For risk—pick the wrong partner and see your Coca-Cola, licensing its new recyclable the five-year partnership between Gucci reputation suffer—in a tough economy, the plastic PlantBottle™, which is comprised of and UnICeF is a good example of how a opportunities appear to be outweighing 30 percent plant materials, reduces carbon collaboration of this kind can benefit both any potential negatives. impact by 12-19 percent, and ensures brands. since partnering with UnICeF in that its sustainability innovations make 2005, Gucci has committed over Us $9 million NOkiA AND miCROSOFT some money back. Coca-Cola, which spent to the organization and stands as the largest upwards of Us $150 million on the project, corporate donor to UnICeF’s “schools for In recent years, the technology and could potentially turn its PlantBottle™ into a africa” initiative. Gucci’s fundraising events telecommunications space have seen viable profit center, with talk of more brand and limited edition products for UnICeF a blurring of lines, which explains why collaborations in the future. additionally, have cast a positive, philanthropic light on a nokia and Microsoft are finding strength by helping Heinz attain its goal to reduce brand known more for its elite membership. in numbers by working together to create energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, additionally, it also helped it secure high- products that give consumers what they water consumption, and solid waste disposal profile celebrity spokespeople like rihanna. want and need. through the partnership, by 2015, it gains positive recognition for its For UnICeF, the partnership has brought both parties gain, not just in terms of joint innovative bottle. and yet, Heinz also gains high-profile attention to its causes as well as marketing initiatives, but also in shared raised awareness among the greater public. knowledge. For example, nokia gains from its adoption of Windows Phone as its principle Just as we are creating connections on smartphone. similarly, Microsoft gains Facebook and twitter daily, brands are through nokias contribution to the hardware also expanding their networks. together design, language support, and leverage of the they are creating unexpected and fruitful relationships that enable them to evolve and maintain relevance. Coca-Cola plantBottle™ and Heinz plantBottle™ (Credit: Coca-Cola) 13 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  14. 14. 14Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  15. 15. H u m A N i z i N G T E C H N O L O G y A SymBiOTiC RELATiONSHipwhen Time magazine splashed the THE HumAN TOuCHprovocative headline “2045: The yearman Becomes immortal” on its February “Every designer’s ambition is to make technology “We are entering2011 cover, Ray kurzweil and his theoryof the Singularity officially hit the disappear, so you use it but you don’t feel it’s there.” – Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator MoMA a new era. i call itmainstream. Suddenly, young andold were contemplating a not-so- a number of brands are creating technologies ‘the Singularity.’far-off future, where bodies andbrains are merged with machines. that fit so seamlessly with our lifestyles that they feel like extensions of ourselves. Cisco its a mergerWhile the singularity may be an extreme (#13) has even made this its guiding principle with its tagline “the Human network.” But between humanconcept, the attention it has drawn and itstrickle down to the mainstream says much perhaps an even more literal example is IBMs (#2) super-computer, Watson, which beat intelligenceabout our current landscape and the impacttechnology has on our daily lives. It is now a two top-ranking human competitors on the popular U.s. quiz show Jeopardy in February. and machinegiven that the always-available internet hastransformed the way we communicate and not only did the artificial intelligence machine answer every question correctly, but intelligenceconsume information. Google, Facebook,apple, IBM, twitter, skype, spotify: on any even more importantly, it understood each question that was asked. that is going togiven day, these are the brands the averageconsumer interacts with the most. our hands Paola antonelli may have been thinking of create somethingclick their keyboard keys. our informationis fed through their systems. We use their apple (#8), in particular, when she talked about the boundary between humans and bigger thaninfrastructures day in and day out. and asthese brands continue to grow in value technology dissolving in an interview with Interbrand’s Chris Campbell earlier this itself.”and stature, reshaping our lives, it is only year. More than any other brand, apple has – ray Kurzweilinevitable that we are reshaping them succeeded in humanizing its technologyin turn. through its sleek and tactile interfaces. In some cases, as with the iPad, its products India, where there are few despite a high are so intuitive that they are being used as population. additionally, sensors in the learning tools for the autistic. pacemaker can transmit signals through a mobile phone to a cloud computing and technology is being used in radical infrastructure for monitoring, allowing new ways beyond interfaces in spaces like doctors anywhere to access the data, healthcare. at the most basic and emotional improve diagnosis, and reduce the need for level, doctors are now using mobile phones procedures. Medtronic is also using the data to communicate with patients and diagnose for surveillance and improvements for future them in real-time, which fosters better and devices. this is just the beginning: a not-so- more effective doctor/patient relationships. distant future exists in which devices will Beyond that, organizations like Kaiser even be able to scan your body, pinpoint an Permanente are using technology to change ailment, and diagnose it on the spot.iBm watson the hospital experience. Meanwhile, medical(Credit: IBM) device brands like Medtronic are developing While ultimately the choice is yours whether products that make complex medical you embrace Kurzweil’s singularity or not, procedures far more approachable and the reality is that our relationship with manageable. technology has reached a point of no return. the boundaries between technology and For example, Medtronic created a low-cost, people have dissolved. Its a brave new world pill-sized pacemaker that can be inserted out there— and not exactly one we ever could into a stent and embedded in the heart. have predicted. Its helping to meet the demand for cardiac electro physiologists in countries like 15 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  16. 16. 2 0 1 1 B R A N D v A L u E By REGiON / COuNTRy an 8,4 rm 2 Fi $m erl $m en G m e 6,950 th 8,322 ed ds 2 w d 31 $m a 5,07 nla an S m d ny 1 $ n $m K 1 e 25 N U ,6 a 23 d na $m $ c pa $m a Ca 39 an re ,9 $m 15 SA rl 10 e 21 Ko Fr 35 n o 4 ,0 ,4 75 60 ic U $m 29 7, ex 79 87 85 a $m n ,3 J M 5 i $m 4 ,1 a 92 Sp 3 $m ze 3, an 86 t 13 ,3 i 30 w w $m S i Ta 5 60 48 y 3, $m ,1 l 16 ta Ithe above map demonstrates the combined value for allbrands from a specific region/country. With 50 brands onthe top 100 list and a total brand value of Us $ 797,754million, north america dominates the ranking. Germany,with 10 brands on the list and a total brand value of Us$108,431 comes in second. each year, however, newregions/countries gain steam. 2010 saw Mexican brandCorona join the table, and this year HtC from taiwan hasmade the ranking. 16 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  17. 17. T H E 1 0 0 m O S Tv A L u A B L E G L O B A L B R A N D S 2 0 1 1 in 2011, technology brands continued their trend toward growth. nissan, John Deere, and HTC joined the list and top riser apple joined the Top 10. Coca-Cola continues to lead the pack with iBM coming in second. 17 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  18. 18. T O p 1 0 0 B E S T G L O B A L B R A N D S01COCA-COLA +2%71,861 $m the Coca-Cola brand remains timeless yet relevant as it celebrates and recyclable bottle made partially of plant material, which includedits 125th anniversary. the company lives its brand, and the overall Heinz adopting the technology for use with ketchup bottles (withequity of happiness comes through at every touchpoint. It continues featured “talking labels” asking “Guess what my bottle is made of?”).to receive enormous exposure through top-tier sponsorships with as soft drinks are a relatively stable market, Coca-Cola’s brand valuepopular events like the FIFa World Cup. additionally, Coca-Cola ties moves accordingly. Per company reports, consumers worldwideitself closely with meaningful promotions relating to disaster relief, choose to refresh themselves with Coca-Cola products “at a rate ofyouth empowerment, and sustainability issues around the globe. this over 1.7 billion servings each and every day.” that’s a lot of Coke.past year also saw the wide rollout of its PlantBottle™, a sustainable02iBm +8%69,905$m IBM, which celebrates its 100-year anniversary this year, is has resulted in a more productive services unit. For its latest “grandstronger than ever, having evolved its offerings from hardware, to challenge,” IBM brought its deep-analytics computer, Watson, on theservice, to knowledge, and now to innovation. IBM’s success is due in Jeopardy game show where it dispatched past champions to garnerlarge part to its commitment to intelligence—from the intelligence massive earned media. Between its Watson triumph, its centuryof employees brainstorming together in IBM Jams to the intelligence celebration, and its ongoing drive to make the planet smarter, the IBMof information being used to improve power grids and transport brand is operating at full speed.systems. additionally, the brand’s advocacy of open-source software 18 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  19. 19. 03miCROSOFT -3%59,087$m Microsoft continues to dominate the PC operating system, business with its competing cloud integration and collaborativeserver software, and office productivity software markets. this is a tools. a new partnership with nokia is likely to shine a bright lightboth a blessing and a curse as the future of computing moves to the on Microsoft’s mobile software, which has had a tough history withmobile space. Competitors continue to lure customers with mobile both consumers and providers. this, along with the recent acclaimapplications that turn individual devices into ecosystems. Google’s for the Xbox Kinect, the Windows Phone Mango os, and tablet-readyno-cost model will continue to put pressure on the tech giants Windows 8 designs, indicates that Microsoft has all the pieces in placeprofit margins, and Google apps could threaten the Microsoft office to build a strong consumer business.04GOOGLE +27%55,317$m With a 27 percent increase in brand value in the past year, Google’s 25 percent of employees’ yearly bonuses depended on theposition as one of the world’s pre-eminent brands is growing and performance of Google+, the brand’s new social networkingnothing seems capable of stopping it. Google has focused largely on challenger. Google+ was received with mixed response and whiledeveloping new offerings in the past year, including Chromebook, a it is difficult to find specific data, Google+ may find its greatestcloud-connected computer without internal software and equipped challenge to be overcoming the issue of so many social sites beingwith the tagline “ready When You are.” Besides attracting more visitors available to consumers. Harnessing its power for good, Googlethan any other website, Google also continues to attract and retain continues to raise awareness for climate change, global publicemployees, ranking number one on multiple surveys of the most health, and poverty, with more than U.s. $100 million in grantsattractive employer. ensuring its people are engaged in the company’s awarded since 2004 through Google.org.success, larry Page, co-founder and current Ceo, announced that05GE 0%42,808$m Ge continues to be one of the world’s most respected brands, enviable credibility halo across multiple lines of business aroundand an example of the power of imagination. While the Fukushima the world. While others are investing around a singular idea (IBM’sdisaster in Japan and financial issues in the U.s. generated some smarter Planet, accenture’s High Performance), Ge is pursuing abad press in 2011, it remains strongly positioned around the world; potentially more demanding strategy of building the master brandoperating in more than 100 countries and employing 300,000 people. while simultaneously expanding capability in healthcare and theIts ecomagination and healthymagination programs are two of the environment through its flagship platforms. the early results indicatebrand’s flagship platforms, driving the company and providing an that the strategy is paying off.06mcDONALDS +6%35,593$m a master of consistency, quality, and in recent years, consumer converted into 100 percent biodiesel to fuel its logistics fleet. Youresponsiveness, the long-time fast food leader drives innovation in may have noticed in our 2011 Best Global Green Brands report therethe category it dominates—from McCafé, its higher quality coffee is a gap between consumer perception and corporate performance(with sales challenging starbucks) to a healthier Happy Meal, relative to sustainability. Closing this gap will be critical for futurewhich it plans to roll out in september. In terms of environmental growth. this year, the brand experienced a high-profile conflict oversustainability, the brand is embarking on an ambitious program social media due to its ronald Mcdonald mascot, whom a group ofthat requires all of its suppliers over time to source their products health advocates and activist physicians wanted to see fired. Holdingentirely from sustainably managed land. additionally, it is making his ground, Ceo Jim skinner announced the Mcdonald’s brandmoves to ensure that vegetable oil from Mcdonald’s restaurants is ambassador would not be retiring. 19 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  20. 20. T O p 1 0 B R A N D S 80 K Coca-Cola IBM 70 K Microsoft Google 60 K GE McDonald‘s Intel 50 K BRAND VALUE ($) Apple Disney 40 K HP 30 K 20 K 10 K 0K 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 201107iNTEL +10%35,217$m Intel is at the forefront of microprocessor innovation, committed even though it is less pronounced in messaging, Intel’s sonic brandingto advancements in energy efficiency, the use of technology in remains strong given its iconic status .education and healthcare, and global ventures in computers. the additionally, prolonged delivery of its smartphone powered bybusiness cycle in the technology industry favors such a strong leading its legendary processors (in part, a consequence of the dissolution ofbrand, and Intel seizes upon this position with an unwavering focus Intel’s collaboration with nokia) has not helped the brand. throughon innovation. as competition intensifies, Intel continues to promote aggressive, well-executed advertising campaigns; corporate citizenshipthe speed, quality, and reliability of its products as the basis for its price activities; and a strong social media presence, Intel continues to growpremium. However, as an ingredient brand, customers sometimes its awareness, especially by engaging consumers in conversationsforget about it, with the brand becoming buried in the product itself. about the future.08AppLE +58%33,492$m setting the bar high in its category and beyond, apple is the icon in its innovative retail spaces as a service tool for customers as theyfor great branding meeting great technology to deliver a unique wait in line. the recent unveiling of iCloud, a service that seamlesslyoverall experience, making its giant leap from #17 to #8 in the links users to their music, photos, contacts, and documents, willrankings less than surprising. Consumers continue to follow its further extend the benefits of being connected “anywhere, anytime” toproduct launches with anticipation and are quick to integrate its sleek a fast-growing audience. steve Jobs’ recent resignation has the worldproducts into their lifestyles. Continuing its wave of first-to-market curious about the impact on this innovative company as it is unclearproducts, apple launched the iPad in 2010 creating the new tablet how much of the brand’s success was due directly to Jobs’ own visioncategory in the process. since its launch, young and old alike have and control, and how much was due to his team—including new Ceo,embraced it as a tool, with organizations from education to health to tim Cook.sales coming on board as well. apple has even implemented the iPad 20 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  21. 21. 09DiSNEy +1%29,018$m disney continues to deliver its quality, family-fun experiences another in shanghai should improve the brand’s presence even morethrough parks, movies, and merchandise. In the year ahead, it has in the region. the Cars franchise continues to be a vital one for theplans to expand on its successful Fantasyland in its orlando Magic company, and disney has plans to open a “Cars land” at its redesignedKingdom park, delivering further on the experience the brand is built California adventure park. the question the brand faces in the yearupon: fulfilling the dreams of its audience. this year, disney’s park in ahead, however, is if it is creating enough new stories and charactersHong Kong continued to perform well, and an agreement to build to live up to its promise of magic and fun.10HEwLETT-pACkARD +6%28,479$m despite turbulence after replacing its Ceo in late 2010, the HP behaviors will need to be priorities in order to successfully completebrand retains its number 10 position. HP brings together a portfolio the transformation HP aims to achieve in the marketplace and shiftthat spans printing, software, services and It infrastructure to customers’ perceptions. seizing on the potential of social media, HPsolve customer problems. over the past year, the company has is a model for informing and conversing with its customers onlinebeen shifting its business strategy, increasing focus on enterprise through sites such as Youtube, twitter, and Facebook. these sites haveand taking transformative moves toward higher-value, higher- also offered a platform for employees to share experiences. While HP’smargin growth categories. as HP continues to transform itself and recent announcement of plans to spin off its PC business (in additionleverage acquisitions, it will experience challenges in maintaining to the recent drop of webos) has peaked interest, it is important toa cohesive culture. the assimilation of eds into HP’s culture, for note that even without this business unit, HP will remain one of theinstance, has seen positive results but it remains a work-in-progress. worlds largest tech companies.Clarity internally for what the brand stands for and alignment in11 12TOyOTA mERCEDES-BENz +6% +9%27,764$m 27,445$m responding to recalls and highly publicized safety concerns in Mercedes-Benz firmly staked out its territory atop the premium2010, toyota focused on quality and safety. Changing its leadership automobile category with its new tagline, “the Best or nothing,”structure and creating a new internal reporting system are two successfully tying its long heritage of excellence in engineering,measures that should help restore its reputation for outstanding performance, styling, and safety to its 125th birthday. Mercedesquality control. the toyota brand relies heavily on its family of Prius outranks all other automotive brands in terms of customer loyalty andmodels and its Hybrid synergy technology—it was ranked number satisfaction. With its new model rollout, Mercedes has responded toone in Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands—and that corresponds a market that is quickly evolving in favor of green technologies. Halfnicely with the current consumer priorities of low-consumption and of the product line is available with its Blueefficiency package, andsustainability. overall, toyota is still viewed as the leader in green, and its daimler “Car2Go” car-sharing mobility concept recently launched.it looks as though the carmaker is restabilizing. Mercedes-Benz also continues to partner with tesla on lithium-ion battery packs, and it received a 2010 German sustainability award for its atego Bluetec Hybrid truck. 21 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  22. 22. 13 14CiSCO NOkiA +9% -15%25,309$m 25,071$m Cisco’s focus on its organization and operating model has despite being one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mobileimproved productivity and positioned the brand to evolve with its phones and topping the rankings of environmental and socialbusiness model. a more simplified organizational structure has initiatives, nokia is working to keep pace with mobile innovationallowed for faster innovation, reduced costs, and simpler decision- and with the evolving consumer taste for smartphones. the recentmaking. despite internal changes, Cisco has demonstrated continued partnership with Microsoft puts it in a good position, though it willcommitment to “the Human network” campaign. While driving take time to bring products to market. nokia is positioning itselfconsumer recognition, its emphasis on people over technology will to “connect the next billion” by targeting developing markets. Itsbe an essential brand component for protecting share and margin challenge will be to balance ubiquity and access with innovationsgoing forward. Cisco also understands how to best utilize the social and leadership. It plans to launch high-end retail stores inmedia space, reaching out and engaging consumers via videos and prestigious locations to counter consumer perceptions of nokia as ablogs, putting a tangible face on what it does. additionally, its game, manufacturer of entry-level phones. nokia continues to be an active“Cisco myPlannet,” exemplifies an innovative and successful way to member of the United nations Global Compact, the world’s largestreach a new generation of It professionals, garnering it a social Media corporate citizenship initiative.Marketing award for 2010.15 16Bmw GiLLETTE +10% +3%24,554$m 23,997$m BMW inspires passion in both customers and employees. the defining brand in male grooming, Gillette enjoys strongHowever, its 2012 BMW 1 series is receiving a good amount of franchises around its products and multiple successful brandnegative responses to its overall design. like other carmakers, BMW extensions. With the brand’s dedication to innovative new productshas responded to the green shift in the market with concept cars like shower-safe electric razors, it also provides base products indesigned for sustainable urban mobility, and its efficientdynamics the men’s grooming category with its expanded focus on skin care,program marries performance with efficiency. However, given the deodorant, and body wash. In India, especially, the brand is doing well,market is saturated, it faces tough competition in the years ahead. and emerging markets are a crucial component of its growth strategy.expect more emphasis on these core qualities as BMW sponsors the over the next two years, Gillette will be introducing products in morelondon olympics and team Usa next year. the brand has also made than 40 new countries. recognizing the promise of social media, thean effort to engage with consumers through social media, and it is brand keeps up a lively presence, especially on Facebook, where it haspaying off with 5.5 million Facebook fans, a busy twitter feed, and a earned more than 400,000 likes.popular Youtube channel. additionally, its BMW Guggenheim lab,which addresses issues of urban life through programs and publicdiscourse, has received a positive consumer response.17 18SAmSuNG LOuiS vuiTTON +20% +6%23,430$m 23,172$m after establishing itself as the clear leader in flat panel televisions, louis Vuitton reports 19 percent growth in revenue over thesamsung continues to focus on mobile devices. through a strong past year and still remains the strongest luxury brand in the world.flagship brand strategy around Galaxy smartphones and tablet For many, the brand depicts attainable luxury and is a highlydevices under the android platform, samsung hopes to counter desirable symbol of success. the brand has grown this year due tocompetitors—though a preliminary injunction filed by apple has, so “local and tourist” consumers, a new production site in France, andfar, resulted in Galaxy’s ban in Germany. In other segments, such as an expanding watch collection. louis Vuitton maintains growth indigital appliances, digital imaging, It solutions, B2B, and especially leather goods, but faces competition globally as more luxury brandssemiconductors, samsung continues to deliver innovative and see success in asia. louis Vuitton recently unveiled a new flagshiprelevant solutions. It also invests heavily in its marketing capabilities store in london, which is seen as its most luxurious to date. this year,to get the word out. samsung has a high commitment to corporate better positioning in the social media landscape, and the strategiccitizenship and environmental initiatives, but this isn’t broadly known use of Facebook as a means for conveying new and exclusive contentby consumers, and that lack of awareness around its efforts may boosted the brand.present a hurdle. 22 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  23. 23. 19HONDA +5%19,431$m Honda’s production capacity for cars and components took a longstanding reputation for affordable efficiency and environmentalsevere hit with the March tsunami and earthquake in Japan, leaving responsibility. the natural gas powered Civic GX was named “Greenestshowrooms empty, hampering sales for several months, and testing Vehicle” by the american Council for an energy efficient economycustomer loyalty. as production came back on line and inventories (the eighth consecutive win for a Civic GX), and Honda won its fifthstarted to replenish, Honda regained its market share by extending consecutive “Greenest automaker” title from the Union of Concernedpromotions for its core value-conscious buyers until cars became scientists. the brand continues to use its tagline, “the Power ofavailable. a big reason those customers are coming back is the brands dreams,” globally.20ORACLE +16%17,262$m By now, everyone knows that the battles lines in technology oracle recently has demonstrated the ability to drive organic softwarehave been drawn around software, and that the future war will be growth. and the brand’s historically strong internal culture—brand,fought in the cloud. luckily for oracle, they seem to have known this marketing, engineering, r&d, product, IP—which is focused on doingearlier than most; they look very strong in the fight. after turning what needs to be done to drive business, continues to leave it in thesun Microsystems profitable in less than two years, the company enviable position of being relatively well understood by customers.reached a market capitalization in december that was nearly equal While others reshape, recast, and retrench in the ever-changingto that of rivals HP and saP combined. always a major M&a player, technology ecosystem, oracle has the luxury of digging in deep. B u S i N E S S S E R v i C E S re le ntu o c ce IB M Cisc O ra SAP Ac 80 K BRAND VALUE ($) 40 K #2 #13 #20 #24 #45 2011 RANKING 23 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  24. 24. 21H&m +2%16,459$m Cotton prices have been squeezing results for fast-fashion chains, though in recent years, heavy price-based activity, particularly in thebut destination brands like swedish-based H&M are still in high U.s., has confused some customers who are seeing it as too similardemand. H&M maintains a global presence in 40 countries with over to discounters. H&M also engages in corporate social responsibility2,300 stores, adding more than 200 in the past year alone. Its modern through its H&M Conscious program and partnership with UnICeF.basics and tailored fits appeal to millions as they offer the latest all of this activity is heavily promoted across the social media andtrends at affordable pricing. Holding true to this business concept of blogging communities.“quality at the best price,” H&M remains a destination brand throughnew collections and guest designers, such as lanvin and Versace,22 23pEpSi AmERiCAN ExpRESS +4% +5%14,590$m 14,572$m Pepsi has remained very true to its 2008 redesign and repositioning. Heritage and consumer knowledge have helped american expressthe Pepsi refresh Project, which is bringing hundreds of innovative benefit from the brief economic rebound. It still remains a leading caseideas to life, is core to Pepsi’s overall positioning and is widely recognized study in financial services branding and portfolio management. Itand understood by its target consumer. some question whether this has weathered the credit storm well. despite consumers increasinglycampaign actually drives soda sales. However, what’s certainly clear is negative perceptions of the credit card business in general, americanthat it has been effective in increasing Pepsi’s digital presence, which express has seen little impact on its brand image. this year sawhas had a positive impact on the brand overall. this year, expansion american express enter the prepaid debit card space. additionally,in international markets has led to significant growth. However, the brand focused on its small business market; for example, bydeveloped markets proved less positive in this hard-fought category. offering businesses points for buying online ads. american express continues to innovate in the social media space. Its partnerships with Foursquare and Facebook show that it is continually pushing what it can do as a product and working to engage with customers on a deeper level.24 25SAp NikE +14% +6%14,542$m 14,528$m saP remains a market-leader in business systems and software, nike is an icon of global brand-building. despite stagnant salesand the company is highly profitable. Its long-running “run Better” at the group level, nike rallies its devotees with inspiring campaignsad campaign remains a very powerful leadership statement as like Write the Future, its 2010 World Cup tie-in, and the Chance, ait remains focused on its innovation strategy by creating game- search for undiscovered soccer talent in the U.K. additionally, nikechanging, customer-centered technologies for in-memory computing, continues to sponsor high-profile sports leaders such as Kobe Bryant,mobile, and cloud computing. Its Business Bydesign service enables lebron James, roger Federer, and the Inter Milan Football Club. Withcompanies to run best-practice software solutions through the cloud millions of Facebook fans spread across its many sub-brands, nikeand avoid It installation. additionally, the saP High-Performance maintains a phenomenally successful social media presence. nikeanalytic appliance (saP Hana), which allows customers to analyze has worked aggressively to improve its Csr image through sustainedwhat’s happening in their businesses in real-time, continues to gain action, including establishing codes of conduct for every factorymomentum. through its 2010 acquisition of sybase, saP has become manufacturing nike products and assigning an internal team toa leader in enterprise mobility, setting the stage for the growth of ensure that it is enforced. despite these efforts, the brand has recentlyunwired enterprise as mobile devices continue to evolve. While recent come under fire from environmental groups, along with other apparelperformance has been strong, the appointment of saP’s new CMo has manufacturers, for the use of toxic chemicals in its supply chain. nikemany watching to see where he will take the brand next. quickly responded with a pledge to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals in its products by 2020 and continues to invest in other Csr initiatives. 24 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand
  25. 25. 26AmAzON.COm 32%12,758$m one of the web’s defining experiences, amazon.com has established online content, amazon has successfully moved into the mobile marketitself as a symbol of relevance and responsiveness in the online with its appstore for android devices, as well as film and televisionmarketplace. this brand defines the benchmarks for experience, service, distribution. In addition to this domestic growth, amazon has also setand fulfillment for consumers in the online space and has redefined its sights on overseas markets with new acquisitions and partnershipsour expectations in the wider service category. Its development of the in europe. Its connection to customers is primarily driven through itsKindle, a product many thought would kill its original business model website, and its Kindle brand appears to have a more loyal social mediaas an online bookseller, instead became a best-selling device and made following than the parent.amazon the top-of-mind e-book vendor. expanding its catalog of27 28upS J.p. mORGAN +6% +1%12,536$m 12,437$m UPs has recovered from the global economic crisis and seen not being in the media can be good for some financial servicestransport volumes and demand for its logistics service grow brands. this is the case for J.P. Morgan, which stayed, for the mostnoticeably. this year, it launched its campaign “We love logistics” part, out of the negative news regarding financial services brandsin 25 countries and throughout all communications channels. the and continues to be a valued expert as the world rides out the rockycampaign, which features a heart icon, emphasizes UPs’s vital role to markets. the brand continues to remain relevant to customers withour businesses and lifestyles and clearly positions the brand as owning “the Way Forward,” a platform for communicating its responsiblethe category generic, a powerful play. additionally, the heart icon has practices, and its commitment to helping small businesses succeed.been consistently used at all touchpoints to communicate the brand. Jamie dimon is one of the most respected Ceos in the sector, and J.P.It is even being used in its environmental sustainability messaging. Morgan is seen as the epitome of “too big to fail” and an integral part of the U.s. financial system.29 30BuDwEiSER NESCAFÉ 0% -5%12,252$m 12,115$m Customers continue to view Budweiser as the quintessential beer, nescafé has shifted the focus of its messaging from convenienceparticularly in its native U.s. and yet, competition has made it harder to flavor, as seen in its expanded dolce Gusto product line. aided byfor the brand to differentiate. to revitalize the brand and reconnect advertising that focuses on its sustainability efforts and with planswith consumers, Budweiser launched a new logo, can, and packaging to double its rate of expansion, dolce Gusto has helped nescafédesign in 2011, which builds on the brand’s bow-tie look and dials stay relevant with younger consumers looking for a trendy coffeeup the color red. additionally a Qr (“Quick response”) code on the experience. nescafé has engaged in a large-scale plan to followpackaging allows for better communication with the customer. While through on commitments to the improve its coffee farming andthe brand’s growth in Brazil saw some slowdown in 2011, it continues production by 2015. However, the brand faces challenges due to ato build its presence in latin america and China, which both represent shift toward more sophisticated consumption habits.huge growth opportunities. In the U.s. market, Budweiser is focusedon accelerating the growth of Bud light. an exclusive sponsor ofthe nFl and a number of promotions that aim to further deepenBudweiser’s relationship with sports fans should help it move closer tothis goal. 25 Best GloBal Brands 2011 by Interbrand