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Top 5 New State Laws on Social & Criminal Justice Reform

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Top 5 New State Laws on Social & Criminal Justice Reform

  1. 1. Many new or revised laws take effect in the new year, including several aimed at reforming Illinois’ social and criminal justice system.
  2. 2. Click ahead to learn about these important new reform measures.
  3. 3. Tailoring sentences to fit the crime Gives judges more flexibility in determining sentences for minors who commit crimes. (HB 2471) Illinois General Assembly moves to address juvenile sentencing reforms HB 2471
  4. 4. Bringing parity to juvenile justice Prohibits minors from being committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice for misdemeanor offenses. (SB 1560) SB 1560
  5. 5. Protecting people & police Establishes guidelines for the use of body cameras by police. The new law also prohibits the police from using chokeholds and requires more training and accountability for law enforcement. (SB 1304) Raoul, Sims, Anthony announce signing of landmark law enforcement reforms SB 1304
  6. 6. Protecting the youngest offenders Prohibits a minor under 13 years old from being detained in a detention facility unless a youth service provider has been contacted. (HB 2567) HB 2567
  7. 7. Limiting the number of minors tried as adults Eliminates automatic transfer of cases involving minors to adult courts, basing transfers instead on the particulars of the crime. (HB 3718) HB 3718
  8. 8. Summaries of all new Illinois laws are available on the Illinois General Assembly Homepage: www.ilga.gov www.IllinoisSenateDemocrats.com