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ImageThink Engaging Conference Attendees from Start to Finish

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ImageThink graphic recording presents an expert guide to making conferences interactive & engaging. Event planning takes a lot of thought & creativity, rely on the the people that support more conferences per year. Build the buzz prior to the event, create an eye catching display, interact with your audience, and have unique takeaways with ImageThink. Read more on our blog: ow.ly/qrQw303O2Hx and visit our services page: http://www.imagethink.net/service/delight-conference-attendees/

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ImageThink Engaging Conference Attendees from Start to Finish

  1. 1. Engaging Conference Attendees From Start To Finish (and even after)
  2. 2. Careful planning and creativity is needed to make your content or your trade show booth visible.
  3. 3. Sometimes you need more than a branded cell phone charger…
  4. 4. So how do you stand out in a crowd and get your message across?
  5. 5. Get the hype train rolling! Create engagement on social media w/ our tweet size infographics before they even pick up their badge.
  6. 6. Time lapse promos are another great way to get on conference attendees’ must-see list.
  7. 7. It’s GO TIME! The big day is here! It is crucial to create an engaging and interactive environment.
  8. 8. Live graphic recordings of keynotes excite audiences & offer a creative visual summary of the content.
  9. 9. AMEX turned to ImageThink to create an evolving mural sized infographic that reflected the needs of business travelers.
  10. 10. Turn coffee breaks and cocktail hours into moments of engagement w/ our social listening walls.
  11. 11. How do you take the relationship beyond the closing party?
  12. 12. Get Creative to Keep The Conversation Going!
  13. 13. Go to ImageThink.net to learn more about making your conference more interactive & engaging.