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Lifelong health games

Download our new flyer with our latest "lifelong" games for health!
See examples of how to inform and prevent, how to deal with active ageing programs, how to empower users, how to take care of healthy lifestyles, how to motivate patients to stick to a therapy and how to deal with physical and cognitive rehabilitation - always with the support of enabling technologies and games! Solutions are built according to participatory design principles, starting from specialists and including target users and patients!

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Lifelong health games

  1. 1. 1.Fit4Life Fit4Life is a mobile Game which aims to mo- tivate teenagers to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Various conditions such as obesity have become a major health problem in industrial- ised countries. These conditions can be prevented by raising awareness amongst adolescents of the importance of diet, fitness and related topics. Fit4Life is designed to significantly reduce obesity during adoles- cence. This work is being carried out under Pegaso: pegasof4f.eu 2.MyCyFAPP MyCyFAPP is an innovative app designed to support chronic patients (cystic fibrosis pati- ents) to manage their own therapy. Through information, training and patient empower- ment MyCyFAPP allows users to gain a better understanding of their disease and the status of their health and enables them to check and optimise their enzyme replacement therapy. In this way, users can significantly improve both their health and social well-being. This work is being carried out under MyCyFAPP: www.mycyfapp.eu 3.Agegym Agegym is a set of applications for the tablet PC which, through various motivational techniques, supports senior citizens to maintain healthy lifestyles and thereby stay fitter in phy- sical, cognitive and social terms for longer. Seniors can, in this way, improve their own well-being and delay the onset of possible diseases. The quality of life can be improved and the health system has a smaller cost burden for this section of the population. This product was built through Doremi: www.doremi-fp7.eu
  2. 2. Serious Games for Health at all-ages www.i-maginary.it info@i-maginary.it imaginary srl imaginary_italy 4.rehAbility This is a series of games which recognise patient physical movements and can trans- mit them to doctors and specialists in rehabili- tation care. In this way, the patient needing rehabilitation therapy is able to be treated at home and can involve friends and family in the rehabilitation process. In the case of cognitive impairments, these immersive virtual experiences can support cognitive rehabilitation and help the patients resume their normal daily activities. This product was built through Rehab@Home: www.rehabathome-project.eu Chronic diseases and cognitive impair- ments can severely impact and restrict the lives of patients. For those affected, everyday life can be a big challenge that they and the people around them gradually have to learn to deal with. Typically, one of the major problems in rehabilitation is that patients are often not motivated enough to adhere strictly to long-term therapies. imaginary, the developers of these solutions, have been working for several years on the development of Serious Games and other innovative eHealth solutions which can significantly support the lives of such patients. Their solutions help people of all ages to inde- pendently cope with the challenges of every- day life, despite their condition and encourage them to continue with their therapies. To fulfil these objectives, imaginary work close- ly with doctors and patients to create state of the art applications using the latest technolo- gies that meet the demands, needs and expec- tations of all the stakeholders.