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social problems faced by women

This ppt tells abt the problem faced by women in India

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social problems faced by women

  1. 1. social problem facedby Indian women
  2. 2. Our first prime minister,Jawaharlal Nehru said , “you cantell the condition of nation bylooking at the status of itswomen “
  3. 3. Condition of women in IndiaOur country is on high roads ofsuccess , but still for a women her lifeis a battle for survival and dignityfrom her birth to death Birth Death
  4. 4. Problems faced Female abortion Dowry Restriction on widow remarriage Gender bias Neglect during childhood Child marriage
  5. 5. Female abortionWhile goddess are welcomed with open arms, our doors are shut tight for girl child. It’s a very common scenario in almost all villages. It has become tradition for some families to have male children only. Our sex ratio is : 923 females per 1000 males.
  6. 6. Child marriage Getting married before attaining full mental and physical maturity. In rural area 70%of girls are married before they are 18 And nearly 56% of married girls bear children before they are 19 .
  7. 7. DowryDowry is defined as the property , which a man receives from his wife or her family at the time of marriage. It is regulated by factors like : Boy’s service and salary Economic status Educational qualification etc.,