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Wei Cai_Innovative application of round pole bamboo structures

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A presentation given at the Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress (BARC 2018), 25-27 June 2018.

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Wei Cai_Innovative application of round pole bamboo structures

  1. 1. Nutural bamboo innovative application
  2. 2. The nutural bamboo - the masterpiece of nature
  3. 3. The nutural bamboo - the masterpiece of nature Represents "rural, poverty“ Inappropriate harvesting and storage Backward processing Wrong tools and cuts, connections Bamboo is a "low-grade" material compared to wood and concrete.
  4. 4. Traditional nutural bamboo construction
  5. 5. “Zhujing”masters the core technology of raw bamboo processing Has two original bamboo anti-mildew, anti-mite invention patents, greatly enhance the durability of the nutural bamboo The indoor space is used for more than 30 years Semi-indoor space Use life of over 20 years Total outdoor space Use life of 10 years or more 5
  6. 6. “Zhujing” masters the core technology of raw bamboo products “Zhujing" insists on independent research and development Master core technologies such as bamboo connection, support and function development Give the nutural bamboo a new shape and beauty, and it is more solid
  7. 7. Nutural bamboo decoration structure (patent number: 201610549283.4)
  8. 8. Nutural bamboo decorative lights (patent number: 201620735495.7)
  9. 9. Nutural bamboo fasteners (patent number: 201620735496.1)
  10. 10. Nutural bamboo support (patent number: 201620735494.2)
  11. 11. “Zhujing”master the nutural bamboo craft and construction core technology The nutural bamboo construction is the wisdom of "designer + craftsman“ One-on-One Process Deepening Helps Designers Create Their Second Creation The industry’s strongest craftsman group guarantees a perfect presentation
  12. 12. Nutural bamboo stage construction drawing
  13. 13. Bamboo practice case Oriental culture and highly recognizable The original bamboo construction becomes a key element of the site
  14. 14. Kunqu opera society , Kunshan, Jiangsu
  15. 15. Shenyang Panda House, Shenyang , Liaoning
  16. 16. 18
  17. 17. Bohai Ancient Ferry Terminal, Kunming, Yunnan
  18. 18. Forbidden Mountain Ancient Kiln, Shangyu, Zhejiang
  19. 19. Shangcun Zhupeng Xiangtang , Jixi, Anhui
  20. 20. Circular landscape,Anji,Zhejiang
  21. 21. ZhuLi pavilion,Anji,Zhejiang
  22. 22. Hu creek thatched cottage Anji,Zhejiang
  23. 23. Ann and ji xi, Anji,Zhejiang
  24. 24. The foot of light and shadow hedge,Anji,Zhejiang
  25. 25. Floating leaf ,Anji,Zhejiang
  26. 26. Zi zai shan house,Xian,Shanxi