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ISL Recruitment, a recruitment agency in the centre of Bristol

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ISL is a recruitment agency in the centre of Bristol that specialises in the recruitment of highly skilled and experienced professionals for clients across the UK in a range of market sectors. http://islrecruitment.co.uk/

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ISL Recruitment, a recruitment agency in the centre of Bristol

  1. 1. ISL Recruitment, best recruitment agency in Bristol . -., — (2 *: r ”’ / q“: §’ . J '
  2. 2. * Who We Are ? ISL in Bristol is staffed solely by experienced, hands on recruitment Consultants, from the Directors down, with the sole focus of providing exceptional service and L recruitment solutions to our clients and candidates alike.
  3. 3. l{t-tmilmtin “er 3: w L L f g yin
  4. 4. How We Work ISL's approach to recruitment is to keep it simple yet professional, delivering the most suitable solution for both our clients and our candidates. As we only employ experienced consultants, you will be able to develop a relationship with an individual who understands your market and the drivers within it.
  5. 5. H ow We Work We work in a way which we hope will ciemronstrate we work with honesty, integrity, and a sense of responsibility. We will provide creativity and leaclership when recguirecl in cleveloping the best approach, using the benefit of one of our key assets — our experience.
  6. 6. How We Work It you are looking to recruit then please take a look at the recruitment services we offer for more im"ormation on how we coulci work with you. Tl‘? you are looking for a new role then please take a loo| < here for more information on how we work with our cancliciates.
  7. 7. Contact Us ISL (Incite Solutions Limitecl) 10 lictoria Street Bristol BS1 6Bi' Unitect Kingciom Tel: 4141 0117 3.29 1222 E-mail: o'u'-fice@islul<. ~co. ul<