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Social Media Intelligence by Inclick

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Working in 360 degrees mode has always been our priority as we are the world’s first agency that is completely dedicated towards social media analytics. We don’t want you to look for different solutions in different places. To facilitate this, we combine our tools with third party tools to provide you with an all-round experience. In this process, AI is utilised and combined with human intelligence to generate and analyse daily reports, respond to messages, comments, and much more to aid our clients and brand managers in building strategies, setting budgets, and ultimately, build a brand reputation.

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Social Media Intelligence by Inclick

  1. 1. Social Media Intelligence
  2. 2. • Social media insights are of limited intelligence value without the context provided by other sources. • Country & Social expertise: expertise on the society and country being assessed, including how people there use social media. • DS + AI: guides the choices we make about how to identify signals in large datasets – which models to use, what samples are valid etc. • Filtered Data: Filtering & Crunching of big raw social media data to extract meaningful data. Local Expertise
 (Geo & Social) Data Science + Artificial
 Intelligence Filtered Social
 Media Data &
 Analytics Social Media Intelligence Social Media Intelligence
  3. 3. Challenges • Social media listening tools provide only the data. How can I turn this data into meaningful decision making insights? • Product Audience Sentiments is directly proportional to geography . How can I customise my Interests? • Where is the audience, who are the influencers, are my competitors having similar audience ? • Understanding the social audience is important for the launch of a new product • Have spent huge amount of money on PR, TVC & Digital Campaigns . How can I quantify its Social Impact ? 

  4. 4. Solutions • High accuracy level of key insights about the buzz & SOV (Share of Voice) across different social channels • Identify key people driving important conversations & engage • Get customized reports to meet your specific needs and interests • Dive deep into conversations and get demographic, geographic, and more insights •  Keep an eye on the competition to up level your integrated media strategy •  Identify trends as they’re developing & analyze the impact of ongoing campaigns •  Know an unbiased public opinion about your brand, products & services. • Discover potential customers and new leads
  5. 5. Twitter
 Conversations Media 
 Mentions Pages & Posts Growth Artificial
 Layer Insights
  6. 6. • Our AI works on 3 elements of a text. It analyses Sentiments in terms of Neutral, Negative, and Positive.
 • Emotions in terms of Anger, Joy, Fear, and Disgust.
 • Personality (Psychological Behaviour) in terms of Openness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism. Sentiments
 Emotions Psychological
 Behaviour Our AI
  7. 7. Collect data from networks in large quantities. Filter and crunch that data to remove duplicate/non- useful content Analyse run the remaining data through our AI and algorithms Report provide periodic and ad-hoc reports in different formats Insights manually go through these reports and data to create actionable insights. Process
  8. 8. Sentiments
 Data Points Word Cloud Topic of Interests Emotions & Psychological Channel Analysis Social Media Buzz SOV & Volume Sentiments Top Terms & Domains Media Intelligence Geographic al Analysis Influencers Competitive
 Analysis Brand/Topic
 Affinity Day/Time
 Info Language
 Word Tagging Work & Political
 Background a …and more (subject to data availability)
  9. 9. Screenshots
  10. 10. Screenshots
  11. 11. Screenshots Top used words in Profile Description
 and in Tweets
  12. 12. Screenshots
  13. 13. Screenshots
  14. 14. Screenshots
  15. 15. Screenshots People Insights
  16. 16. Screenshots Brand Growth
  17. 17. Screenshots Brand Content
  18. 18. Screenshots Emotion Detection using our Engine
  19. 19. Screenshots Emotion Detection using our Engine
  20. 20. Screenshots Emotion Detection using our Engine
  21. 21. Screenshots Automated Word Cloud
  22. 22. Screenshots Content filter to filter across geography, location, language, profile description, tweet text, sentiments, etc.
  23. 23. Love Data Inclick Services LLP:
 contact@inclick.co http://inclick.co/
 T2, HKV, Delhi