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Label manufacturer

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Indian Barcode Corporation Provides all types of Barcode Solution...We manufacturer a quality of product to printer a better quality of Barcode. To more info Contact at gm@inidanbarcode.com or Call us at 91-9717122688/9810822688......

Visit Our Website:- www.indianbarcode.com

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Label manufacturer

  1. 1. Manufacturer and suppliers of All kinds of Labels Indian Barcode Corporation is manufacturer and suppliers of All kinds of Labels and Stickers for Thermal Label Printers. Indian Barcode Corporation is having their own manufacturing unit for Labels & Sticker. They are master in their Industry and are capable of providing labels as per the client’s requirement with no Compromization in terms of quality. Indian Barcode Corporation is having the machine which can make colors labels too in any option. Indian Barcode Corporation also supplies the TTR (Thermal Transfer Ribbons) for Thermal Label Printers. Being a leading supplier of labels and Ribbons Indian Barcode Corporation is also having a team of Professional Technical Experts who are always ready to resolve the issues & problems of the Customers. We provides all types of Label and Sticker for Barcode Printing. There are the following types of Barcode Label and Sticker:- BARCODE LABELS Food & Beverages Labels WHITE POLYESTER LABEL Food & Beverages Labels CLEAR POLYESTER LOSS TC Logistics Labels WHITE POLYPROPYLENE LABEL
  2. 2. ULTRA DESTRUCTIBLE LABEL Thermal-Transfer-Labels Direct-Thermal-Labels Blank-Stickers Fanfold-Labels Appliance-Labels Barcode-Labels Industrial-Labels Return-Labels Postal-Labels Pressure-Sensitive-Labels Continuous-Labels Integrated-Labels Blank-Labels Carton-Labels Product-Labels Quality-Control-Labels Inventory-Labels Safety-Labels Caution-Labels Mailing-Labels Container-Labels Numbered-Labels Shelf-Labels Outdoor-Labels Die-Cut-Labels Packaging-Labels UL-Approved-Labels CLOTHING LABELS Garment Label Clothing-Labels HOLOGRAPHIC LABELS Holographic Labels For more info contact at gm@indianbarcode.com JEWELLRY LABELS Jewellery Labels Jewellery-Labels Dumbbell-Jewellery-Labels Jewellery-Ring-Labels Rat-tail-Jewellery-Labels MEDICAL LABELS Medical Labels For more info contact at gm@indianbarcode.com PRINTED LABELS Cosmetic Stickers Warning-Security Label Woven Printed Labels For more info contact at gm@indianbarcode.com DOMED LABELS Domed Labels DOD-Labels Durable-Labels For more info contact at gm@indianbarcode.com TAFFETAROLLS Taffeta Rolls For more info contact at gm@indianbarcode.com WATERPROOF LABELS Waterproof-labels Waterproof-water-bottle-labels Waterproof-vinyl-labels Waterproof-inkjet-labels Printable-water-resistant-vinyl-labels Blank-waterproof-adhesive-labels Polyester-waterproof Waterproof Stickers
  3. 3. THERMAL LABELS Thermal Paper Roll Colored-Thermal-Labels SPECIAL LABELS Record-Label Glass Bottles Waterproof Labels Asset-Sticker Property-Label Metallic-Garment-Label Advertising-Badge Designer-Badge For more info contact at gm@indianbarcode.com SHIPPING LABELS Shipping-Labels For more info contact at gm@indianbarcode.com SECURITY LABELS Security-Labels For more info contact at gm@indianbarcode.com PHARMACY LABELS Metal Labels For more info contact at gm@indianbarcode.com ADHESIVE LABELS Casio XR 9X1 Label Printer Tape Casio XR 18WE1 Label Printer Tape Casio XR-12GN1 Label Printer Tape Casio XR-24X1-W Label Printer Tape Casio XR-12FYW Label Printer Tape luorescent For more info contact at gm@indianbarcode.com Casio XR-18FYW Label Printer Tape Fluorescent Indian Barcode Corporation S-4, Plot No-7, Pok-7, Pankaj Plaza, Near Metro Station, Sector-12, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078(India). Phone No+91-011-28032434 , +91-011-46102688. Handphone:09810822688 , 09717122688. Email Id:- gm@indianbarcode.com About Us Since our inception in 1997 as Indian Barcode Corporation, we have been manufacturing Plain Barcode Labels, Printed Stickers, Woven Labels and Clothing Tags etc. We have grown steadily and gradually, expanding our capabilities as a leading Tag & Label Printing Solution Supplier by adding Hardware Equipments – Printers and Ribbon in our product folio. For more info Contact at gm@indianbarcode.com or call at +91-9717122688