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InfoAxon Powered Alfresco

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InfoAxon Powered Alfresco

  1. 1. Capability Paper Alfresco Capability Profile InfoAxon’s Alfresco Integration Capabilities Marketing Contacts: Vineet DahiyaInfoAxon’s Alfresco Integration InfoAxon Technologies Ltd. Mob - +91-9810425760 Email - vineet.dahiya@infoaxon.comCapabilities
  2. 2. Capability PaperAlfresco ‘Turbo-charged’ By InfoAxonPowerful Open Source Enterprise Content ManagementEnterprise Content Management and Collaboration are becoming more and more vital, even to small and medium organizations. Asthe amount of content produced increases, demands from knowledge workers to intelligently store, manage, share and benefitfrom organizational knowledge raises manifolds. That‟s where familiar solutions within organizations such as shared drives andsimple workflow quickly become inadequate.Alfresco applies open source technology to address these issues and offers complete range of collaborative contentmanagement capabilities ranging from document management, records management, image management, and web contentmanagement coupled with web2.0 collaboration.Alfresco is world‟s leading Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Platform. Since its first release in 2005,Alfresco has rapidly evolved into a full-blown ECM platform and a leading open source alternative for enterprise contentmanagement such as Microsoft SharePoint.InfoAxon & Alfresco – ‘Whole Solution’ to your content & knowledgemanagement needsOrganizations are looking for flexible, open and cost effective platforms to manage the productivity of their Knowledge Workers andto meet the demands of external stakeholders such as partners, vendors and customers.Three trends are unmistakable:  Move from traditional ECM suites to flexible Open Source Platforms  Driving Innovation with more of Open source  Lowering costs using Open source intelligentlyAlfresco is leading the change with above trends.InfoAxon has deep understanding and expertise around Integration of Alfresco ECM Platform with other open source products /frameworks and also extending Alfresco to incorporate your business use cases.While most organizations interested in open source content management would pick Alfresco like any other product the factremains that the solution around Alfresco requires integration of some key other open source or proprietary technologies. OurAlfresco Integration services provide an innovative „Whole Solution‟ to your business problems by either enhancing Alfresco furtheror by integrating it with other open source frameworks such as Portal, BI, CRM etc. This is a unique differentiator which InfoAxonbrings to the market converting Alfresco as a technology to a proper KM platform for your enterprise.Our existing Alfresco based implementations has resulted into business solutions which could be quickly customized and enhancedfor your business scenario www.infoaxon.com
  3. 3. Capability Paper  Knowledge Management Platform „fusionKM‟  Collaborative Document Management Platform „AxonShare‟  Document Scanning and Processing  Integration of Portal Frameworks with Alfresco: Alfresco Liferay Integration  Advanced Reporting in Alfresco Share  Search Engine Enhancements & Federated Search.  Content/Repository as a Service.Alfresco With InfoAxon: Reduce Risk,Maximize OpportunityUsing its unique combination of Alfresco expertise and deepunderstanding of open source model, InfoAxon helps organizationsconceptualize, design and deploy open source collaborative contentmanagement solutions. This has far reaching effects inensuring the achievement of business outcomes through a properSolution rather than just product deployment.InfoAxon‟s „Alfresco Integration‟ services help organizations extend thevalue of their Alfresco deployments by ensuring properdesign, architecture, enhancements and integrations with otherenterprise applications to deliver production grade Alfrescosolutions.InfoAxon has proven expertise in delivering following solutions leveraging Alfresco:  Knowledge Management  Web 2.0 Collaboration using Alfresco Share  Document Management  Records Management  Digital Assets Management.  Integration with Portal, Reporting, Social Network frameworks such as Liferay, Pentaho, BIRT etc.InfoAxon has successfully delivered collaborative content and knowledge management solutions leveraging Alfresco across industryverticals such as:  International Development & Government  Financial Services and Insurance  Retail and Manufacturing www.infoaxon.com
  4. 4. Capability PaperSolution Design & Architecture:InfoAxon brings its expertise and know-how in Alfresco framework coupled with deep understanding of open source developmentmodel, to ensure that the right design & architectural foundation is put in place first based on customer‟s business and IT roadmap.InfoAxon offers following: Solution conceptualization Information Architecture Design Scalability, Performance and Capacity Planning Security Model Design Content Modeling Business Ontology / Taxonomy Design & Development Workflow Design, Business Process Management (BPM) using jBPM Collaboration Flows & Structure Interface Design & FlowsAlfresco Integration & DevelopmentLike most solutions, Alfresco ECM implementations are not one-size-fits-all andtypically requires integration of some key other open source or proprietaryproducts / frameworks / components to provide an innovative „Whole Solution‟to business problems.InfoAxon works closely with its customers to ensure the right solution isdesigned for a given business problem / scenario. InfoAxon provides followingservices: Pre-built Integration with: Portal Frameworks – Liferay, JBoss Business Intelligence & Reporting – Pentaho, BIRT Groupware – IBM Lotus Enterprise Applications – CRM, ERP, CMS 3rd Party Applications – Document Scanning, Imaging and Processing Enterprise Authentication - LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Sun Directory Server Single Sign On (SSO) - CAS Custom Integration & Development leveraging: REST Services and/or Web Services Repository as Service Java, JavaScript APIs www.infoaxon.com
  5. 5. Capability Paper Platform independent data JSON XML ATOM Platform Independent Protocols HTTP REST SOAPAlfresco Customizations & EnhancementsThere are occasions when Alfresco ECM could be deployed as Solution in itself without much integration and further development.However the solution requires customization of existing Alfresco functionalities and some enhancements to create a Solutionfulfilling the needs of the customer.InfoAxon has deep understanding of Alfresco internals and have done several customizations and enhancements, some of whichhave been committed into main Alfresco Codebase such as Alfresco Ajax based Calendar.InfoAxon provides following services: Alfresco Explorer & Share Customizations JSF, Spring, SURF, YUI, XFORMS New & customized Dashlets, Pages, Site Templates UI changes and branding Custom Tasks and Workflows in jBPM Action Handlers Task Assignments Notifications Business Rules Alfresco Enhancements: Using Web Scripts via REST based services, Aspects Embedded Reporting with Alfresco Share – Charts, Graphs, Automatic PDF conversion Embedded PDF Toolkit – Merge, Split, Insert PDF, PDF Watermarking, PDF Encryption, Digital Signatures Automatic Email Tagging Organizational Hierarchy incorporation Permission Model Enhancements Search Engine Enhancements www.infoaxon.com
  6. 6. Capability PaperAlfresco Solution Deployment & SupportOnce the Solution has been conceptualized and developed, its important to have the right deployment on the productionenvironment to ensure the performance and scalability of the integrated solution.InfoAxon has successfully delivered Alfresco solutions across the globe in several verticals, to medium and large organizations, andcatering to various problem domains which has resulted into extensive experience of production grade deployment, support andmaintenance.InfoAxon provides following services: Packaging of Integrated Solution as „One Single Alfresco Solution Stack‟ covering RHEL, CentOS, Windows Alfresco Share MySQL, Oracle, jBOSS, Liferay, BIRT, Pentaho Content Migration and Upgrade Management Production Environment Design & Architecture Performance Tuning Capacity Planning Content Backup & Recovery Strategies Monitoring Bug Fixing Business Continuity: SLA driven Support & Maintenance of entire Alfresco Solution StackPre-Integrated Alfresco SolutionsOur existing Alfresco based implementations has resulted into business solutions which could be quickly customized and enhancedfor your business scenario Knowledge Management Platform „fusionKM‟ Collaborative Document Management Platform „AxonShare‟ Document Scanning and Processing Integration of Portal Frameworks with Alfresco: Alfresco Liferay Integration Advanced Reporting in Alfresco Share Search Engine Enhancements & Federated Search Content / Repository as a Service www.infoaxon.com
  7. 7. Capability PaperDocument Scanning & Processing Integration with Alfresco ShareDigitization of documents offers many benefits such as: Reduced Filing, Storage, and Distribution costs Faster and reliable access to documents through centralized Search Automated Workflows based on business processes Regulatory ComplianceHowever in case the paper document captured electronically through scanning does not become part of the enterprise contentmanagement system for further retrieval and business process automation, the Value of the captured document is lost. At InfoAxonwe firmly believe that Knowledge gets created only when: Metadata gets applied to a piece of content The content becomes part of a business process where it could be contextualizedFor this it is necessary to have a Single Integrated Platform which provides an integrated capability to digitize paper documentthrough scanning, document separation, indexing (metadata extraction), release of electronic document into the content repository,retrieval through single Search, and above all the electronic document becoming part of the business process workflow.The lifecycle of the scanned document could be further managed through the use of „Record Management‟ capability of Alfresco.Record management ensures that a record lifecycle staring from record capture, management, control to final disposition (archive,destroy etc.) be applied to the records.InfoAxon has integrated 3rd party OCR software with Alfresco Share which allows physical paper scanning, indexing and storage asa workflow driven process. www.infoaxon.com
  8. 8. Capability Paperwww.infoaxon.com
  9. 9. Capability PaperOpen Source Platform for Knowledge ManagementfusionKM is a Knowledge Management platform – using the platform organizations can quickly establish internal KM solutionand develop their internal business process and taxonomy. It allows organizations to create departments, networks, projects,groups and enables users to work in a collaborative environment.The platform is offered as an in-premise SaaS model. The whole stack is maintained and managed by InfoAxon.Social Network Solutions in today‟s days create Networks, enables users to collaborate in a highly interactive fashion; but rarelythey are useful in terms of Knowledge Management aspects. In other words, today‟s social network platforms do not cater to amajor business problem – Knowledge Management. fusionKM enables organizations to establish a number of networks and groupswithin and thus enabling all the knowledge sharing and management aspects.fusionKM allows users to conduct single point and comprehensive search not only from the in-premise knowledge bank but alsofrom the wide spread internet sources. Automatic and intelligent search engine enables users to find the desired information quicklyand efficiently. The rich knowledge repository of fusionKM constitutes of Wikis, Blogs, Documents, Discussion Forums, EMails,Media files etc.The Knowledge NetworkLike a social networking platform, in fusionKM, people can make friends, join any groups or communities – thus creating theirindividual network. fusionKM introduces Knowledge Network which is, for a person, the whole knowledge base of his/her socialnetwork. Now a person‟s knowledge is not limited to him profile only; but his whole social networks constitute his knowledge base.fusionKM enables organizations to create groups, departments, locations, projects – and users contribute in these thus creatingknowledge contents. Users can be friends to each other thus expanding their knowledge network.Organization‟s knowledge thus keeps on building in a single repository on a highly collaborative and web 2.0 enterprise portalframework.Solution HighlightsService Oriented Architecture (SOA)The solution is designed and architected in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA),making it fully extensible and integrated with organizations internal and legacysystems.Repository as ServiceThe full knowledge repository can be exposed as REST based HTTP services,making the solution ready to serve as knowledge provider to other systems. www.infoaxon.com
  10. 10. Capability PaperBusiness Process Features FriendsThe integrated business process engine can be configured to implement any workflow Communities/Groupsprocesses of any industry or organization. It has integrated modules for Reporting, Timesheet, Sub organizationsProject Management, Task Management, Escalation etc. /Locations Integrated Search enginePortal GraphicalFull featured JSR complaint portal framework with lots of built in applications such as Wiki, Representation ofBlog, Discussion Forum, Calendar, Theme, Web CMS, Document Management, Private Knowledge/NetworkMessaging etc. Contextualized Search Tagging/Tag Cloud Public, Private contentsCMIS Portal Framework Wikis, BlogsCMIS complaint platform enabling interoperability between other Enterprise Content Discussion ThreadsManagement Systems. Dynamic Document Metadata Document Check-In /Protocols Check-Out, versioningA number of industry standard protocols such as WebDAV, IMAP, CIFS, FTP etc are supported Documentin fusionKM making the platform pluggable to other complaint systems. Transformation, PDF generation Image Processing,Intranet ready Transformation Automatic/CustomfusionKM is a fitting solution for organization wide Intranet setups with multiple branches, Workflowsdepartments and geographically distributed. Private Messaging BookmarkingMesh Ups Image Gallery Related DocumentsfusionKM has built in applications to integrate with several other popular information and Tree-style Folder structure for documentsknowledge sources; such as Bing, Youtube, Flickr, Delicious, Wikipedia etc. Granular and Customizable Permissioning modelOpen Platform Notifications, Calendars, EventsNo limit in number of users and knowledge content size and space. Search by Synonyms Dynamic Portal Themes Separate Themes and Navigations for groups, locations, communities www.infoaxon.com
  11. 11. Capability Paper Powerful Web CMSBenefits for Portal pages Public, Private, Restricted groupsFor Users Saved Searches Custom Taxonomies Reduces time required to complete knowledge intensive work User Folksonomy Increases “trust level” in information accuracy and timeliness JSR Portal Eases burden on subject “experts” since users can get answers and guidance to their framework, Portlets Full Text Search questions on a self-serve basis CIFS document access for IntranetFor Administrators setups Templates Minimal resources required for ongoing maintenance as many tasks can be scheduled for Dedicated, private automatic rule based execution space for users Security inherited from content source, so administrators do not have to worry about unauthorized users gaining access to sensitive information The Technology Comprehensive toolkit for building, supervising and managing the Enterprise Portal Liferay® PortalFor Organizations Alfresco® ECM Open Office Improves ROI of knowledge asset management by reusing information instead of JBPM reinventing and searching for it JQuery, YUI Reduces cost of retaining intellectual capital and transmitting it to new employees or Lucene successors MySQL Quick and Easy installation and use across the enterprise Apache Tomcat All resources and knowledge under a single umbrella Flexible licensing and pricing model Based on full Open Source – Full ownership, no vendor lock-in Full featured Corporate Intranet platform www.infoaxon.com
  12. 12. Capability PaperOur Customer showcase www.infoaxon.com
  13. 13. About InfoAxon Technologies InfoAxon is a leading provider of enterprise services and business solutions powered by open source. We design, architect and support complete “Enterprise Solution Platforms” using Open Standards, Web 2.0 next generation technologies and Open Source Frameworks providing end-to-end solutions to business problems. India‟s First Global Open Source Integration Company We are Indias First Global Open Source Integration Company providing business solutions in areas of Content & Knowledge Management, Web2.0 Collaboration and Business Intelligence powered by our unique open source „Platforming‟ expertise.INDIA OFFICE: UK OFFICE:InfoAxon Technologies Ltd. InfoAxon Technologies UK Ltd.H-189, Sector-63, Building A, Trinity Court,Electronic City, Wokingham Road,NODIA-201307, U.P Bracknell, Berkshire RG42 1PL,India United KingdomPhone :+91 120 4350040, Phone : +44 1344 668048,Fax :+ 91 120 4350065 Fax : +441344668000Website: www.infoaxon.com | Blog: http://blog.infoaxon.com | E-mail: contactus@infoaxon.com Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/infoaxon | Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/infoaxon