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InKnowVision May 2014 Buy-Sell Problem Solver

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This new tool is specifically designed to help advisors quickly engage new business clients and uncover advanced planning opportunities.

As business owners start to approach retirement, or are at an age when health concerns add additional risk, the buy-sell agreement becomes more and more criticial.

The last buy-sell agreements InKnowVision reviewed all had major deficiencies:
- In one case, insurance on one of the owners had been pledged as collateral for a personal loan that had nothing to do with the business
- In another, the agreement called for a purchase price of $750,000 on a company that was worth many millions of dollars
- Yet another allowed a partner to leave the business and go to work with a competitor, taking much of the intellectual capital with him

Who should attend:
- Investment Advisors
- CPAs
- Attorneys
- Insurance Professionals

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