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The purpose and goal of chief seattle's speech

Critical Thinking

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The purpose and goal of chief seattle's speech

  1. 1. Running head: THE PURPOSE AND GOAL OF CHIEF SEATTLE’S SPEECH 1 The Purpose and Goal of Chief Seattle’s Speech Innocent Asogwa International College of Health Sciences English Composition Faculty of Nursing/ DR. Elizabeth Sallee 09/18/2019
  2. 2. THE PURPOSE AND GOAL OF CHIEF SEATTLE’S SPEECH 2 The Purpose and Goal of Chief Seattle’s Speech Chief Seattle formerly known as Si’ahl, was from a Duwamish tribe of Native Americans. He is well known as a wise man, an orator, a warrior and a leading figure amongst the Native Americans and in the battlefield. At his young age, he protected his people by having won over his enemies in the battlefield and when he grew older, and out of his great wisdom, Chief Seattle made a deal with the White Chief of the White Settlers to save his people from what he considered to be unnecessary eternal bloodshed of the Native Americans. The land of which the pale-faced (white settlers) brothers govern today originally belongs to the Native Americans. The white settlers invaded the land, slaughtered and chased a vast majority of the red-faced (Native Americans) brothers out of their land with just a few of them left after the war. This war went on and on until to the point where the Native Americans started to think that their own God had forsaken them while the white settlers’ God loved their pale- faced brothers so much to had allowed them to have gotten away with victories at all time during the war. Also, the Native Americans saw to it that another reason why they lost the war was as a result of having lost so many of their people in the war and they were a few of theirs fighting a great multitude of the pale-faced brothers in the battles. On the long run and as time progressed, Chief Seattle received two different offers of help to save his people. One of the offers was for a peace-makeup that was sent by the great White Chief (Governor Stevens) who sent his son to Chief Seattle stating that, “He sends his greetings of friendship and goodwill to the Native Americans, and that he wants to buy the Native Americans land but is willing to allow the Native Americans to reserve enough of their land to live on comfortably.” Secondly, Chief Seattle received another offer of help to save his people from a different White Chief by name George (a reference to King George III, i.e., Great
  3. 3. THE PURPOSE AND GOAL OF CHIEF SEATTLE’S SPEECH 3 Britain) who sent his word to the Native Americans through his son stating that, “If the Native Americans do as he King George III desires, that he will send his great ships of war filled with his great armies to protect them (the Native Americans) from their ancient enemies far from the northward, the Simisiams (Tsimshian) and Hydas (Haidas) from frightening and killing of the Native Americans.” However, Chief Seattle as a great wise man went on and pondered these offers and propositions with his other great leaders of the Native Americans and they came up with the thought of choosing Governor Steven’s offer over King George’s for it would be wise to save the Native Americans from further bloodshed, wiping away the entirety of their people and taking over their lands. However, Chief Seattle then negotiated and reached a conditional agreement with Governor Stevens stating that “The Native Americans will not be denied the privilege, without molestation, of visiting at will the graves of their ancestors and friends. Every part of this country is sacred to their people. Every hillside, every valley, every plain and grove has been hallowed by some fond memory or some sad experience of the Native Americans.” Ultimately, I believe that the purpose of Chief Seattle’s speech was for it to be known to every one of the white settlers and the Native Americans, the decision he had reached with Governor Stevens. So that the killing between the two opponents would stop and for them to find a common ground, atmosphere, unity, and peace to dwell among every individual of the white settlers and the Native Americans. In a nutshell, how I came to my conclusion was that, for Chief Seattle having been a highly well-known leading figure in the Duwamish tribe of the Native Americans, knew that his people respected him and so would they believe, and listen to his public speech for it was in the best interest of the Native Americans to surrender to their opponents who were so many compared to a few Native Americans that were left and not have the entirety of the Native American generations on earth wiped away. After Chief Seattle made
  4. 4. THE PURPOSE AND GOAL OF CHIEF SEATTLE’S SPEECH 4 his celebrated speech that was full of wisdom, the city of Seattle (which is the land that was given to the Native Americans to reside on comfortably after they had surrendered to the white settlers), in the U.S. state of Washington, was named after him and that was how the name “Chief Seattle” came about.