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Cloud slam2011 multi-tenancy

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Multi-tenancy refers to the ability to run multiple users of an application on a shared infrastructure. Such an infrastructure makes oblivious the need for having a dedicated infrastructure for each user or user group. This helps in the economies of scale by saving on the per user cost of operations.

The session would try to look at the challenges and provide a case study based perspective on how we converted an application to the multi-tenant mode in a matter of few hours on Google App Engine.

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Cloud slam2011 multi-tenancy

  1. 1. Multi-tenancy in the Cloud and Google App Engine
  2. 2. SaaS is a reality
  3. 3. multi-tenancy
  4. 4. multi-instance
  5. 5. it is not multi-instance
  6. 6. maturity
  7. 7. level of multi-tenancy
  8. 8. multi-tenancy in clouds
  9. 9. why it matters in the cloudsell monthly or annual per seat subscription fraction as compared to onsite reduce operating cost manage more with less more money gives more room to innovate
  10. 10. should SaaS always be multitenant ?
  11. 11. is it a prerequisite for Cloud Computing?
  12. 12. coarse grained multi-tenancy
  13. 13. fine grained multi-tenancy
  14. 14. fine grained database
  15. 15. challenges complexity cost
  16. 16. challengeselasticity challenge
  17. 17. it is so damn hard!
  18. 18. solutiontake a step back to the history DOS
  19. 19. lesson learntdeal with the infrastructure
  20. 20. elastic middle-wareservice physical resourceservice abstraction
  21. 21. dealing with infrastructure efficiency simplicitydynamic scaling sharing level
  22. 22. where are we?
  23. 23. google approach sdk 1.3.6 - namespaces apiNamespace enabled APIs Datastore, Memcache, Task Queue, Bulk Loader (x)Blobstore (x)UrlFetch
  24. 24. application level namespace 12
  25. 25. Inphina.bookmyhours.comAmazon.bookmyhours.com
  26. 26. user level namespace
  27. 27. concerns Security, data leaks impact of other clients no I can pay, make me special being forced into an upgradeconfigurations / customizations to a level user acceptance testing? live date, what’s that?
  28. 28. when not to go multi-tenant not comfortable with securityhigh customization and tight integration workload does not run in VM
  29. 29. references
  30. 30. contact us vhazrati@inphina.com http://www.inphina.comhttp://thoughts.inphina.com