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InPulse Digital Marketing - Capabilities and Case Studies

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InPulse is an integrated and creative digital agency. Our guiding principle is "We get the audience"

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InPulse Digital Marketing - Capabilities and Case Studies

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Leaders
  2. 2. www.inpulsedm.com Capabilities
  3. 3. Social Media + Creative Campaigns + Online Advertising Facebook (tactics & execution): • Creative content plan • Sponsored content • Analytics & monthly report • Client monetization #Manicam Campaign:  Offline & online integration  Action taking advantage of cultural habits
  4. 4. Social Media + Creative Campaigns + Facebook Apps + Online Publicity + Advertising Celebrity • Argentinean actress, model, married to Canadian Superstar Michael Bublé • 1.7 MM Facebook fans, 3 MM Twitter followers (#1 Argentinean woman) • 2013 UNICEF Baby Bublé campaign:  20K participants & 322K visitors  242K new FB fans & 263K in TW  9.2 million people reached  Comprehensive media coverage
  5. 5. Healthcare • Facebook growth: 40K to 350K • Qualified Lead Generation programs Entertainment, Beauty & Style, Music and Sports verticals • Social media management of verticals • Greatly exceeded Referral click targets • World Cup Sports support team
  6. 6. Rafa Márquez PROBLEM • No digital presence • Loss of sponsorship revenue due to new country • Communications issues with press, fans (indirect) RESULTS • 0 to 3 MM Social media fans • We create the news • New sponsorships with Samsung, Honda, Verizon, Telemundo, Nike, etc. Phase I: Fan Development Phase II: Monetization
  7. 7. www.inpulsedm.com Creative Campaign: Secret Kiss … the first world-wide Facebook movie rental • Creative campaign to support Facebook movie rental launch • Concept: “Send someone a secret kiss and have her guess who the kiss is from” Results: • 30,000 app visits • 7,100 app users • 6,400 email sign-ups • 110,000 trailer reproductions • 280,000 Facebook fans (71% growth)
  8. 8. Capabilities Social – Web – Mobile – Strategic
  9. 9. www.inpulsedm.com 350+ Social Facebook Campaigns
  10. 10. www.inpulsedm.com Consumer Interactive Creative
  11. 11. www.inpulsedm.com Web: Responsive, HTML 5
  12. 12. www.inpulsedm.com Mobile: Apps & Responsive
  13. 13. www.inpulsedm.com Casual Social Games
  14. 14. We get the audience How and Why
  15. 15. www.inpulsedm.com The 5Cs of Digital Marketing Methodology Out methodology starts with understanding the relationship between the consumer and the product or brand. Research the audience, analyze how the audience thinks of and consumes (or not) the brand or product. We find the best ideas to communicate our message, based on the audience and market. We create the communication strategy for each platform to be used as a touch point. Engagement: We choose where and when to send out the message We define what a successful outcome would be and measure the results to reach it or quickly react.
  16. 16. www.inpulsedm.com Tactical Strategy Social Media & Video Advertising Official presence Mobile Online Publicity Email Marketing Search Engines (SEO & SEM) We reach the audience through multiple channels via integrated and socially connected campaigns.
  17. 17. www.inpulsedm.com Analytics & KPIs Our agency is focused on objectives and analytics to measure results and identify opportunities. Sample analytics we look at: • Facebook, Facebook Apps Likes, talking, interactions, active users, story impressions, demographics, countries, cities, Language, reference traffic • Ads (Facebook, Google, etc) CTR, CPC, conversion costs. For Facebook also social lift. • Grassroots/Online Publicity Referral clicks (what sites are really working) • YouTube Analytics Subscribers, video views, total views, time spent. • Google Analytics Country, sources, time spent, exits • CRM Analytics Sweepstakes results, overall database, demographics • Email Marketing Open, click, etc.
  18. 18. www.inpulsedm.com Integrated Digital Marketing Our company has: • Executed over 800 projects in the US, Mexico and 15 other countries • Presented at over 20 conferences • Been interviewed by the press a dozen times Technology Responsive SEO API Integration Video, CMS, … Design Responsive Usability Call To Action Branding Editorial Social Media Creative writing Email Mktg Online Publicity Reporting Marketing & Management Creative Client Services Advertising
  19. 19. www.inpulsedm.com Clients
  20. 20. Elisabeth Bohlmann | EVP Client Services | liz@inpulsedm.com Diego Prusky | Founder & CEO | diego.prusky@inpulsedm.com www.inpulsedm.com | 1-888-880-8620 USA: +1.888.880.8620 | MX: (55) 8421.8500 | UY: 2710.5649 | AR: (11) 5219-4165 © 2014 InPulse Digital Marketing