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Sponsor Lightning Round - Microsoft

  1. 1. The sibling you never wanted, but grow to love: How Sales & Marketing alignment can make or break your customer experience Jeff Marcoux CMO Lead, Microsoft @jeffmarcoux
  2. 2. The Blunders of Sales & Marketing
  3. 3. It’s time for…
  4. 4. Drowning in Data
  5. 5. Technology Process Culture
  6. 6. Because every experience is an experience
  7. 7. “By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.” - Customer 2020 Report 80% of buyers said that the most significant driver during provider selection was either direct or indirect customer experience. - Sirius Decisions, 2016
  8. 8. So the question is…
  9. 9. So how do you get alignment?
  10. 10. 5+1 Strategy
  11. 11. Lead Revenue Opportunity SQL MQL
  12. 12. 5+1: When you love someone, you help them
  13. 13. Learn More! Learn about Customer Success with Microsoft at our Global Virtual Event: Customer Driven • Hear from Microsoft executives and clients who are driving great customer engagement using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. • On-demand now at: aka.ms/CustomerDrivenGlobalEvent Connect with your Microsoft Sales Executive or Partner

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Agreeing on what a lead is
    All you give me is crap leads but I need more of them
  • WTF is lead scoring
    All you do is pick colors & tell stories
  • Do you ever feel like this when you had a lead to sales?
  • All marketing does is make content, cause content is ‘king’
    When is the last time twitter closed a deal?
  • This is a marketing intervention. How many of you think the customer experience is important? How many of you have had a bad experience recently with a business? Customer Experience is more important than ever… why?
  • Because we still suck at it.
  • Be more, do more, Just Do It. More Data, Big data, Structured Data, Crazy Data. Why does data matter? Data is the key to unlocking your customer, to unlocking your future. We have TONS of data- email, social, web, mobile, advertising, InMail, Pretty data, small data, CRM Data, ERP Data. Data Data Data! We are drowning in data about our customers. And guess what?
  • We still suck at it
  • How can we have all this data and still be terrible? There are a lot of great technologies out there to try and help us with this, in fact there are over 3,000
  • And more every day
    But what does more data give us?
  • But the last thing we need is another dashboard!
  • Dashboards lead to analyst, analyst lead to costs. And guess what? We’ve tried this and it doesn’t work.
  • We still suck at customer experience.
  • Now is the time. Now is the era of a marketing revolution. Technology will not simply solve our problems.
  • Transformation is part technology, part process, part talent. Now is the time to put technology to work for you. Now is the time to delight your customers, to create amazing experiences. How? By putting your data to work for you.
  • Transformation is part technology, part process, part culture. Now is the time to put technology to work for you. Now is the time to delight your customers, to create amazing experiences. How? By putting your data to work for you.
  • Every experience is an experience and you all directly impact the customer thinks about you: how they talk about you, if they will buy from you again, will they spend more in the future, will they recommend you, etc.
  • The handoff between sales & marketing
  • No more of this…
  • Franken deck
  • Inconsistent story: one thing from your website, one thing from sales, one thing from product
  • Sirius Decisions just released a study that asked: “What was the most significant driver of the decision to select the provider of choice? They found that 80% related to direct or indirect customer experience!
  • It is everyone’s job to create raving fans, so the question is…
  • Are you a creator or a destroyer of that customer experience?
  • Alignment/what is a lead & when it is ready to be passed over
    Ideally your scoring isn't arbitrary & is algorigthm driven
    Stack ranking/propensity modeling

  • What is your sales follow up/SLA? Does it vary based on account size/industry/lead source? If you’re doing ABM? What happens if they are not followed up with?

  • Ensure tracking from lead gen to revneue, so marketing is not just fluffy

  • Make sure your sales team shows up looking good, never be blindsided: right content, right messaging, up to date information, any lead enrichment that will set them up for success (competitors, regulations, etc)- the stuff you get out of tools like Insideview

  • Feedback loops: What is working what isn’t, which leads are good which aren’t, what content works what doesn’t, what do you need more of, what do you need less of. You should be syncing regularly with your sales team to ensure you are working as a team and have that open communication.

  • As with family, when you love someone, you help them- where are they lagging in quota & help execute. This can help mend the relationship, show your impact, and set you on the course to a solid and productive relationship.