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Petr Potchinchtchikov: What helps to create an inclusive civil society?

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Integration conference "My home, our home: what unites us in a multicultural community" on 15th and 16th November in Tallinn, Estonia. Conference webpage: www.integrationconference.ee

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Petr Potchinchtchikov: What helps to create an inclusive civil society?

  1. 1. What helps to create an inclusive civil society? Presentation by Petr Potchinchtchikov
  2. 2. WHO IS MR. P.? Petr Potchinchtchikov is an entrepreneur, freelance journalist, interpreter and cultural producer. He lives in Helsinki, Finland. Among other projects Petr works for Finnish national Broadcast company YLE. He also works as expert for Art Promotion Center Finland (member of National Council for Interdisciplinary Art, Diversity and International Activities; chairperson of Subcommittee for multiculturalism). Previously Petr has worked as executive manager of FARO – Finnish Association of Russian-speaking Organizations, and in The Culture for All Service Finland.
  3. 3. ..and what is he going to talk about? The presentation will deal with an idea of inclusive society as a motivating factor for an integration process. All ideas are based on experience of the presenter, mainly living and working in Finland as a person with an immigrant background. The presenter is not responsible for possible consequences such as reaction of those who might feel affected…
  4. 4. WHAT IS INTEGRATION AND WHAT ISN’T? Nobody can be integrated by someone else, the process of integration is self-reliant and based on a free will and motivation Society can provide help, but can also disturb and prevent (by giving false signals and hopes, defining identity on behalf, combining under target groups, patronizing, hiding behind political correctness, not being able to explane itself etc.) The process of integration is always mutual
  6. 6. The Holy Trinity of integration ORIENTATION MOTIVATION INCLUSION
  7. 7. What do we need to create an integration-supportive society? Own expirience Cultural sensitivity Resources Realistic sight Ability to change and transform Ability to tolerate different points of views And much more...