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Back to Basics — An Introduction to Interactive Content

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The recent CMI Report has shown us that interactive content is more than a buzzword.

Businesses large and small are finding success with interactive content that engages, educates, and captures their audiences attention in a more effective way than static content ever could. In this presentation, ion provides a reintroduction to interactive content basics.

You'll learn:

- What interactive content is — from simple to advanced
- How you can repurpose your existing static content
- Which types of interactive content work at each stage of the buyer’s journey
- How to add interactive content to your existing content strategy
- The stages of a successful interactive content marketing program

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Back to Basics — An Introduction to Interactive Content

  1. 1. Back to BasicsAn Introduction to
 Interactive Content
  2. 2. What This Presentation Answers •Who is using Interactive Content? •What is Interactive Content? •Where should you use it? •When should you start? •Why should you use Interactive Content? •How to go from Static to Interactive Content?
  3. 3. Who is using interactive
  4. 4. Everyone.
  5. 5. What is Interactive Content? In its most simple form, interactive content is content that is created with the intention of capturing user attention and encouraging them to take action.
  6. 6. What are the Most Popular
 Interactive Content Types?
  7. 7. Assessments Calculators eBooks Interactive
 Infographics Interactive
 White Papers Lookbooks
 & Tours Resource
 Library Solution
 Finders Quizzes
  8. 8. Marketers find
 “lighter content
 more effective.
  9. 9. Who is using interactive content
 in their marketing today?
  10. 10. Interactive
 content isn’t just
 for the big guys anymore.
  11. 11. 46% indicated their organization has used interactive content as part of its overall mix of content marketing tactics.* 46% * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  12. 12. Reasons for Interactive Content Use
 in Content Marketing Engagement Educating the Audience Create Brand Awareness Lead Generation/Top of Funnel Conversion Storytelling Lead Nurture Customer Retention/loyalty Customer Retention Sales Enablement Other 4% 33% 33% 34% 37% 46% 50% 57% 58% 63% 66% * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  13. 13. 79% 79% of content marketers who are using interactive content plan to increase their use of it in the next
 12 months.* * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  14. 14. GE Infographic
  15. 15. Symantec Calculator
  16. 16. Sears Quiz
  17. 17. Skyword Assessment
  18. 18. Dun & Bradstreet White Paper
  19. 19. Salesforce.com Interactive eBook
  20. 20. Where should you use interactive content?
  21. 21. Early Stage of Buyer Journey The Goal: Engagement & Awareness
  22. 22. What Can Work Interactive Infographics Quizzes Interactive White Papers Lookbooks Resource Libraries
  23. 23. National Life 
 Interactive Infographic
  24. 24. Dun & Bradstreet Quiz Quiz Results
  25. 25. Middle Stage of Buyer Journey The Goal: Education & Exchange
 of Information
  26. 26. What Can Work eBooks Assessments Calculators Solution Finders Configurators
  28. 28. Salesforce.com
 Interactive eBook
  29. 29. Late Stage of Buyer Journey The Goal: Ready to Buy/Act
  30. 30. What Can Work Solution Planners Calculators Solution Finders Configurators
  31. 31. University of New England - Australia Solution Finder Results
  32. 32. Symantec Calculator Results
  33. 33. Top 4 Places Interactive Content is Used LANDING PAGES SOCIAL MEDIA
  34. 34. How Can You Reimagine
 Your Static Experience
 as Interactive?
  35. 35. How Can You Reimagine
 Your Static Experience
 as Interactive? •Look for key points, stats, or call-outs •Find special design treatment •Take questions that are asked in the copy and turn them into questions
  36. 36. Why should you create
 interactive content?
  37. 37. 82 FedEx uses embedded
 interactive experiences to
 make shipping easy and
 increase revenue by 82%. Increase %
  38. 38. “The fact that the average reader spent 12 minutes on the microsite tells me that not only is the site engaging, but also people are spending time going through the information. The content is engaging the reader.” ~ Alberto Hernandez,
 Special Projects Marketing for BASF
  39. 39. “We don’t want to make people wade through a boring sales sheet. These are fun engagement tools that allow us to drive more people to our site.” ~ Steve Gándola, 
 Direct-to-Consumer Market Manager, VSP
  40. 40. 4X Purchasing power drove 4 times the number of e-commerce conversions. Conversions
  41. 41. 50X An engaging quiz
 drives 50 times more participation. Engagement
  42. 42. 36Increase in 
 Conversions 21Increase in 
 Site Visits % %
  43. 43. When is the right time?
  44. 44. The benefits are 
 big and the time is
  45. 45. 87% agree that interactive content grabs the attention of the reader more effectively than static content.* 87% * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  46. 46. 77% agree that interactive content can have reusable value, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures.* 77% * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  47. 47. 75% agree that non- gated interactive content can provide a “sample” of the brand, resulting in a higher degree of lead nurturing.* 75% * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  48. 48. 73% agree that
 combining traditional content marketing tactics with interactive content enhances retention of
 my organization’s
 message.* 73% * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  49. 49. * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report 68% agree that interactive content provides valuable ways 
 to repurpose my organization’s
 passive content.* 68%
  50. 50. 3 years = 24% of
 total marketing content produced by the business.* * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report 24%
  51. 51. More Experience = More Success
  52. 52. info@ioninteractive.com twitter: @ioninteractive Thank You