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Creating Better Sales with Interactive Content

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Senior Account Executive Benjamin Pitman discusses the benefits of sales and marketing alignment, and how you can leverage content insights to accelerate your sales cycle. Learn 3 ways that content allows for sales enablement; 3 tips for using interactivity to accelerate your sales cycle; How to use a solution finder for sales enablement; and How to leverage assessments for sales enablement.

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Creating Better Sales with Interactive Content

  1. 1. Subhead Creating Better Sales Speed up your sales cycle with informed conversations that convert. ion “Better” Series
  2. 2. Presenters Israel Pagan Senior Marketing Manager ScribbleLive Benjamin Pitman Senior Account Executive ScribbleLive
  3. 3. Subhead Kicking It Off The ion “Better” series
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  5. 5. Please check your email within 24-hours for links to the slides of video of today’s presentation. You can also visit YouTube.com/ioninteractive for all of our videos from the “Better” Series. Yes, Slides Will Be Distributed
  6. 6. Bring your brand to life with memorable content that cuts through clutter Know the content that resonates with your audience 
 to improve campaign effectiveness and lead quality Gain audience insights to improve content effectiveness Know who you’re talking to and what they need to have data-informed conversations Speed up your sales cycle with informed conversations that convert Better content, qualified leads, and higher sales = more revenue awareness
 revenue Interactive Content Funnel ion makes marketers more effective through better…
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  8. 8. 60% believe a lack of collaboration between sales and marketing teams can lead to weaker financial performance by the company. 60% Source: LinkedIn, “The Payoffs of Improved Sales & Marketing Alignment,” 2018.
  9. 9. 59% reported that lack of collaboration leads to a poorer customer experience. Source: LinkedIn, “The Payoffs of Improved Sales & Marketing Alignment,” 2018. 59%
  10. 10. Source: LinkedIn, “The Payoffs of Improved Sales & Marketing Alignment,” 2018. 58% believed a sales- marketing disconnect led to reduced customer retention. 58%
  11. 11. How can we ensure that communication is at its best?
  12. 12. 48% ranked sales and marketing alignment as a top priority for the year. Source: Demand Gen, B2B Buyers Survey Report, 2017. 48%
  13. 13. Source: Marketo and Reachforce Report. Sales and marketing alignment can help your company become 67% better at closing deals. 67%
  14. 14. Communication and Content Creation
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  16. 16. • Allow sales to supplement lead generation and lead quality efforts, providing better insights to marketing. • Give sales access to effective content that the team will actually use. • Create better sales conversations that lead to more revenue and quick sales cycles. Using Content
 for Sales Enablement
  17. 17. 3 Tips for Using Interactivity to Accelerate Your Sales Cycle • 1. Supplement Marketing Efforts • Facilitate regular check-ins between sales and marketing operations that will fuel communication. • ALIGNMENT TIP: Bring market awareness to the marketing team through the insights gained from the interactive content pieces you share at different stages of the funnel.
  18. 18. • 2. Create Pieces that Solve Problems • Once you’ve gotten to know what your sales team is looking for, plan out pieces that will solve specific problems. • ALIGNMENT TIP: An interactive piece like a Resource Library can be a great solution for multiple types of assets surrounding one subject. 3 Tips for Using Interactivity to Accelerate Your Sales Cycle
  19. 19. 3 Tips for Using Interactivity to Accelerate Your Sales Cycle • 3. Use Data to Drive Better Conversations • Insights provide you with insights into your buyer’s journey, allowing your sales team to gain visibility into a prospect’s needs. • ALIGNMENT TIP: Better conversations are the ones that are extremely relevant to your buyer and can demonstrate actionable solutions.
  20. 20. Source: SiriusDecisions 65% of sales content created by marketing is never used by sales. 65%
  21. 21. Types of Interactive Content for Sales Enablement
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  23. 23. CONTENT TYPE: The Solution Finder WHY USE FOR SALES ENABLEMENT? Solution finders are even closer to the sale—they are used to enable buyers to visualize their lives with your solution. TIP: Solution finders are perfect for helping your buyer get a transparent look into the solution they’ve chosen, but will also arm your sales team with great insights to use in conversations. The Solution Finder
  24. 24. Example: Purchasing Power CONTENT TYPE: Solution Finder BENEFIT: The questions appear simple, though each input gives deeper insight into the buyer’s motivation to purchase. The user is asked how they will primarily use their laptop, what operating system they prefer, and how portable they need their device to be.
  25. 25. Conversations that Convert
  26. 26. CONTENT TYPE: Assessment WHY USE FOR SALES ENABLEMENT? One of the main challenges between sales and marketing is that the sales team doesn't feel like their leads are sales- ready conversations. TIP: At your next sales and marketing meeting, ask your sales team for 5-10 questions that they typically ask on discovery calls. With that information, you can put together an assessment which can be given to prospects to speed up the sales cycle. The Assessment
  27. 27. CONTENT TYPE: Assessment BENEFIT: Self-conducted interactive assessments help your lead identify their pain points and see opportunities for improvement while providing genuine value and recommendations along the way. As your lead completes the assessment, you gain valuable insight into where their business is at and how you can help them. Example: ScribbleLive
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  30. 30. ion makes you better. better awareness
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