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Death to the Cliché Landing Page

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Stop think about landing pages and start thinking landing experiences. Awesome inspiration for thinking "outside the landing page box." There’s so much potential to stand out from your competition and make a first impression that won’t just convert people — it will frame you in their minds as the best in your field!

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  • Chris & alittlebranding - our apologies for not seeing your comments until now! Thanks so much for your positive response to Scott's slideshare. We have been preaching 'experience' over pages for years now. Glad to hear that you are on board as well. Have a great week! p.s...we have a new slideshare coming— '7 Ways to Go Beyond Landing Pages.' Be sure to check back later this week.
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  • This rocks!!

    I got many realizations from seeing the differences. You can give people multiple pages to explore what the offering is, without beating them over the head.

    And on each of those pages, you CAN still have the Call to Action, you can still not distract people's attention with all kinds of extraneous stuff.

    People look in different ways—some more around social proof, some around features, etc., and makes sense you give them space to explore and find out.

    Also—get rid of tired annoying cliches, like phone operator lady stock photos.
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