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Get to Know ion interactive

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Interactivate Your Content Marketing

ion can help you generate real business value — more leads, higher lead quality, and deeper buyer profiles — using interactive content marketing.

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Get to Know ion interactive

  1. 1. Interactive with ion interactive Content Marketing
  2. 2. Interactive Content: Browser-based digital content experiences designed for visitor participation Interactive content typically includes a feedback loop in which the outcome of the experience is directly impacted by the interaction of the visitor.
 Think: Quizzes, calculators, configurators, assessments, interactive white papers, etc.
  3. 3. Interactive Content: Generates more qualified leads Increases content engagement 
 & consumption Improves sales & marketing 
 alignment Provide rich content 
 measurement & insights
  4. 4. Interactive Content Solves for
 Today’s Marketing Challenges Marketing today… Marketing with interactive content… 85% of content marketers cite lead generation as a top goal. Interactive content is 2x more effective at generating conversions as static content. 78% of marketers cite lead nurturing as a top goal. 93% of marketers say that interactive content effectively educated their buyers. 77% of marketers cite brand awareness as a top goal. 88% of marketers say that interactive content helped them stand out from their competition. 76% of marketers cite engagement as a top goal. Interactive content is 2x more effective at being shared than static content. 65% of marketers cite challenges with content measurement. Interactive content is inherently more measurable that static content. Only 36% of marketers report using interactive web elements. But 91% of buyers state they prefer interactive and visual content.
  5. 5. How We Help
  6. 6. AGILE Create and launch interactive content fast from our Quick Start Cloud without developers or code. Or start from scratch and indulge your imagination. Either way, you’re a lean, mean interactive marketing machine.
  7. 7. FLEXIBLE No-code, logic-driven, personalized, integrated content experiences.
  8. 8. BEAUTIFUL Satisfy the highest aesthetic and interactive expectations with elegant, responsive, modern experiences.
  9. 9. EFFECTIVE Using our testing and measurement features, perform at new levels of engagement, consumption and conversion — with crystal clear transparency.
  10. 10. INSIGHTFUL Measure content performance in ways that help you understand consumption to revenue.
  11. 11. INTEGRATED Share information across your 
 marketing technology ecosystem to ensure actionable data is anywhere and everywhere it needs to be.
  12. 12. MANAGED Give us your content; we'll 
 give you modern, effective interactive content experiences. Our professional services take you from strategy to concept to launch. 
  13. 13. Customer Stories Hundreds of brands rely on ion interactive’s platform and services to differentiate, engage and convert their customers with interactive content experiences.
  14. 14. 350REVENUE 
 Genworth used ion interactive to drive a 350% increase in digitally-driven revenue. + %
  15. 15. 70 % CONVERSION
 BloomReach used ion interactive to launch an interactive quiz that converted at 70%; was 60% more effective at lead-gen and 40% more effective at nurture.
  16. 16. 10X OPPS 
 Dell attributed a 10X increase in sales opportunities to their ion interactive relationship.
  17. 17. TO MARKET 
Plymouth Rock credits ion interactive with 
 a 17,900% increase in speed to market,
 along with a 300% increase in quotes, and
 a 30% reduction in cost per quote. 179X SPEED 

  18. 18. 73 % 73% of our customers report at least doubling their online conversion rates.
  19. 19. 90 % 90% of our customers report positive return on their ion interactive investment.
  20. 20. content marketing
 across the organization ion interactive TRANSFORMS
  21. 21. What can you create
 with ion?
  22. 22. Quizzes are addictive little buckets of fun that can generate leads and social shares at pretty amazing rates. People like to compete to win recognition almost as much as they love to compete for more tangible prizes. Use early in the buyer’s journey. Quizzes

  23. 23. Lookbook
 Lookbooks slice straight through the verbal clutter with powerful, attention- grabbing visuals. Early in the journey, they provide visually-driven products or concepts with an engaging, simple canvas. They can also result in strong social sharing and lead-gen performance. Use in all stages of the buyer’s journey.
  24. 24. Interactive Infographic
 Interactive infographics turn facts and soundbites into engaging and entertaining fun. Using them early in the buyer’s journey generates social sharing. They are also highly measurable — revealing which factoids are most compelling for people. Use early & mid in the buyer’s journey.
  25. 25. Assessments
 When it’s time to truly engage in a useful dialogue, it’s time to put assessments to work. They’re strategically designed to identify pains and opportunities while providing genuine value and recommendations to buyers. Assessments are great for engagement for early stage buyers and for education of a middle stage buyer.
  26. 26. Calculators
 When you want to illustrate potential quantifiable outcomes, calculators are the go-to interactive content experience. They can provide compelling, hard evidence that builds credible need in the critical nurture period between attention and action. Use mid to late in the buyer journey.
  27. 27. Solution Builders
 Solution builders answer the question — what is right for me? The help the buyer understand conceptually what they need. This makes solution builders invaluable in mid-journey qualification.
  28. 28. Configurators
 Configurators are a specific version of solution builders — enabling buyers to match their needs to your product, service or solution. This provides immediate feedback to marketing and sales to qualify and surface the most qualified prospects. Use late in the buyer’s journey.
  29. 29. Online eBooks
 Great for longer format content. It’s especially effective as a 'create your own story' version where the behavioral feedback loop to sales and marketing illuminates pains, opportunities and qualification. Use early to mid in the buyer journey.
  30. 30. Interactive White Papers
 The ‘snackable’ version of eBooks can provide snippets of expandable content allowing the visitor to determine how deep they want to go. They’re highly visual, typically including several engaging elements including content quizzes, very effective at allowing visitors to step through your story, and can surface great behavioral insights to sales.
  31. 31. https://meet.ioninteractive.com/interactive- content-customer-examples Please check out
 more customer examples:
  32. 32. “The writing
 is on the wall: interactive content is the future of content marketing.’’ BuzzStream
  33. 33. Sales: 561-235-7474 info@ioninteractive.com twitter: @ioninteractive Let’s put your content to work