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Creating Better Awareness

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Part One of our 6-part series on the interactive content funnel teaches you how to create better awareness. Here, you'll learn 4 benefits of using interactive content to support Awareness and discovery, as well as 2 types of interactive content we use to drive and measure Awareness.

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Creating Better Awareness

  1. 1. Subhead Creating Better Awareness Bring your brand to life with memorable content that cuts through the clutter ion “Better” Series
  2. 2. Bring your brand to life with memorable content that cuts through clutter Know the content that resonates with your audience 
 to improve campaign effectiveness and lead quality Gain audience insights to improve content effectiveness Know who you’re talking to and what they need to have data-informed conversations Speed up your sales cycle with informed conversations that convert Better content, qualified leads, and higher sales = more revenue awareness
 revenue Interactive Content Funnel ion makes marketers more effective through better…
  3. 3. The Problem with Creating Awareness Are you using passive content? Can your passive content meet measurable expectations of performance? Can your passive content create an engaging dialogue with your customers? Do you want your content to make a larger impact on your customer experience?
  4. 4. Demonstrate how your solution solves a basic problem or need with multiple types of experiences? Drive engagement with specific and relevant content based on personalization or conditional targeting? Measure campaign success with data- driven information to fuel sales? Using Passive Content? Are you able to:
  5. 5. 90% of respondents consider interactive content effective at educating the buyer Active or Passive Content: Which Is Better? 63% of respondents consider interactive content frequently or very frequently shared 84% of respondents consider interactive content effective at differentiating from competition Source: Demand Metric. Content Experience Impact and the Buyer’s Journey. 2018, p.11, 12, 13.
  6. 6. 85% of revenue growth companies report their buyers reveal themselves during the early and mid- stages of their journey Is Your Content Meeting Buyers at the Right Time? 35% of companies that report using passive content have buyers reveal themselves
 early in their journey 57% of revenue growth companies report their content is effective in the middle and late stage of the buyer’s journey 57 Source: Demand Metric. Content Experience Impact and the Buyer’s Journey. 2018, p. 22, 23, 27.
  7. 7. 4 Benefits of Using Interactive Content Increase site retention Increase referral traffic from social Track performance and gather insights Marketing automation integration
  8. 8. Benefit 1: Increase Site Retention Interactive content increases amount of time users spend on your site, which encourages their next action to remain with you. CONTENT TIP: Implementing an interactive quiz on your website, can contribute to users spending an average of over 4 minutes on a web page. SEO TIP: Happier, more engaged users means more data gathered and better search results.
  9. 9. Benefit 2: Increase Social Referral Traffic The right piece of interactive content can be a major contributor to a spike in traffic to your site. ANALYTICS TIP: To show value from Social, apply “last social touch” model via GA attribution. The social visit closest to the conversion event receives the credit. SEO TIP: Social activity helps build brand equity, trust, and loyalty, drives engagement, and adds geuine value to your content.
  10. 10. Benefit 3: Track Performance & Data Built in data points track views generated, engagement, drop-off points, and advanced metrics like lead quality and qualification. ENGAGEMENT TIP: Learning where users engage prior to form completion or page abandonment shows what’s working and what 
 you can improve. DATA TIP: The more information captured now, the better you’ll be able to personalize future campaigns, from remarketing to sending personalized outreach and more.
  11. 11. Benefit 4: Marketing Automation Integration Interactive content platforms can integrate with your existing MAP systems to track awareness performance. CONTENT TIP: Assessments, report cards, and conversion paths are experiences that yield segmentation data.  MAP TIP: Combine buyers’ answers into a single mashup field exported to your MAP. High qualifying answers can be matched against buyers to segment lists.
  12. 12. Only 29% of survey respondents rate their content as interactive. Active or Passive Content: Us vs. Them Somewhat passive – slight engagement Very passive – little or no engagementVery interactive – highly engaging Moderate – some engagement Slightly interactive – measureable engagement 27% 10%8% 34% 21% Source: Demand Metric. Content Experience Impact and the Buyer’s Journey. 2018, p. 10.
  13. 13. What Interactive Content Should You Use for Awareness? 1. Interactive Infographic
 2. Interactive Quiz
  14. 14. Infographic WHAT: Popular type of interactive content shows visual representation of data HOW: Allows user to engage with the data presented via hover to reveal, clicking through tabs, etc. GOALS: Goal is to engage users in a more meaningful way through an interaction that captures attention WHY: Start a dialogue with prospects through eye- catching elements giving you data-driven insights
  15. 15. IMPACT ON AWARENESS When visitors clicks, selects, or swipes—you’re collecting data crucial to building an in-depth customer profile. This improves content that focuses on actual wants and needs for better conversations. Infographic
  16. 16. Quiz WHAT: Lightweight, usually 3-10 easy questions, that provides fun education or entertainment HOW: Captivating visitor interest moves them deeper into a consideration phase GOALS: Create a fun and interactive experience that brings your brand to life WHY: Extremely popular and a great introduction to your brand or product
  17. 17. Quiz IMPACT ON AWARENESS Useful for recommending relevant content or product comparison. This allows for an easier and more engaging path to awareness.
  18. 18. ion makes you better. better awareness
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