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Win with Content: ion + ScribbleLive

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ion and ScribbleLive coming together opens up new, exciting content opportunities for you and your organization. ion will remain focused on helping you deliver amazing interactive content experiences, but together we’re going to be able to do a lot more.

In this presentation, we introduce you to ScribbleLive’s content experience platform, which helps you manage the full lifecycle of your content — from ideation to planning, creation, distribution and measurement. And, we show you what the combination of ion + ScribbleLive means to the future of your content experiences.

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Win with Content: ion + ScribbleLive

  1. 1. Win with Content! Introducing…
  2. 2. • Quick catch-up! • Interactive Content • ion interactive • Introducing ScribbleLive • The Content Lifecycle • Opportunities to Win with Content • Q&A What’s Inside
  3. 3. What is interactive content? In its most simple form, interactive content is content that is created with the intention of capturing user attention and encouraging them to take action.
  4. 4. Types of interactive content
  5. 5. What is ion? Ion is an enterprise SaaS platform that empowers modern marketers and designers to create beautiful, data-driven interactive content at scale and without code.
  6. 6. Marketers can… Build using 150+ built-in, pre-fab templates, or create from a blank slate.
  7. 7. Marketers can… Create using code-free CSS control, animations, responsive design, app-like transitions, and interactivity.
  8. 8. Marketers can… Curate deep data insights, and integrate your user data into, and across, your marketing technology ecosystem for more impactful lead generation, demand generation, and sales enablement.
  9. 9. Marketers can… Launch stand-alone interactive digital content experiences, or embed content created in ion, anywhere.
  10. 10. Marketers can… Optimize and test your content experiences with built-in A/B/n testing capability.
  11. 11. Marketers can… Lean on ion’s professional services to create your interactive content in the ion platform, provide coaching on what to build, or drive overall strategy for your interactive content program.
  12. 12. 1000+ Enterprise Customers Across Multiple Verticals
  13. 13. ScribbleLive is a Content Experience Company We help businesses make content their competitive advantage
  14. 14. ~ Sirius Decisions Today’s buyer will do 70% of their purchase investigation before engaging with a brand.
  15. 15. The Buyer’s Journey Has Changed. Content consumption is controlled by the Buyer z
  16. 16. The Content Lifecycle
  17. 17. Marketing Technology Landscape (Martech 5000)
  18. 18. Our Goal Content experience platform for mid and large enterprise Scalable content creation capabilities & big data driven Helping businesses win their markets through content
  19. 19. ion + ScribbleLive  Content creation through Visually, a network of 1500 hand-picked, specialized creative professionals  Content strategy development  Easy to get started, and use for on- demand content creation support
  20. 20. Thank You ctrappe@scribblelive.com info@scribblelive.com twitter: @ctrappe aross@ioninteractive.com info@ioninteractive.com twitter: @ioninteractive