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optimization (pso) association rule frequent pattern mining image analytics trust α-glucosidase hydrogen bonding taguchi method distribution network electric field dielectric constant ferroelectrics density laser image denoising scatterplot classification mpls opnet menopause spinal cord injury. energy consumption context preprocessing feature extraction adaboost pre-processing steganography grid computing sift compression ratio cloud wireless sensor networks semantics authentication virtualization data integrity optical character recognition bandwidth proactive hybrid reactive livestock talent management change management practices information technology restaurant low birth weight pain fibroadenoma caesarean section adenocarcinoma pre-eclampsia laparoscopy spinal anaesthesia efficacy intussusception risk factors echinococcus granulosus school children hydrocarbons projection pneumonia prolactin clinical gastrointestinal parasites diarrhoea minna effluents gc-ms vernonia amygdalina phytocomponents analgesia peripheral ossifying fibroma sensorineural hearing loss morbidity lipid profile health care utilization maternal exchange rates sport. empowerment speech synthesis wavelets psnr unit selection performance appraisal atm twitter social media hiv/aids - tb and malaria treatment. bifurcation energy transfer heat and mass transfer unsteady viscous dissipation pi refraction degradation physicochemical parameters sms battery hmm emi wmn snr disease wireless network surface roughness voltage heat transfer orthopedic nusselt number. dean number depth of cut force inverse law laplace equation repulsion ideal fluid bernoulli equation analytic solution finite element analysis. particle swarm optimization interpolation applications brushless dc motors fuzzy logic controller power flow distributed generation power factor correction pulse width modulation quality of service (qos) educational data mining ranking confidentiality biometrics diabetic retinopathy smartphone botmaster homomorphic encryption cloud storage hadoop bayesian network adhoc network svm mse android smartphones dispositional differences improve relationship interpersonal academic stress psychology matabeleland south employability open and distance learning service quality competitive advantage causes self employment social evaluation elementary school quality assurance truancy approaches national security role play education sector participation occupational stress experience emotional intelligence basic school nanocomposite outcome medical education validity corporal punishment integration differentiation competency formative assessment pca english language lecture syllabus secondary school students geophysical investigation geological sequence road failure southwestern nigeria failed segment strike-slip xujiaweizi depression fault systems fault characteristics sequence stratigraphy stratigraphic framework depo modeling edge detection permeability reservoir characterization 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antibacterial activities phytochemical constituents. zone of inhibition minimum inhibitory concentration ph temperature. atherosclerosis dyslipidemia cad phytoremediation romi stream polymorphism pcr herbs patient safety adverse drug reactions bacillus subtilis bacteria database protein patents export activities employees benefits barriers financial literacy unconscious case method desire e-commerce human resource management return on assets kenya dividend financial performance corporate social responsibility eps energy maize distance porous medium students-centred learning interactive icts degree public sector priority setting agricultural research research management analytic hierarchy process microfinance women entrepreneurs’ performance locus of control organization culture employee satisfaction. cfa consumer characteristics e-banking internet banking mindfulness personal accomplishment job stress talent management practices university. business management family business business regeneration. institutionalization ethical working polices human resources managers productivity. proton exchange membrane fuel cells metallic bi-po fourier sine transform incompressible fluid variable seperation method regression diagnostics robust regression outliers ordinary least squares (ols) simulation studies residue laplace transforms poles partial fractions fuzzy sets vague sets similarity measure distance measure membership function interval valued vague sets adomian decomposition method adomian polynomial mtbf fault rate reliability lifetime maintenance hazard rate weibull failure mixed boundaryproblem and wiener-hopf technique. thermal stress heat conduction equation numerical methods nonlocal fredholm-volterra integral equation (nonl the error estimate. algebraic system (as) totally constant ivifg. interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy graph interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy set strong ivifg intuitionistic fuzzy graph constant ivifg variational inequality. equilibrium convex optimization supply chain network multi-anti fuzzy ideals homomorphism and anti homomorphism of multi-fuzzy two toxicants. deformity mathematical model biological species exponential model population projection nigerian population linear model jacobsthal numbers sums of squares. investment wealth empirical performance reciprocal functions of price relatives universal portfolio pseudo lagrange multiplier inventory defuzzification and triangular fuzzy number. centroid method signed distance method power demand partial backlogging deterioration shortages graded mean representation method diffusion equation relative error initial value problem (ivp) finite difference scheme domination number equi independent equitable domination number. equitable domination number children's awareness school bag use guidelines assiut university stroke patients musculoskeletal complications burdens children with thalassemia attitude- nursing students- learning- communicatio quality nursing care . clinical supervision head nurses education program genital hygienic practices vaginal infection male college water pipe. antenatal maternal mortality ho municipality clinic attendance shaken baby syndrome female faculty family income factors work related factors cultural diversity factors : biological factors pre delivery preparation primi gravida mch centre. emergency department quality of care. minor injuries unit backpack musculoskeletal pain. standard weight parent awareness organizational commitment new graduated nurses. workplace civility climate postpartum women and prevention hemoglobin medical problems. stress unary incontinence delivery during pregnancy contraceptive methods instructional program self-rated health older people sri lanka leavers attrition wastage labour turnover high labour turnover branded petrol stations independent petrol station forecourt attendants trade import revealed comparative advantage index. capital expenditures human development local economic development strategic area development average receivables period average payables period inventory conversion period working capital management pancasila economic system economic learning micro-level impacts nature of development risk optimization ols lad risk attributes poverty alleviation post-mdg multidimensional poverty food poverty education component health component vecm. poverty reduction financial statements ipsas accrual system and reporting system tobin q firm value problems of fisheries sector fisheries in baksa district causes and remedial measures of the problems. village local economy physico- chemical natural fibers dyes silk textiles rheological properties high-density polyethylene thickness swelling water absorption agro fibers yield strength. tpu tension strain rate thermoplastic toughness polycarbonate factorial design. wc-cocr potentio-dynamic scanning fretting wear high velocity oxygen fuel histogram specification. rice estimation areas discrete wavelet transformation normalized vegetation indices ni magnetron sputtering cu-ni hysteresis behaviour. cu riemannian laplacian oblate spheroidal coordinates post-newtonian corre golden metric tensor polyethylene glycol optical and rheological properties. polymer blends polyvinylpyrrolidone nuclear physics multiple–choice survey free convection variable temperature polystyrene/ fullerene/ plasma exposure/ optical c oscillation radiosonde madden julian oscillation synoptic analysis dust events modis monsoon summer shamal standardization comprehension bengali dementia ultrasonic weltering v2o5 thin film cathodic electrodeposition super-capacitive performance. micro-pores stable structure. air-fuel mixing 2 ] total body irradiation 3] thermo luminescent dosimeters. mohamed farouk [1] semiconductor diodes ehab m. attalla [1 s. u. el-kameesy [1 in vivo dosimetry 2 gamma irradiation polymer nanocomposite pulse laser deposition technique electrical properties. optostructural propertied titanium oxide luminescent solar concentrators energy migration ca(ii) speciation mg (ii) ditopic ligand formation constant adipic acid dihydrazide electrochemical impedance spectroscopy diffusion co-efficient cyclic voltammetry β-ni(oh)2 charge-transfer resistance temperature dependent gas response. metal oxide tin oxide film design and fabrication of gas sensor nepa-nca β-lactam 7-avca d & f) cas-system. electronic arrangements of elements the modern periodic table p distribution of blocks (s logical approach of sections-a&b sumatriptan succinate(sum) moxifloxacin hydrochloride (mox) olmesartan medoxomil (olm) uv-visible spectrophotometry and validation. gemifloxacin mesylate(gem) potassium permanganate – saffranin – o trimetazidine dihydrochloride(tmz) schiff bases. piperdine derivatives hydrazones infrared spectral data preliminary investigation nhexane natural product inductivly coupled plasma biological actity sulfacetamidetransition metal complexes crystallization temperature sodalite bases. zeolite glucose-oxidase composite film biosensor immobilization cross-linking gully erosion geotechnical analysis geological properties ajali formation qualitative investigation alcoholic extract. alcoholic extracts paraoxonase-1 and hyperlipoproteinemia lower priority higher priority commands precedence high-speed controller autonomous robot navigation. comparison of e-paper and lcd. electrophoretic epaper working backplane electronic ink electrofluiding front plane construction smart paper gyricon electrowetting matlab. reference background moving object detection current frame static camera vanet (vehicular adhoc network.) sumo (simulation real time application lte video. voice over internet protocol (voip) quality of service (qos). long term evolution (lte) digital watermarking discrete wavelet transform singular value decomposition peak signal to noise ratio (psnr). hybrid model power amplifier transceiver. operating frequency rf cmos mixer leach smart cluster head selection (schs) control system microcontoller sun: solar tracking fr4 (fire retard 4) 5g wireless communication pifa (planar inverted f antenna) mimo antenna traffic blockage control quality of service random mobility multi-bands antenna. monopole antenna microstrip antenna boubdary edges delay andutilization opnet. throughput ospf chain-based tree-based grid-based atypical hierarchical routing area-based positive bias temperature instability (pbti). negative bias temperature instability (nbti) metal oxide semiconductor (mos) adaptive hold technique (aht) endometrial stromal sarcoma cervical polyp extra uterine. cervix gabapentin preemptive pregabalin hip surgery hemiplegic functional arm test. spastic cerebral palsy modifiedconstraint induced therapy effected side arm type 1 diabetes islets cell autoantibody glutamic acid decarboxylase 65 non-insulin irm verge curage ganglionnaire pénectomie partielle ovarian polypectomy. inflammatory fibroid polyp gastric outlet obstruction pyloric channel midazolam tramadol nalbuphine anesthesia shivering bmi blood pressure abo blood group low income/poverty sites treatment modalities lagos histology head and neck cancer adults rural area hypertension. risk factor polymicrobial anaerobic bacteria antimicrobial susceptibility. anaerobic infections topical vitiskin vitiligo. treatment phototherapy nb-uvb graft diameter acl 5 strand tunnel size glaucoma intra-ocular pressure. secondary glaucoma tertiary centre distractor efficiency non-functional distractor (nfd) item analysis difficulty index multiple choice questions discrimination index ultrasound examination first trimester bleeding clinical examination. nephropathy albuminuria total hypoparathyroidism nerve injury thyroidectomy subtotal coping strategies and fcopes. schizophrenia variations. suprarenal gland arterial supply venous drainage zinc adjunct therapy biofeedback pranayama alternate nostril breathing deviated nasal septum septoplasty synechia plastic splint pederson scale difficulty level mandibular third molar. alveolar osteitis health care indicators. metrics heathcare quality iot wearable devices enterprise prior cost estimation. courier service package trackability speed post pick up service mobile courier mow nlo analysis homo-lumo mep surface analysis fukui function dft qtaim leaf bark roots. gas chromatography – flame ionization detector hura crepitans sensory evaluation. oenology mahua wine biochemistry pathogens. fermented foods bio-preservation bacteriocins lab nanoemulgel hydrogel liposomes nanoemulsion thixotropic emulsifying method bronchial asthma trace elements production environmental parameters.s amino acids tenant characteristic tenant’s characteristic tenant characteristics sq3r strategy teaching attitude regression model reading behaviour reading attitude teacher efficacy engaged in learning the skills to compete scientific approach aquifer resistivity and abem terrameter schlumberger configuration river course seismic inversion geostatistical sandstone body saline water. complex geology unconfined aquifer aquifer geometry confined aquifer two-dimensional earth resistivity imaging united arab emirates groundwater recharge isotope hydrology reservoir heterogeneity shallow water delta interlayer liss-iii change detection glcf lulc teaching philosophy. aqli al-quran naqli islamic philosophy islamic education the student’ perspective green school student discipline utilitarian view ethic moral value. system language. teacher performance secondary school chemistry metacognition outcome based education program outcome course outcome data structures thermal efficiency hc and co swirl turbulence cfd analysis used foundry sand foundry waste sand surface roughness parameter optimum conditions admixture micro silica size of particle different replacements plan nakayasu river cfd approach. diesel - biodiesel blends sugarcane bagasse ash and workability concrete engine hydrogen propulsion fuels frequency response inertial forced vibrations dynamical model vibrocompactor ansys 12.0. dc fan e-glass epoxy pro-e alloy wheel pipes. carbon-epoxy s-glass epoxy peatland climate fibrous peat. infiltration internal combustion engine stroke mechanical characterization ageing temperature work hardening characteristics pb-sb alloys reaction at interface wettability hybrid aluminium composite metal matrix composite(mmc) grainsize reinforcing material rotary kiln accretion and fusion temperature direct reduction ansys von mises stresses bending stress mixed beams. arc beam soaked cbr shear strength parameters expansive soil deformations. cyclic plate load test quarry dust technology transfer. agricultural research and development (r&d) private sector r&d aisi 52100 steel hard turning tribology. feed turning roughness value hard material earth quake shake-2000 ground response analysis peak ground acceleration liquefaction static strength evaluation comfort and economy. fabrication of kids bike kids bike cad model data acquisition ambient vibration steel bridge model vibration test off-line signature recognition hidden markov models (hmm) normalized area of signature modelling windchill creo parametric product lifecycle management (plm) injection moulding relative importance index loss of productivity. importance index effects of delays delay analysis cost overruns mining/manufacturing project mining delays compressional seismograph. geoelectrical shale electrolysis petrol engine oxygen enriched hydrogen-hho. wave power translator maxwell emf linear generator solid state drives matrix converter ac-dc-ac converter asynchronous induction motor smart wheelchair. smart features smart phone rehabilitation loading co-axial cable transmitted power. lumped-parameter model state-space model of incubator biot number of egg forward backward and radial balanced network matrix method active pwm controlled boost rectifier single-phase matrix converter (spmc) fips digital envelope block cipher nist rijndael advanced encryption standard (aes) fluid mechanics. transfer stain cast-off pattern bloodstain patternanalysis saturation stain impact spatter privacy preserving location based service document classification genetic algorithm (ga). peak detection butterfly filter automatic threshold determination natural language processing (nlp) hierarchical dirichlet process (hdp) and hybrid ne servqual analysis service performance privacy. data dynamics dependable distributed storage cloud storage services kernel data structure kernel malware classification. malware clustering malware signature concept keyword semantic annotation domain concept ontology wcf-windows communication framework semantic web search serp-search engine result page em algorithm maxflow algorithm morphological operation graph cut method mobile commerce m-payment privacy m-check verifiability audio e-voting dct nrmse dwt social engineering data security. capacity scheduler hdfs fair scheduler map-reduce synchronized and comparative queue (scq) word count testdfsio simultaneous location & mapping technique fuzzy controller digital slides roi extraction demographic and hybrid based recommendation. content collaborative filtering logistic map ldpc chaos software maintenance software testing software metrics fault prone modules software quality fault prevention software development software faults embedded system home automation mobile communication and remote control. entropy maximum filter response(mfr) thresholding fundus image recommendation image recommendation diffusion social recommendation query suggestion trust value data representation efficiency response delay json schema collaborative application mancaf framework educational data mining (edm) learning factor analysis (lfa) image tool mandible morphometry hepatitis viruses clinical presentation lp developmental delay.epigastric lump rapunzel syndrome trichobazoar audio-visual aids mixed aids organism otitis media ear discharge unscarred uterus rupture uterus nd:yag er:yag periodontics transversemyelitis3 afp1 respiratory paralysis gbs2 non polio afp level of consciousness avpu gcs coma complement component 1 inhibitor deficiency hereditary angio-oedema laryngeal oedema ima hba1c mda chronic liver disease hepatitis b viral infection calabar serum creatinine microalbuminuria renal disease. viral fever dengue neonatal septicemia thrombocytopenia gestational thrombocytopenia. fetal outcome pregnancy related anemia maternal factors abattoir. dna mycobacterium tuberculosis mycobacterium bovis blood transfusion elobeyeid city alloimmunization interim prosthesis. resin- bonded fixed partial denture agenesis pap smear hysterectomised vain calcifying fibroblastic granuloma peripheral fibroma with calcification and cone bea fibrous epulis dental prosthesis resorption dental implants implant-supported reoriented medical education under graduate medical students paracetamol morphine craniotomy spontaneous extradural hematoma computed tomography model infection hepatitis b epidemiology laparoscopy. trichobezoar mrsa multidrug resistant ultra violet radiation acinetobacter baumannii aneurysm dissection endocarditis marfan syndrome multiparous health. indomethacin quercetin gastric ulcer coenzyme q10 paravertabral block dexamethasone prf endo- perio lesion dfdba intra-articular ligamento-taxis fracture of wrist ovarian dermoid propofol. i lma thiopentone type ii diabetes. omentin-1 insulin resistance homa-ir maternal anemia dentin hypersensitivity iontophoresis novamin medical termination of pregnancy unsafe abortions molecular genetics mechanisms congenitally missing teeth coeliac trunk. variations angiography pentylenetetrazole quinidine gap junctions drugs counterfeit diathermy incisions are less harmful to the skin . less incisional blood loss and less postoperative train journey berlins edema globe rupture choroidal rupture sterile central corneal melt systemic autoimmune disease takayasu arteritis lungs oblique fissure fetuses horizontal fissure gestational weeks thymus weight/body weight ratio and suprarenal wei thymus suprarenal glands human fetus breast lump linear relationship. gestational age renal dimentions crown rump length occupational exposure sharp injury hep b pathogenesis hiv infection and treatment low back pain lumbosacral transistional vertebra lumbarization sacralization numerical variation rural and urban. parasite helminthes ascaris lumbricoides ferrous ascorbate prophylactic iron therapy iron therapy in pregnancy. iron sucrose oligodontia severe partial anodontia halterman appliance permanent maxillary first molar ectopic eruption arab israel position anomaly dental transposition bowel resection manual reduction lead point pathology meckel’s diverticulum. pigment gall stone trauma magnetic resonance imaging craniovertebral junction congenital cross-sectional study congenital malformations prevalence and pattern of malformations observational study ceftriaxone defervescence typhoid fever portal vein diameter portal vein student performance internal assessment surprise test informal assessment facial muscles unesthetic smiles excessive gingival display botulinum toxin osteomas. gardner’s syndrome intestinal polyposis biomedical waste management (bmw) biomedical waste disposal vapour pressure adhesives moist bonding dry bonding microtensile bond strength fundal changes high myopia geographic variation facial measurement little finger vertical dimension persistenthyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia(phhi) neonatal hypoglycaemia rta(renal tubular acidosis) valve pulmonary tricuspid prostheses. mitral ropivacaine congenital talipus equinovarus (posteromedial release) caudal epidural anaesthesia/analgesia cd4 counts sepsis. chronic kidney disease procalcitonin hemodialysis perimenopausal bleeding endometrial hyperplasias estrogen and progesterone receptors endometrium multiple dorsal giant cell thumb genital scabies scabies nodular scabies pediculosi t4 t3 graves disease anti tsh ab tsh acute progressive optic neuropathy. thyrotoxicosis tympanic membrane temperature easy rectal temperature clean rapidity parental assessment gemcitabine cisplatin metastatic gall bladder cancer coach/athlete relationships box’tag sport participation sport coaching community-based athletes non-athletes height athletes eclampsia platelet count fibrinogen levels metabolic syndrome competitive exams idf criteria antioxidant activity spices. plant extracts simulation pso algorithm cs algorithm weather data weather advisory system multilabel text mining . learning experiences’ statistical method. stemming technique decision based method nlp sar balancing estimation scheduling the job programming ensemble learning ddd. concept drift distance base error . chemical spaces kernel pca principal components analysis neighbourhood components analysis chemoinformatics diffusion maps bioinformatics dimensionality reduction mix columns. aes-128 sub-byte chaotic mask henon map user interface design user experience. usability stemming. natural language processing hausa language empirical signal decomposition linear curvature empirical coding cbir. curvature scale coding intrusion detection system android security critical event monitoring broadcasting delay subjectivity classification machine learning method sentiment classification navigational zigbee barcode rfid key revocation key management sensor nodes key updating key distribution wsns. aerospace prediction intensity vod siso ieee 802.16 wireless network. mimo algorithm for securing soap based web services fro md5 bgp and sha-1. x.509v3 certificate ipsec mmsyorientation user model learner profile ontology. eiah e-orientation penalty why-not questions top-k and dominating queries energy efficiency. route metric wsn survey neighbor formation distance vector edge nodes. connectivity dv-hop encapsulation composition rules component-based software systems segmentation. ecognition high resolution satellite image fuzzy rule based network lifetime. ​wireless sensor network routing protocols energy ef icient wave. ieee 802.11p dsrc congestion control vanets control channel energy consumption. body sensor network object-oriented forest monitoring remote sensing data. :change detection business models. enterprise clouds business intelligence routing in wsn . hierarchical clustering network performance leach (low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy) sensor networks gprs… transmission risk natural image visual cryptograph color image biometric iris visual cryptography style scrutiny styling automated crawling formatting fingerprint electronic voting global positioning system (gps) device. facial image election stable-aware routing protocol heterogeneous environment data aggregation elliptic curve cryptography (ecc) signature form proportion color matching approach model prediction system gaussian combination kernel touchless i-ransac palmprint shock filter tabu search simulated annealing (sa) proportional–integral–derivative(pid). genetic algorithm(ga) reactive search optimization (rso) sdt dli boolean matrix hidden terminal node vanet’s mobile communication histogram modification step-2 verification data hiding pervasive computing applications and its security copyright protection visual cryptography. multiprocessing environment parallel computing directed acyclic graph nfc hybrid p2p c & c server face tracking sdk neural network. facial features kinect sensor face expressions authorization constraints model driven security conceptual model business application data centre online motion estimator block -matching algorithm. recursive tracer noise estimator software birthmark heap graph frequent sub graph mining. text characters image acquisition recognition neural networks and feedforward neural network - feature extraction image recognition term weighting. text categorization mapreduce bigdata weather routing issues security issues manets ant colony optimization transformation memory protection memory reallocation memory errors garbage collection program locations. worm detection. random forest user based trust models issues of trust trust models copyright protection. database watermarking relational database dataset liver disorder max-min algorithm. cloud based computing opac web interface php mysql. qr code library services data migration authentication. reversible watermarking histogram shifting verification uml models worst case effective time face detection color space skin color access control in web services authorization attacks on web services prednisolone sodium phosphate quality by design (qbd). uv spectrophotometry critical parameters ishikawa diagram ich q8 (r2) microaneurysms neovascularization optic disk localization blood vessel segmentation exudates hemorrhages image analysis optic disc retinal image normal image abnormal image gc-ms. syrups essential oils 5% prilido cream 2% lignocad gel vas scale sem scale dental pain macrophytes saponins phenols secondary metabolites. flavonoids erythema multiforme side effects pruritic rash métformine eczema mahabubnagar swellings leaves psoriasis ethnomedicine franz diffusion cell. carbopol fluconazole quasi emulsion solvent diffusion microsponge xodid ticks anti-tick etc ischaemia-reperfusion induced myocardial injury apoptosis calpain trichoderma viride. trichoderma harzianum cassia angustifolia antagonistic activity alternaria alternata drug synthesis agro-wastes antimicrobial exopolysaccharides flowers seed viability seeds syleptaderogata defoliation okra pods abscission earnings management discretionary accruals linear models discretionary accruals pushouts homomorphism pullbacks surjective linear and nonlinear vbp legendre polynomials galerkin method allee effect vertical transmission susceptible plant -infective plant law of mass action holling-type ii stability analysi skewes’ number cramér’s conjecture schoenfeld’s result prime numbers theorem zhang’s bound mertens’ 3rd theorem koch’s result logarithmic integral function prime numbers riemann hypothesis maynard’s bound littlewood’s theorem euler-mascheroni constant degummed silk reactive red-120 pottasium aluminium sulphate. catechu brown dye banana stem dye silk fibre steroids. biological activity bifurcated hydrogen bond intermolecular interactions cholestane antihypertensive drugs titration potassiumdipertelluratocuprate (iii) reagent asymmetrical patterns beam patterns radiation patterns side-lobes network layer ceramic reinforcements stir casting process. aluminum metal matrix composites travel speed current en-8 submerged arc welding en-24 recloser-fuse coordination. bbo algorithm diagnostics and prognostics signals ecbm cbm online fault detection [ofd] clustering techniques petri nets aem and cmms fdd software development life cycle (sdlc) global issues. inverse requirement human perception (hp) requirement engineering (re) dielectric studies kurtz- perry. shg efficiency nlo maxwell's equation schrödinger equation maxwell's equations klein-gordon equation massive photon electrical conductivity soil and samples polyvinyl alcohol (pva) zinc oxide zno clusterization pseudo rapidity projectile and target fragmentation region relativistic charged particles f127 synthesis temperature spherical particles sba-16 ferrite saturation magnetization curie temperature resistivity. solar energy solar collector solar water heating . gupix x-rays. analytical maestro-32 mca pixe [si(li)] detector electrical modulus arrhenius plot d.c.conduction photo-generation and recombination gainn thin film solar cell. amps-1d simulation electro-magnetism energy with power adding and dividing process mechanical resistance universal transformation system loop system past number of individuals available inside the system live time running) 3d transformation system energy with power life. power-force relation particles in processing state present and future conditions time (time storage newton‘s 3rd law under transformation microstructure pzt ceramics grain size ultrasonic velocity coco nucifera adiabatic compressibility. cylinder and rectangular orthogonal projected area of ellipsoid run or walk in the rain stage of evolution speed of light permittivity radon natural radioactivity gamma-spectrometer hazard index alpha guard and exhalation. radiotherapeutic treatment depth dose energy cutoff lattice parameters x-ray diffraction. phase transition ferroelectric pkn ceramics 16-ppm fso modulation fog models nrz-ook. giant magnetoresistance (gmr) in-situ sem multilayer nanowires multi group gamma –ray analysis method (mgau monte carlo bulk measurements ) non-destructive method liquid waste characterization low and intermediate radioactive waste agent’s behaviour social value orientation database. ring method behavioural signature sharing peer-to-peer similarity variational models partial differential equations (pdes) image inpainting coherence texture synthesis asc simd smith waterman algorithm recursive variable expansion pe scoring matrix. mtap requirement engineering cultural factors affecting requirement engineering problems in requirement engineering intermediate node rrer rrep rreq route maintenance route discovery varying key-length. vigenère cipher kasiski-test index of coincidence substitution cipher poly-alphabetic cipher time series method exchange rate forecasting infrastructure cost reduction unavailable and inaccessible components software dependency continuous testing third party system dependency. service-oriented architecture (soa) dependency constraints service virtualization (sv) meta search engine metacrawler search engine web crawler rcp- rate control protocol tcp- transmission control protocol brain tumor morphological processing. medical image mediation architecture mediation framework restful symmetric and asymmetric cryptography api heterogeneity soa impulse detector edge preserving filter cryptanalysis. bit mangling handwritten documents script identification load balancing random stealing bee foraging thresholds it metrics total cost of ownership tco enterprise resource planning information system combination. master-slave technique wsd senseval-3 voting decision list naïve bayes wordnet geometrical handwritten feature character recognition steganography. signal to noise ratio (snr) international federation of the phonographic indus human auditory system (has) discrete wavelet transformation (dwt) discrete cosine transformation (dct) indicative extraction patterns (iep) information extraction (ie) icds ccs web quality characteristics. eaf e-governance tools e-governance block level xor operation exclusive-or (xor) arnold transform affine transform resource selection integration of invisible web. invisible web endonasal corridor odontoid process excision. endoscopic osteoporosis clinical attachment loss 0rthodontic multi disciplinary team cleft lip and palate pediatric dentist girls stunted and wasted dietary nutrient intakes rapid diagnosis prevalence of tb lj medium acid fast bacilli microscopy stevens- johnson syndrome(sjs) toxic epidermal necrolysis(ten) human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) . ocular manifestations triple assessment -bbd risk factor -pathology primary splenic lymphomas (psl). splenectomy non hodgkin’s lymphoma (nhl) primary extranodal lymphomas (penl) treatment planning system intensity-modulated radiotherapy inverse planning forward planning dose volume histogram. landsat chronological calibration etm+ slc gap filling atmospheric correction traffic in out ipv6 ipv4 throughput and utilization traffic dropped gts adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system packet medium access delay ieee 802.15.4 wasted bandwidth gts throughput wireless sensor network (wsn) slot coupled tee junctions admittance loading h-plane tee shunt tees waveguides edfa wdm pump power fiber length gain flatness pumping wavelength single pumping iteration detection decomposition non-negative numerical analysis ring resonators time domain methods. multiresolution time domain microcavity peltier effect bismuth telluride thermo couple simulation model irrigation networks demand-driven analysis pressure-driven analysis epanet olive mill wastewater soil properties environmental pollution. agricultural land split tensile strength fault isolation open circuit fault. pwm vsi vias electronic band gap structure (ebg) photonic plasmonic solar cell dye sensitized solar cell bs recovery big data growth. analytic economies smes ooadm mobile enrollment system mobile application web application automated framework metaheuristic random. qos multiple gateway mesh clients mesh router key 2d graphics image cipher text pixel pattern matching. face recognition minutiae multi-biometric fingerprint verification green environment green hrm green hrm practices cacl2 and iptg wireless networks handoff madm decision intellectual disabilities content and support mechanism. antenatal examination objective structured clinical examination dyspareunia vaginal dryness vasomotor and urogenital symptoms. assessment and neuroblastoma nurse renal replacement therapy end-stage renal disease and kenyatta national hosp fluorescent sensor gcamp family synaptic transmission synaptophysin and neurodegenerative diseases patients health status social integration oral contraceptive pill and progestin misconceptions ageing self-efficacy physical function psychological aspect family role training program and industrial secondary schools. basic life support first aid incontinence-associated dermatitis perineal skin care acute care settings fecal incontinent palliative care- educational program-nurses- child chemotherapy precautions geospatial data gis online digital library dip head wave interface geophone refractor. lithology. hydrogeology saturation airborne fungi allergens fungal pollutants gravity plate method. time of day greenhouse gase emissions (ghg) emissions – tota stern. china pakistan global coordination super fund brazil south korea importance-performance analysis (ipa) facilities and services visitor’s satisfaction orange peel dietary fiber dry milling wet milling mango peel pod parkia biglobosa clarias gariepinus clinical signs digital terrain model (dtm) topography physical planning attribute data diluent effluent constituents physico-chemical. suya mercury water pollution. nile tilapia fish parasites bio indicator reducing-sugar bacteria strains agro wastes medicinal plants-pandam-darjeeling. seasonal variations root colonization va-mycorrhizae semantic web. ontology repository context repository indexing olsr blackhole zrp classification. viola-jones algorithm feature vectors face detection and identification integral images igmp pim multicast high availability software migration meta model cloud migration process critical success factors - collaboration -continuo stemming chi-square statistics feature ranking vectorization semantic similarity suffix tree and tf-idf scheme. similarity measures document similarity histogram bit plane slicing scheduling parameters scheduling algorithms grid scheduling grid management system resource discovery data mining techniques moment invariants back propagation zoning wavelet chain code probabilistic neural network data folding bits per pixel. lossless image compression arithmetic coding image steganography secure storage text steganography particle swarm optimization. k-prototype algorithm k-means geographic information systems (gis) gemi real state sbrpm electronic business mis embedded web server remote monitoring and control tools ontology versioning evolution rural development. nlp (natural language processing) nl (natural language) pos (part of speech) uml (unified modeling language) race (requirement analysis and class diagram extra 2fa remote user authentication smart card password. mean and median filtering. salt & pepper noise impulse noise computing sufficiency service availability. data intrusion multi-clouds single cloud hybrid wireless networks qosoriented distributed routing protocol (qod) enhanced adaptive acknowledgment (eaack) mobile ad-hoc network (manet) recommendation systems student modelling learning experience etc student retention network security industrial networks security countermeasures information security security analysis and monitoring risk assessment voter information database smartcard. electronic voter register electronic voting system public key infrastructure e – voting response time monitoring network traffic intereactive voice response dual tone multi frequency protocols atn hampshire piglets. duroc crossbred effect of some disinfectants on antibiotic resista chile island. tomato sclerotium rolfsii severity soil nutrient status saline water soil health management practices physiological parameters ongole crossbred extracellular hsp70 sustainable soil fertility. fertilizer-replacement value elite maize varieties promiscuous soybean soil temperature plastic mulch cucumber rice hull mulch plant spacing fishing zones new zoning regime marine protected area natural selection adaptive plasticity parasitoid papaya mealybug paracoccus marginatus phenotypic plasticity acerophagus papayae goat transmission electron microscopy pancreartic islets histomorphology probiotics cumulative weight gain. chicken feed technology molaplus poultry microbes indigenous chicken feeding beneficiaries fadama crops ruminant. capture fisheries and sea farming products. correlation of mangrove occupational educational public libraries south-west nigeria disaster management practices stereotypes gender stereotypes weavers dhaniakhali tant power loom online sale. handloom integrated domestic violence court mandatory charging spousal violence province of ontario muslim family safety project victim / witness assistance program supervising of regional government women’s empowerment deterrents. socio-cultural practice climatic change and universal basic education in n environmental education patent rights farmer’s liability genetically modified organisms (gmo) legal liability development and empowerment entrepreneurship sphere of influence regional development functional weightage hierarchical growth indonesian economic system human of indonesia pancasila god consciousness suffering mobile learning whatsapp blended scaffolding strategies judicial precedent operation and comparative analysis indian institutes of management e-resources iim ahmedabad library girl children domestic help chittagong their education anti-poverty program micro-finance gender relations and women’s empowerment semantic analysis linguistic analysis historical analysis arabic language terrorism rudra-a name of siba in the vedas siba-devastator of the enemies tandava-death dance. kirat(bhil)-a native community religion-please take me grundnorm legitimacy obedience sovereignty rule of recognition. isis racism. race democratic republic of congo popular history colonialism indian organizations employees perception employee profile tm processes text to speech synthesis syllable based synthesis. marathi tts concatenative speech synthesis nesting semaphore. dcx mailbox queue mean opinion score text-to-speech iterative back-projection super resolution bicubic interpolation wide fan-in gates. domino logic keeper transistor noise immunity adiabatic dptl charge recovery routine immunization (ri) nutrient content gastrointestinal pathogens phytolith benincaseae and lagenaria dendrogram cucurbitoid tribe. humoral mediated immunity and cell mediated immuni immunomodulators sphaeranthus indicus extractive values. plant tissue culture economization callus daturainnoxia transmission anopheles arabiensis culex quinquefasciatus anopheles funestus hatchery characterization dead-in-shell candida embryos typical virulence diarrhea epec pesticide contamination beawar jalia pond host-pathogen interaction abelmoschus esculentus galled root meloidogyne incognita. luteinizing hormone follicle stimulating hormone estradiol serotonin. type ii diabetes mellitus ogg1 growth pattern dry heat jackfruit seed powder post harvest. atube market botanicals rot fungi mosquitoes hyptis suaveolens developmental stages mortality rate :α-glucosidase chromosome aberrations oligozoospermia azoospermia karyotyping infertility manage unused goods social entrepreneurship economic empowerment organization structure. career advancement telecommunication glass ceiling persistence scedasticity absolute venture capitalists startups e-commerce bubble quoted companies dividend policy share price earning stock market jordan ahli bank. transformational leadership working discipline working satisfaction factors corporate governance company policy knowledge economy information economy human resource information systems libya women’s work human resource management. psychographic economic demographic silchar. effectiveness of quality management standard iso 15189 clause 4.1 iso 15189 effectiveness effective quality assurance iso 15189:2012 review development strategy ceramic industry natural resources and art & culture. gestationalweeks (gw) histogenesis islets of langerhans pancreas dissociative trance prevalent motor dissociation rambo raid mosquito and malaria. premenopausal and women. cardiovascular postmenopausal terson syndrome. secondary immune thrombocytopenia systemic lupus erythematosis postoperative analgesia. dexmeditimidine exercise body mass index (bmi) resting pulse rate. refractive lenticule extraxtion (relex) myopia small incision lenticule extraction (smile) femtosecond laser assisted in situ keratomileusis prospective studies labour questionnaires birth obstetrics myocardial infarction plateletcrit. platelet large cell ratio platelet distribution width mean platelet volume sodium valproate seizures pediatrics. preterm. neonatal outcome pregnancy induced hypertension (pih) maternal morbidity neonatal morbidity beta lactams cutaneous adverse drug reaction erythematous rash fluoroquinolones envenomation anti snake venom local oedema environmental hazard snake bite thrombocytopenia. art aids platelet waardenburg syndrome brilliant blue iris dystopia canthorum heterochromia iridis low birth weight babies anaemia. lbw neoplasm fibroadenomatoushamartoma fnac. carcinoma breast lump rural block limb fractures major depressive disorder road traffic accidents palm jaggery diet high fructose diet female albino mice peutz-jeghers polyp hamartomatous polyp rectum. stress management. employees stress descending colon cancer(dcc) colorectal cancer (crc) transverse colon cancer (tcc) ascending colon cancer(acc) extranodal caecum non-hodgkin lymphoma dlbcl gleason grade hgpin benign hyperplasia of prostate prostate mixed malaria tumour necrosis factor alpha plasmodium falciparum malaria plasmodium vivax malaria blunt trauma diagnostic dilemma isolated duodenal rupture tube decompression serosal patch oral hygiene. tooth formation ortopantomogram odontology dental age third molar indirect laryngoscopy vocal cord polyp vocal nodule direct laryngoscopy benign vocal cord lesions adolescences type 2 diabetes physical fitness. immunization coverage rural areas unimmunised full immunization urban slums partially immunised biomolecules. herbal medicine yagyapathy respiratory system ovarian ectopic pregnancy amenorrhoea chorionic villi. nitroglycerine nifedipine cesarean section hydralazine. anti tubercular treatment surgery intestinal lymph nodal peritoneal fracture ulna segmental radius forearm community awareness new cases post leprosy elimination era leprosy antibiotic prophylaxis surgical site infections. risk factors riyadh dental college dental clinics questionnaire central corneal thickness pachymetry medical student internees mcrs psychiatry posting antiretroviral therapy sociodemographic human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) whoqol bref ictc behavioral changes socio-demographic e2 cannot be used in ivf programs as a success pre papilledema diplopia infection enteritidis salmonella complications local anaesthesia inguinal hernia lichtenstein hernioplasty subclinical hypothyroidism triradii dermatoglyphics type-ii diabetes mellitus needle stick injuries(nsi) post exposure prophylaxis. paramedical coarse colposcopy comparison biopsy via-vili screening test confirmation general anesthesia angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors hypotension angiotensin ii receptor blocker jejunostomy resection. secondary syphilis rpr tpha hivinfection msms high resolution computed tomography foreign bodies incisional hernia surgical abdominal incision planned teaching programme desensitization package borderline personality traits in adolescents rejection sensitivity preterm labor health risks injuries construction sites illness occupational hazards hydatid fluid human animal pain experience phenomenological approach postoperative pain cold application cardiothoracic patients chest tube removal (ctr) pain score anxiety score. objectives of the study were (i) to early marriage health consequence hormonal contraceptive women's social relationship - hydatid fluid biochemical compound protoscolices. ph. cyst. hydatid .macrophage. viab hemodynamic parameters passive range of motion exercises behavioral pain intensity. dental hygiene practices fear coping strategy. medical record audit clinical nursing units perceptions and challenges physical and psychological symptoms of chemotherap behavioral intervention nurses. documentation ibuprofen uptake carrot consumer risk surface water for watering great andamanese union territory onges and jarawa tribal communities herbal remedies andaman and nicobar islands. field survey biomass renewable sources of energy power generation biomass briquettes technologies. panvel aquatic birds conservation. balleshwar lake semi-aquatic birds biological anaerobic treatment solid waste landfill leachate continuous process semi-continuous process batch process urban planning local economic development. ecotourism rivers planning co2 emission clean development mechanism fossil fuels renewable energy electrical power resources. meat shop microbial activity markets meat abattoir permissible limits. dumpsite accumulation factor mobility index wheat flour and sensory evaluation biscuits african yam bean flour crude oil water. rwanda. trend ecosystem river system sundarban water quality parameters zooplankton chemical parameters. p.stratiotes physical parameters e.crassipes sensory characteristics reducing sugars acrylamide oil uptake frying potato slices asparagine bioaugmentation (ba) and decontamination. biostimulation (bs) pen d’alep qualité huiles figue de barbarie laurier graines molluscs northern nigeria. freshwater limnology seasonal variations. godavari estuary nutrients behavior glycaemia docility catecholamines grasscutter infectious keratoconjunctivitis goats. pink eye moraxella ovis polymerase chain reaction (pcr) infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (ibk) dairycattle fat virus. mammary tissue lactation. chickens carcasses. disintegration process carrion-breeding flies bull horn myiasis wound epistaxis. alsatian canine trypanosoma trypanosomosis ruminant farmers post-harvest loss quality. cereals proximate co-digestion cow dung amino acid biogas corn farming burnt biochar jajarlegowo rice straw organic products straw bokhasi mammary tissue. release leaching nanoparticle dichlorvos insecticide pollinators sesame foraging activity lysimeter millet occipital bone interparietal bone coactation of aorta submitral aneurysm early onset sepsis (eos) neonatal septicaemia late onset sepsis (los) screening tool neonatal thrombocytopenia kernicterus hyperbilirubinemia serum bilirubin specificity. sensitivity thyroid lesions fnac cyto- histo correlation elephantiasis wuchereria bancrofti lymphedema vulval emissary vein temporal cranial variants. occipital mastoid foramen triamcinalone stricture urethra internal urethrotomy recurrence in patients with high risk factors the decision to we concluded that routine thromboprophylaxis is no triamcinolone intralesional keloids cryotherapy. lung fluke praziquantel. paragonimiasis pleural effusion haemoptysis caudal dexmedetomidine anaesthesia gingiva oral cavity fibrosed pyogenic granuloma libya. al-khoms thyroid hormones chronic kidney diseases palate true fibroma 810nm diode laser conjunctival limbal autograft pterygium surgery pterygium pure tone audiometry. type 2 diabetes mellitus who guideline health care professional abhr hand hygiene etching cantilever resin-bonded bridge the histo-pathological features of cutaneous malig burst abdomen wound dehiscence sheath closur primary school children visakhapatnam endoscope reprocessing exogenous endogenous factors affecting survival of microorganism hospital services patient characteristics patient satisfaction internal derangement disc displacement posterior disc displacement temporomandibular disorders coronary heart disease. type2 diabetes mellitus bmi (body mass index) keratinizing disorder. distal contracture harlequin ichthyosis laptop hp 4530s smart cell phone sony z2 spiral ct cone beam computed tomography vertical root fracture. bone-biopsy osteolytic lesions. metastasis cytopathological bone marrow aspiration needle haemoperitoneum arrow injury. obstetric trauma testis hernia genitalia. anomalies management of ureteral injuries ureteral injuries non urological surgeries euglycemic ketoacidosis. biocompatible bioglass regeneration bioactive bioceramic cervical discectomy cervical spondylotic myelopathy cervical fusion anterior corpectomy cervical myelopathy dalihan na tolu society empowerment creative economy batak (toba) problems and practical needs iranian students efl context writing skill. laissez-faire. transformational transactional jammu and kashmir. cropping pattern food grains deficit requirement child health . civil registration office pair check type. cooperative learning model mathematics learning brain gym socio-economic status academic performance. worker fundamental rights trade union federation of trade unions employer trade dispute director of labour. freedom of association price inflation flower boom kisan credit card. theories motive etc. biological factors causation community expectations tourism related-businesses al qur’an da’wah media communication journalism harmony and religious conflict harmony olympic performance olympic games pestel analysis leisure constraints intrapersonal constraints interpersonal constraints structural constraints urban woman soap operas life satisfaction homemakers television viewing zimbabwe local authority urban governance change motivating volunteerism mythology jawaharlal nehru folk traditions multiple narratives representation of history mixed researchapproach qualitative method and quantitative method. third movement ofmethodological egalitarian. gender disparity indian society love complexities betrayal sin redemption. happening forceful complex. acceptable intellectual leader obligation inductive and deductive thematic content analysis convention on international trade in endangered sp asian elephants international trade in endangered species act 2008 material culture history of fashion designers culture of fashion history of fashion semiotics competitive federalism definition federal union dual federalism asymmetric federalism confederal government and multi-level governance entrepreneur economic legacy colonialist employment regional disparity northern bangladesh development and growth. regions acoustic features target utterances low duration indonesian learners arabic speakers political violence election. causesofcorruption perceptionofcorruption coruption standard. slovenia imprisonment economic effects social effects health effects psychological effects national bank dabolisha deposits mobilization sweepstakes liquidity home-based enterprises. small-scale business female entrepreneurs rule-based text-to-speech (tts) marathi phonology literature review classifications low jitter jitter ring oscillator dco cubic splines tele cardiology ecg marathi hts. text-to-speech (tts) hidden-markov-model (hmm) marathi speech synthesis system generator. detail enhancement resource optimization guided filter variance mean mos tts verilog ip core qdr ii+ memory soc carry look ahead carry save adder adder ripple carry adder culex molestus culex pipiens longevity embryonation pyrazole cinnoline anti-inflammatory activity. physioball: an air inflated ball inversion therapy cadence: number of steps per minute. physioball: an air inflatable ball of various size glycoselated haemoglobin dermatophytosis genotypes and subgenotypes t. rubrum rflp-pcr skin aging skin moisturization. cosmetic cream honey herbal oils medication appropriateness index drug-drug interaction medication inappropriateness in elderly medication review limm model. amphibians aravalis faunal diversity ajmer pcr-ssp: polymerase chain reaction with sequence s nafld: non-alcoholic fatty liver disease enos: endothelial nitric oxide synthase gram-positive bacteria artocarpus seed oil rifampicin and fluconazole. gram –negative bacteria diabetes type-2 glucose & lipid metabolism. herbal therapy fadogia lignocaine analgesic phenobarbitone anaesthetic antibiotic susceptibility staphylococcus aureus pseudomonas aeruginosa chronic suppurative otitis media complaints in airlines severity and controllability of failure situations expectations of justice in airline industry pension board retirement adamawa state family and business environment training. education and learning entrepreneurial training model society’s behavior tenun ikat bandar bandar kidul business decisions demographic factors entrepreneurs’ success monthly total earnings accorded to an employee/wor electronic banking low transaction cost pay job mobility human resource planning employee turnover career growth employee retention welfare benefits training and development fringe benefits feeling of fairness work life balance extrinsic rewards hargiesa water agency. policy and procedure resource allocation organizational performance organizational structures strategic plan implementation and focus strategies somaliland beverage industry (sbi) cost leadership it growing economic country hris knowledge management emotional loyalty intellectual cultivation moral loyalty continued loyalty learning organization organisational learning capital market graduates unemployment government. micro finance institutions credit facilities nakuru county government. compensation reward modern technology efficient service skills & abilities liquidity crunch shareholder indigenisation foreign bank revolutionary transformation digital banking deleverage bungoma value transformational change organizational behavior directions public and private sector pharmaceutical product defects pharmaceutical quality scm open distance learning students with disabilities retention inclusive education. disabilities naïve systems and multiple oriented systems effective procurement management efficient oriented system effective oriented systems performance measurements marketing branding strategy. choice youtube. ssis marine products horn jewellery coir industry coastal orissa facebook pine perfume industry convexity. distortion theorem p-valent function nano continuity. nano-open sets hyper bck-algebras cubic (weak) implicative hyper bck-ideal. cubic sets flux. resistance to flow casson fluid stenosis boundary conditions. picard approximation method uniqueness banach fixed point theorem existence simulation study erlang-coxian2 distribution linearcongruential generator. prophylactic treatment diabetic mellitus ph phase2 distribution exact solution volterra integral equation iterative method. singular kernel convergent power series. consistent block method collocation deceleration parameter. frw universe self creation cosmology string cloud strange quark matter higher dimension bulk viscous single-term haar wavelet series system of differential equations differential equations leapfrog method. differential equations on the sphere rotating disk and viscous fluid good pre-operator. t-pre compact mean absolute error root mean square error forecasting. study time digital natives examination anxiety reverse analysis hyperbolic activation function numbers multiplication whole numbers manual russian method decimal old methods formulae egyptian method new methods common method hydromagnetic field similarity solution boundary layer fem. thermal radiation hall current ham. soret and dufour effects variational iteration method phenyl glycidyl ether. carbon dioxide lagrange multiplier runge-kutta-fehlberg method laminar boundary layer prandtl number stagnation point occasionally weakly compatible mappings common fixed point compatible maps fuzzy metric space uniformly bounded. characteristicfunction banach space linear mappings relation isomorphism arithmetical progressions dirichlit's convolution convolution micropolar fluid autonomous lorenz model and nusselt and sherwood n electro-convection double diffusive convection unemployed person. employed person dynamic variables pressure drop diabetes etc. renal circulation hematocrit glomerular capillary geometrical derivation regular polygons generalized hypergeometric polynomial. appell function lauricella form δ ˆ s-irresolute. δ ˆ -continuity δ ˆ s- continuity δ ˆ -irresolute discharge graphite chamber synthesis. fullerenes activation energy loss in ferrite dielectric relaxation doped m ferrite hyperpolarizability 2mamp uv-vis ft-raman nmr plasma treatment low temperature plasma plasma needle plasma medicine. atmospheric pressure relative humidity refractivity exceptional groups renormalization group equation left-right symmetry supersymmetry. micro rain radar radar reflectivity tropical location rain rate and spin coating cds film fe-sem edx lithology terrameter. power instability comparator power system relay and switches power outages voltage collapse phase selector power system phase shale. ferruginised lithologic hall effect. d.c in40 se60 thin films data pedagogical methods and benchmark. colleges of education and benchmark. teachers assessment x-ray diffraction nanoparticles sol-gel. zinc oxide hydrothermal membrane cell s.cerevisea gpcr purification ionic conductivity sol-gel method powder x-ray diffraction infrared spectroscopy high depth hand-pump contamination. faecal coliform (e. coli) shallow depth hand-pump open burning abakaliki capital territory (act) health risk e-waste methylene blue sodium chloride electrochemical c-pvc even electron number value of ‘l’. total electron number spin state odd electron number spin multiplicity value molecules w.h.o municipal water water quality pm3 훽- diketo acid diketo acid and carboxamide derivatives qsar mlr marking-off properties emulsions water absorption coefficients. esterified waxes subscriber user mobility signaling mobility management handover energy cost retscreen. homer pv renewable energy source stt asr gui multirate fir decimator ddff high speed embedded logic sdff electromagnetic interference double shields shielding effectiveness oblique incidence cpu nmos integrated circuits pmos semi conductor traffic density measurement accident detection road acceleration vehicular speed computation quality factor lead zirconate and titanate(pzt-8 bulk acoustic wave (baw) zinc oxide(zno) microelectromechanical systems mac layer. wlan wpa universal asynchronous receiver transmitter baurd rate racine carrée de l’erreur quadratique moyenne modèle de propagation mesures radio régression linéaire. peak signal to noise ratio random valued impulse noise. median filter mean square error subcarriers oofdm ber key performance indicators traffic congestion and traffic load network management system busy hour block diagram methodology circuit description introduction mushroom shaped ebg and symmetrically distribution electromagnetic band gap (ebg) structure dual band microstrip patch antenna array defected ground structure (dgs) miniaturization fpga(field programmable gate array) vlsi(very large scale integration) obstacles hidden nodes collision rts/cts power protocol mcb labview mathematical modelling brake lining etc . flame length jet engine speed temperature combustion equivalence ratio. inclined infinite plate finite difference method dufour effect soret effect gearbox fault-diagnosis wavelet transform vibration hardness and tensile strength. aluminum aa6061 alloy friction stir welding (fsw) curve fitting geometric parameter black spot accident rate regression analysis. pulse off time pulse on time peak current en36 alloy steel wire electrical discharge machining (wedm parallel electrode plates available chlorine hypochlorous acid water experiment production efficiency full-bridge converter circuit dc power supply high-frequency pwm section pi control nusselt number helically pipe overall heat transfer coefficient. medical device design 3d printing heat transfer correlation. computational fluid dynamics helical coil heat exchanger straight and bend pipe. turbulent laminar mixed convection heat transfer abrasive jet machining sod. abrasive drilling heat exchangers heat transfer enhancement free and forced convection. passive techniques extended surfaces drones uav (unmanned aerial vehicle) hobbyists. ariel photography rc (radio control) bubble function shear locking selective integration shell element bilinear degenerated shell taguchi orthogonal array gas metal arc welding bead geometry grey relational analysis total lagrangian formulation newton-raphson scheme geometrical nonlinearity attraction rotating non-identical cylinders rotating identical cylinders attraction. pb pm gasoline engine ethanol-gasoline blends emissions. spt values. ground surface logical prediction response earthquake casting defects centrifugal casting cause and effect diagram defects analysis. natural frequency mode shape sandwich beam power transmission mechanical link rotating shafts fem inertia weight function water supply system westernmaharashtra propeller turbine sahyadri mountain ultra-low head hydro plant k.t. weir smart construction translucent concrete energy saving optical fibre multirate filtering signal sampling sdr fda interpolator matlab duc cost estimation load profile solar potential system design energy demand antibacterial activity ag nps optimal estimation kalman filter covariance matrix smart grid. mli h-bridge cfp res pic microcontroller can bus master- slave communication sensors (humidity sensor and temperature sensor) discontinuous conduction mode diode bridge rectifier continuous conduction mode voltage source inverter canonical switching cell electromagnetic interference. fvsi lmn vqi tcsc lqp and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (of riemann sequence peak to average power ratio (papr) high power amplifier (hpa) speed control. pi controllers p controllers statcom renewable energy systems shunt voltage. active power filter harmonic filter continuous current mode small wind machine control circuit buck-boost converter pcb inductor integrated passive multilayer capacitor l-c filter. flexible ferrite thyristor switched capacitors battery energy storage systems active power filters uninterruptible power supplies. surge arresters distribution static compensator static var compensator super-conducting magnetic energy systems distribution series capacitors solid state fault current limiter static electronic tap changers solid state transfer switches distribution static synchronous compensators global receiving end voltage critical voltage gvsm inverter push-pull microc social support caregiver technical losses loss factor non-technical losses distribution feeders data encryption. sam register nt editor tool hacking orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (ofd packet loss detection wireless multicast retransmission decimeter interpolated pos handy cards operational system nrhm dimensional model data warehouse atomic data apriori growth frequent patterns fp split job scheduling algorithm based on berger model. cmultiqosschedule algorithm paprika improved cost based algorithms sheft workflow ant colony cloud scheduling qda scheduling algorithm e-government hospital health quality vaccination services mobile note. linear noise cancellation adaptive filter exact random basis function (rbf) neural networks. adaptive link rate (alr) proportional computing dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (dvfs) greening selective connectedness energy aware applications energy aware software interface proxying over-provisioning resource consolidation green networking partially homomorphic encryption. fully homomorphic encryption pervasive healthcare performance metrices mlp backpropagation. multi-layer perceptron pattern recognition artificial neural network (ann) secret-key cryptography plain text np problems symmetric key public key cryptography brute force attack computational intelligence techniques swarm intelligence artificial neural network. computational intelligence best first search deep web two stage crawler adaptive learning cloudcomputing certificate less cryptography access control. aes function f2 function f1 feistal cipher windows application. enhance blowfish algorithm vipm. cloud notary authority tisa service level agreement accounting processor for event logs cloud service provider grasp secure virtual machine execution diabetic retinopathy retinal images cad. exudate biomedical image processing pos tagger crf tagger numeric sentiment identification algorithm compositional semantic rule algorithm bag-of-word and rule-based algorithm a star algorithm avoidance obstacles and indoor navigation. visually impaired/blind people path finding planning the path techniques multi-algorithm multimodal fusion support vector machines image moment weber’s local descriptor composite sketches retinal fundus image microaneurysm digital image processing classifier. contrast enhancement laplacian and gaussians pyramid decomposition brightness image fusion image blending botnet botnet detection. bot c&c malware attacks cosine similarity. vector space model conference topics researcher interesting topics. decimal vector binary vector map reduce content basedretrieval. hbase gaussian filtering hough technique tree ring dendrochronologydendroclimatology imprecise computation heuristic dynamic real time scheduling resource requirement. real time systems multi-core hierarchical structure xpath identifying duplicates object cleaning xml vanet rf packet etc link time rreq packet malicious node network throughput packets dropped aodv routing protocol ns2. average latency epilepsy prediction epilepsy eeg signals. approximate entropy sample entropy psnr value. psf image restoration blind deconvolution sdk object-oriented programming app store mobile app artificial intelligence jsp web development investment and risk factor system : job shop scheduling problem simulated annealing. mobility model realistic ad hoc networks cancer. physical inactivity sedentary life style cardiac disorder epds epds-b postpartum depression splinting carpal tunnel syndrome algometer splint wear time unsuccessful nursing students. motivational intervention content and support mechanism faculty members. teaching skills basic building blocks mind and mass divine mechanics atomic-genetics fundamental particles and fundamental interactions bihar. medicinal plants forest area nakshtra ethnobotanical study grasha’s model teaching style teaching method physiotherapy multinomial logistic regression categorical response variables learning experiences academic processes creativity. multiply function. algebra graph literation tutorship reverence idealism parental involvement traumatic brain injuries underperformance perceptions learning challenges industrial attachment internship field team-based learning pharmacology student-centered. tbl active learning mathematics performance repeated measure marginal effect marginal model generalized estimating equation longitudinal analysis social stability political stability. graduate employment work and study programme (wasp) paradigm learning theory teaching and learning quantitative qualitative research methodology scientific research influence of assessment on learning assessment and learning relation of assessment and learning. higher order learning design elements space space part. access safe motherhood health seeking behaviour gender based violence drivers. psychosocial learning strategies the speaking skill efl classes fl fluency strategy training instruction l2 vocabulary acquisition transferable competences 21st century career development internet. educational technology educational software situational teaching project task electrical control programmable logic controller procrastination thinking future consequences sylhet region prospect peoples satisfaction problem technology teachers’ realistic mathematics education approach learning trajectory fraction topics single teacher teaching approach curriculium. team teaching quality in education technology driven pedagogy. post-modernism philosophy split-personality social constructivist life-long learning preparing e-tutors for student success 21st century tutoring skills instructor onboarding and evaluation criteria for monitoring criteria for e-tutors students. teaching interest path model emotional maturity path analysis teaching competencies peculiar situation adverse situation socio-emotional development preschoolers sel tenets delinquency children and adolescents. delinquency public secondary school supervision teachers’ effectiveness determinant education of character achievement attitude change of learning. teachers’ attitudes bece classroom practices exam washback teachers’ perception motivation and achievement. informal cooperative learning model on “kar-kara fundamental human-rights tertiary institution-graduates human dignity school-leavers urban and rural households public senior secondary schools jamb incompetence in computer cbt exam session 2015 utme test validity living nigerians networks district achievement goals and influence character education nonconsumerist comprehension error transformation error process skill error muslim girls marginalization state policies patient care. listening score. discovery learning universal basic education (u.b.e) abuses substance substance abuses attractiveness fashion design women's accessories. men's behavior red color effect neco waec correlation coefficient ssce mathematics results wassce successful and women aspect. challanges balance independent heroic qualities intelligent bold courageous judgment differentiated instructions adaptive remediation solutions framework personalized learning e-tutoring innovative pedagogies cavi vocabulary call reading comprehension teachinglearning strategy problem-solving skills problem –based learning medical pedagogy hybrid technique excellence imperatives rhetoric depth of knowledge solving interventions character education phylosophy ecology education. engineering technology confidence educational management newtonian mechanics. motion-state inertial motion principle of inertia elearning a model of an animated logical task animation step by step the method of trial and error quality teacher public private partnership teacher education fantasia - creativity--fashion design- garments-sp primary school pupils and learners with special ne bibliotherapy manpower restructuring national productivity jigsaw cooperative learning model social science cognitive skills outdoor play ecd centres english instruction visual media state islamic secondary school the teaching/learning process of oral activity denotative chi square values. probability analysis teachers’ perceptions confronting performance. pre-service underrepresented physical growth preschool children kindergarten teachers functional and logical thinking modern media approaches to teaching mathematics generation ''z'' magic illusion non-tribe educational aspiration and secondary school studen tribe mastering. confident understand advance research research approaches teacher competence. feedback personality traits salary cgpa pep (personality enhancement program) educational environment parental encouragement significant difference senior secondary schools cooperative learning conception and preconception phase the phase of pregnancy stage of development prenatal teaching efficacy teaching anxiety teaching. age ctl the method of authentic problem based learning (ap chalk and board lecture points. over head projection lecture note power point presentation lecture class tutorial class scientific learning skill faith counselling psychotherapy religiotherapy self-esteem and social anxiety parental support pupils emancipatory research educational implications systematic appraisal seeking behaviour health information management. :this study demonstrates widespread of understandi character scientific learning skills learning disabled dysgraphia orthographical errors research method philosophical polyvinyl alcohol atomic force microscopy philosophical ideas nigerian education system aristotle synergy. strategies principals friction mathematics teachers school system school library oyo - nigeria sama veda oral tradition kerala style students migration higher studies future intentions human circulatory system alternative conception physiology. laboratories computer simulations animal experiments early childhood education learning environment katchi and curriculum vocational and technical education lesson study project-based learning learning outcome seminar accounting education research design and statistical analysis. instrument revised 9-year bec curricula teachers’ guides. resources school libraries. computer science courses moodle blended learning writing activities constructivist theory action research gender-based geographyeducation existential geography career-choice civilisation values of attitude or character sociology learning ctivity learning model literal symbols substitution teacher perception counselling needs field of study prospective teachers profession. teacher-centric approach learner-centric approach teaching methods classroom techniques individual learning collaborative learning t-test peer teaching student centric approach gender and locality of students achievement in learning chemistry apprentissage collaboratif réseaux sociaux cercles d’apprentissage encadrement tutorat. classe virtuelle subject choice peer group activities students’ interest. agriculture subject adaptive behaviour daily deficits mental retardation women national transformation gender gap stem productivity personnel. distance education program accessibility . planning ions discharged electrochemical series game cards summative evaluation. unreliability of the mark mathematics test anxiety k-mean statistical parameters nigerian educational system philosophical analysis theories of punishment manipur. imphal problems of private tuition private tuition factors of private tuition scientific methods the project worksheet project based learning game and poem instructional methods pupils’ mathematical concepts youth entrepreneurship aspiring young entrepreneurs opportunities childmortality teenage mother teenage child high vocational education competence based dacum computer programmed instruction and learning. pedagogy electrochemistry manuals (im logical thinking (lt) motivational level (ml) electrochemistry form 4 scientific reasoning skills (srs) eusm & t) facilitator concepts problem based learning government schools science attitude and private schools. science achievement group socially or emotionally delayed. a.d.l- activity o behavior modeling: when anyone learns anything by event or community. special education: special edu grooming etc. physically magnetic faults euler-deconvolution matuu area and self-potential. fast fourier euler’s deconvolution tilt angle derivative. reflection coefficient ( ) and transverse resistan resistivity formation ( ) coefficient of electrical anisotropy (λ) longitudinal conductance (s) ed galala tdr wadi araba fft as and spi. water saturation reservoir mineralogy porosity low permeability reservoir reservoir characteristics second member of yingcheng formation sedimentary pyroclastic rock tight gas reservoir seismic sedimentology well seismic combination stack gather velocity analysis. spectrum mute lower member of minghuazhen formation,heterogene bz25-1s imaging profile dipole-dipole structures sediments igbokoran. spring integrated geophysical investigation curves types schlumberger geo-electrical basin poisson survey. planners hydrologists beni suef basin basin evolution tectonics. eon 2 nd order topography quartzite nagari outliers land forms. synclinal hills anoxic environment. pyrite framboid size sorting grey shales signal amplitude algorithm swell noise streamer provenance tectonic setting carletonville area mn-fe coated terrigenous clasts diagenesis sandstones paleodepositional environment ameki formation pebble morphometry. limestone beds freshwater limestone bai hassan formation stromatolitic limestone upper bakhtiari formation geoseismic section. electrode separation refractor engineering properties granite porphyry petrographic studies micro-fracture sericitization drainage pattern domal structures kimberlites lineaments aeromagnetic data deconvolution green terminology emission factor carbon footprint carbon intensity ecological footprint sediment-hosted deposit massive sulphide search iocg stratigraphic correlation delta front sub facies sedimentary time units western oil field chemical ions. shatt al-hilla channel hydrogeochemical measurements ground water bituminous sand open castmining subsurface model electrical resistivity survey responsibility source of earthquake caution message destiny structural failure engineering site investigation water saturated clays. electrical resistivity imaging basement scarp saturation level failures rainfall shear strength slope stability transmissivity hydrogeochemical resistivity imaging ferromagnetism soil composites temperature gradient inductance loss humidity rise and fall algorithm computation. coiled magnetism shaft coupling thermostatic resistance(thermistor) geo accumulation index enrichment factor pollutant. geology and hydrogeology etc. lignite simulation. slope failure slope/w geostudio ikwette kanawa member sequence boundary parasequences. cretaceous transgressive systems plasticity suitability depth and geoelectric seistronix time-distance graph geologic aquifer and paiko. geohydrology reticulated thematic maps supervised unsupervised classification mamu formation kurtosis skewness and benue trough enugu shale groundwater quality water types. qualitative evaluation erp sharpe ratio real estate securities capital asset pricing model panel econometrics africa. income inequality rent seeking inflation rate. oil prices contract farming livelihoods rural poverty export crop price stability multiple regression industrial sectors agricultural sector exogenous model endogenous model human capital development : capital accumulation long term lending total loans advanced lending behavior poverty alleviation programmes economic development and income-poverty. human development index student –teacher ratios infrastructure facilities enrolment dropout rates and expenditure on education. firms performance. inflation expectations monetary deflation quantitative easing tax perception of fairness corporate tax rate revenue productivity corporate tax revenue risk governance credit appraisal and monitoring debt collection debt forgiveness foreign debt industrial output external competitiveness unemployment. determinants of fdi capital adequacy. bank capital minimum required capital wealthy creation wealthy maximization. an audit the profession of accountant education (ppak). interest auditors global financial architecture global economy insurgency brics conventional bank shariah islamic bank customer attitude β-deconvlolution wellbore storage effect buildup test material balance deconvolution parity of purchasing power deviation econometric model consumer price index foreign trade co integration educated youth external trade benefits panel data econometric methods gni. eswacs etnometodology budgetary foreign aid political relationship and diplomatic ties u.s economic growth. and short-run causality. asymmetric ardl government expenditure long-run causality bound testing approach andrews-zivot financial intermediaries causality prospects alarming rate industrial sub-standard. merger deposit money banks. acquisition msme business outcomes migration international remittance value transfer domestic private sector small and medium scale enterprises bank credits zse financial stability financial markets swaps hedging forward contracts economic stability futures inventory management asset management industrial productivity asia mundell-fleming model risk premium bp curve commitment organizational audit quality work experience competence non-oil export foreign reserve government expenditure and money supply operating lease information and communication technology (ict). finance lease international accounting standards economic decision household and community support for renewable energy environmental laws procurement performance attitude to green procurement banking population index of financial inclusion socio-political implications allocation fiscal and resource. control new product development (npd) service development service product. project portfolio management fpi price panicking grim trigger competition nigerian flour industry. credit riau-malay entrepreneurship. currency options currency futures open interest volume traded globalisation export concentration ratio openness wamz and waemu. ecowas economically weaker section chi-square analysis commercialization nigerian mixed methods cash waqf taxation logit tax evasion tax avoidance informal trader kccs business correspondents financial exclusion gccs. iiag africa institutions transportation costs tea quality modern and standard technology tea regional disparities budgetary deconcentration fiscal decentralization financial liberalization equilibrium relationship gravity model fixed effects model bangladesh’s trade managerial ownership and cost of capital institutional ownership voluntary disclosure information asymmetry external debt. domestic saving grant internal debt rural development small scale businesses cashless policy mobile network operators mobile money transfer mobile money saving consumption function autonomous consumption consumption short-run foreign borrowings and economic growth. workers' remittances foreign portfolio investment foreign direct investments foreign capital inflows foreign aids emerging economies book to market value ratio leverage linear multiple regression earning per share dividend per share share prices price earnings ratio investment tax credit cash flow re-investment allowance monetary policy shock agriculture investor protection stakeholders. block-holders crony capitalism swot analysis. artificial markets evolutionary approach complex systems government budget budget control index dow jones industrial average nikkei 225 shanghai stock exchange hang seng index joint stock index public debt self help groups net present value dividend payout earnings per share capital gains non-oil exports iran industrial production oil revenues credit risk non-performing loans random effect. deposit mobilization retirement benefits pension scheme return on asset return on equity total debt to total equity ratio (der) and total debt to total funds ratio fight against corruption government strategy corruption andrecurrent expenditure capital expenditureeconomic growth microfinance banks (mfbs) central bank of nigeria (cbn) microfinance institutions (mfis). national economic empowerment and development stra income taxes conflict setting of zakat cumulative empowerment index economic empowerment of women micro credit nabard shgs micro finance shgs and bank linkage model. indicators bench marks microfinance banks micro insurance body mass index chronic energy deficiency malnutrition. poverty measurement transparency financial management communes ensuring quality eldoret west district head teachers role evidence modesty tolerance. peace mercy compassion justice altruism benevolence teacher attachment. aggressive behavior peer attachment. non-forward sms. code-switching code-mixing ngos. organizational productivity leadership practices broken homes family instability juvenile crimes juveniles shg and rural development. gender-biased structure social consciousness woman empowerment international non governmental organizations statutory agencies not for profit organizations. partnerships voluntary agencies commercial agencies local non governmental organizations political importance islam family importance religiosity rationalism thinker essential-tension conquistador fantasy structure of terrorism. root causes of terrorism ethnic separatism religious extremism marginalisation promoting learning parents and teachers building partnerships newspapers social issues nigeria police sustainability. consolidation insecurity socio-economic development violence agricultural productivity institutional credit sustainable deployment and inclusive growth acceleration program gifted education problems of rural farmer developing country lowphulabori village rural farmers s.t. people courses module comparative legal system. malaysia child protection law code of conduct professionals quantity surveying wakari areca nut processing women labourer behavioural difficulties autism learning difficulties. screening perceived social support readiness for treatment. conversion disorder therapeutic participation therapeutic interaction anxiety disorders cost ibuprofen brand acetaminophen control chart statistical process control root cause analysis defects and defective information retrieval tools indexing and abstracting services urban community tobacco use cross sectional study regional integration realism functionalism european union liberalism active learning model art institute of indonesia. oedipus legal subject shame guilt psychiatry interdisciplinary legal studies jurisprudence gospel according to matthew 6:9-13 christians in nigeria luke 11:2-4 ecumenism the lord’s prayer public-private partnership co-dependency spouses of alcohol abusers interpersonal satisfaction relationship satisfaction training needs analysis language and gender gender neutrality claude shannon whorf improvement of eamings activity opportunity development of coastal reclamation dislocations. identity ambivalence social oppression ethnicity displacement multicultural reality racism intergenerational atrocities replacement of a deceased wife credit marriage poverty and forced marriages exile and isolation de-culturation alienation aculturation mou helsinki independent candidate regional head election biomedicine humanities medicine government and bye-laws. urban administration refuse enugu metropolis retirees and pension commission. pencom rural non-farm activities (rnfa) food processing industries (fpi kibaku chibok parent western education permanent local government commission local government poura commission municipal administration. ncds (non-communicable diseases) nmdc (national mineral development corporation) bastar and chhattisgarh traditional healing modern education vedic education environmental degradation wetland natural resource conservation newspaper engagement editorial texts genre non institutionalsocial function institutional advice texts sonnet xix sonnet vii milton stock returns fama-french-carhart multifactor model beta london stock exchange financial crisis effects exchange. global stock banking sector external shocks karachi stock exchange stock market reaction unanticipated events rota (return on total assets) capital adequacy ratio equity share capital dfi (development financial institution) npas (non performing assets) fish farms small scale fish production islamic finance financial institutions sharia. east java economic performance seismographic stations instrumental records. seismicity records seismographs multi-trace similarity dip-steering 3d seismic data spatial organization small towns hesar sorkh rural settlement hesar golestan decentralized granite phenocryst batholith pan-african strain artificial neural network susceptibility mapping landslide bearing capacity geotechnical investigation upper benue trough soil samples gombe sandstone weathered regolith borehole failure fractured bedrock schlumberger array kano state kumbotso reflective writing critical thinking reflection non-formal education life long learning capacity building biology peer education instruction programme professional counselling global security frameworks vocational school teacher’s individual characteristics job characteristics sun protection factor sunscreen substance erythema dose uv-visible spectroscopy uv radiation post learning session. learning session pre learning session instructional design aflaj. pad smart class unit curriculum instruction ict infrastructure public secondary schools mumias subcounty availability a.p. model schools. standardized tool. self concept intermediate students cultural awareness efl the cooperative learning model on numbered heads t student team achievement division (stad) learning achievement. services and research. problems child-spacing college of education married women sustaining innovation disruptive innovation business model byu harvard academic administration value chain human factors commercial driving. underfunding financing inadequacy small and medium scale adoption feasibility report entreprenuers kgbvs school infrastructure facilities stem (science engineering and mathematics). misconception chemistry education. redox reaction chemistry education problem-solving discursive asymmetry stakeholder analysis narrative situation analysis agency theory intersubjective logic facilitator of medication errors reporting barriers in reporting medication errors medication errors causes types and stages video assisted teaching(vat) diabetes. aerobic exercise reproductive health dysmenorrhea menstrual problems menstruation retrospective study blood components packed red cells platelet concentrate fresh frozen plasma herb medico potential. teenage depressions risk factors affecting depression. teenager intrathecal fentanyl dexmeditomidine primary and secondary healthcare settings knowledge update use nurses adolescents interpreters deaf sign langage. hard of hearing prenatal self care adverse birth outcomes young women stressors hiv positive sokoto. exploration skilled healthcare providers focused antenatal care post traumatic growth state-trait anxiety. ways of coping structured teaching programme. sex education mechanical ventilation. chest physiotherapy oxygenation nursing care restorative ischemic stroke gastroscopy evl variceal bleeding haematomesis malena emotional stress inventory personality type hemoglobin. anemia from the study it was found that the majority of t self-medication medical student. self esteem- time management –grade point averag patients. health problems staff nurse prenatal attachment maternal fetal attachment skills primigravida women anxiety-depression internet addiction college students psychopathologies nabh explorative rural wives healthcare men hospitals quality improvement accreditations it refers to the discomfort of low birth weight in chronic low back pain progressive muscular relaxation. morbidity. infants feeding practices geriatrics gerontology nutritional status. aging acute respiratory tract infection slum health education sensitive antimicrobial sensitivity testing bacterial isolates resistant expatriates management skills health managers work performance satisfaction. perception affiliation directorate abelmoschusesculentus concentration spent carbide. micro-hydro penstock pico-hydro hydro-generator. pelton wheel extracellular polymeric substances protein expression sulphate reducing bacteria body tissue sodium fluoride labeo rohita risk reduction disaster risk education stigeoclonium culture medium industrial pollution and nutrients oscillatoria landfill leachate acetogenesis bio-degradable methanogenic hyperplasia o. niloticus manzalah lake edema gill telangietasis hypertrophy haematological parameters workers cement exposure cooking banana flour bulk density absorption capacity proximate composition. arachis hypogea aflatoxin aspergillus spp natural aggregates c & d waste paving blocks recycled coarse aggregates pistia stratiotes acute toxicity bioaccumulation juvenile. clarias gariepinu carbonyl vocs gasohol fuels ozone formation potentialoxygenated hydrocarbons photochemical ozone creation potential nutrient enhalus acoroides germination seagrass environmental protection. coast ready-to-eat organic food food habits processed food food safety and standards authority of india (fssa convenience foods sapele wood waste. ethiope river benin formation persistent pesticide residues in elevated levels cardamom plantations organochlorine and organophosphorous pesticide res prediction of pesticide residue. drying kinetics guava fruit thickness coli forms pasteurized milk madurai mbrt raw milk cork oak variability tunisia. phenology endosulfan clausena dentata secondary metabolites olive oil hazard centrifugal extraction haccp safety leaf nutrient content bulbs chemical compositions onions flood plain natural disasters property rental values heavy rainfall dimethoate protein metabolic profile urban renewal issues leachate analysis coarse aggregate compressibility test. fine aggregate slag neqs badin drinking water quality tube well water arsenic hgaas field test kit carbon emission bacteriocarotenoid rhodocista toxic-mopping injury rate gender difference sprain. strain soft tissue depth perception. motor coordination. monocular cues tribal adolescent team cohesion – sport – performance. physical fitness- volleyball- football. availability and suitability. facilities risk factors of overuse injuries. mal-alignment unorganized activity overuse injury sit up yoga bridge up visual analogue flexibility fitness awareness fitness primary school teachers. explosive power agility cardiovascular endurance and bmi strength endurance sitting position male capacity building. family financial status injury prevention indian games sports injury artistic evaluation sound impression model motion capture balloon height yarn quality spindle speed yarn tension collapsed balloon traveller weight balloon diameter bending rigidity dimensional stability formability adsorption degumming silk fibroin etc. sericin biosorption sublimation print piece printing process cost of piece print curing techniques of piece print color fastness single bath dyeing pc blend fabric cost effective. shade matching polo pique areal density stitch length tuck loop. single jersey single lacoste nanocomposites cloisite 15a maleated polyethylene grafted polyolefins hdpe melt additive flame retardant (fr) limiting oxygen index (loi) draw ratio (dr) tenacity spun yarn viscose elongation hairiness singeing statistical significance plackett burman design ring spinning process parameters end breakage mms_ multimedia messaging service. api-application program interface sms- short message service php-hypertext preprocessor pdu- protocol data unit css- cascading style sheets ras- result alert system analog digitization oop application interface interactivity flexible interface scalability information interoperability data exchange wireless ecg information model som classifier dynamic offloading. offloading security in offloading mobile cloud computing urbanization cleanliness cacl2 and iptg. fasting blood glucose serum magnesium interleukin-16. hepatitis b virus interleukin 28b analgesic and diseases. glutathione peroxidase starcimol extra orphenadol gamma glutamyl transferase and hepatobiliary syste analgesics fecundity drinking water litter size. rhodamine b tributyrin biochemical tests lipase spectrophotometric assay genetic fidelity rapd analysis celastrus paniculatus serum cystatin c could serve as a good predictive polyesters environmentally friendly wastes rubber seeds renewable source escherichia coli genetically modified crops plasmid instability agrobacterium tumefaciens phylogenetic analysis bacillus dns activity assay alpha-amylase benzene hexane acetone ethanol. lycopene imvic streptococcus spp soy milk e.coli catalase soybean lipoxygenase cyclooxygenase hpetes and hetes. prostaglandins estradiol-17β hypercalcemia. serum biomarkers nephrolithiasis clinical datasets bioinformatics (in-silco) genomic medicine cognitive weight. testosterone seasonings chlorophyll soluble phenol phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (pal) ozone breast cancer blood stain stain removal bacillus licheniformis protease hair dye detergent bacterial cellulose kombucha anthocyanin scoby absorption glycated hemoglobin delonix regia effect of mda adenia cessampeloides effect of sod smoking. cigarette bidi lipid peroxidation oestrous cycle nubian goats. progesterone profile postpartum extension agents (eas) agricultural development pr extension service job performance nicobari fowl farming systems nicobari pig. tuhet nicobari tribes constraints turmeric yield application rates in-ovo injection broiler chickens nutrients age groups. pati ducks thyroid gland pygmy hog approach. forensic ammonia ovum npk plant sperm. physiological age and leaf area index potato storage duration store types acid sands fe uptake extractants acid salt chelate deficit irrigation – crop evapotranspiration- re indigenous characteristics turkey indomie waste isocaloric and isoproteinous premixes egg quality market facilitators market access logit model integrated nutrient management cow dung slurry pleurotus sajor caju sustainable. trichoderma harizianum p-solubilising micro organisms n-fixing microorganisms microbial degradation critical level by graphical method s concept bray soil and plant zinc aromatic fine rice yield and irrigated ecosystem dates of transplanting terai arc landscape principal component analysis and multiple linear r phaseolus vulgaris common bean genetic advance genetic variability sudan brucellosis seroprevalence rice (oryza sativa l.) biourine dosage time of application crossbred cows total uterine prolapse correction moringa extract le-conte “pear” garlic extract licorice extract triple modular redundancy (tmr). reduced faultless fir filter (rfff) error correction codes (eccs) complementary metal oxide semiconductor(cmos). full adder very large scale integration( vlsi) scaling factor threshold voltage constant voltage scaling constant field scaling scaling - vedic mathematics vlsi signal processing digital signal processing urdhva tiryagbhyam vedic multiplier advanced encryption standards multi processor. rc4 cla clock kram throughput motion vector. h.264/avc motion estimation full search block matching algorithm block matching algorithm macular ischemia consistence textures. optimize low power sram dynamic power bsim4 model virtual vdd. read nblv write clock gating flip flops lacg agff encoder reuse technique. multiple cell upsets error correction codes decimal matrix code impedance cardiography kalman filter . wavelet packet transform baseline wander radial artifact bioimpedance power delay product multiplier wallace multiplier. pixel ordering. neighbors finding quadtree ieee 754 pipelining vhdl. asic low power consumption. 9t sram cell 6t sram cell mtcmos 8t sram cell asynchronous adc. globally asynchronous locally synchronous (gals) template updating histogram regression line normalized cross correlation object tracking frame difference white rows word segmentation line segmentation white columns shirorekha consecutive white rows (cwr) threshold devanagiri script iir filter dsp processor stack tech lsvl usvl mtcmos. leakage current vtcmos svl romi stream. eicchornia crassipes. phytoremediation mulberry. buccal pouch carcinoma syrian hamster viscosity ketoconazole elasticity rheometer franz diffusion cell gel bases human parainfluenza virus oreochromis niloticus mucuna pruriens sex reversal tissue engineering scaffold bone regenerate mesenchymal stem cell grafting quinazolinone benzoxazinone thiazolidinone characterization. forced swim test withania somnifera anti depressant activity roasting anti-nutrients jatropha carcus soaking. detoxified kidney diabetics carica papaya rats alloxan chemical oxygen demand biological oxygen demand cassia tora fatty acids carbon tetra chloride fatty acids. cichorium intybus l. seeds carbon tetrachloride cyclophosphamide immunomodulatory activity ethanolic extract dalbergia latifolia barks fever adilabad district. embolism activities of daily living high density lipoprotein proteome admet analysis. inhibitors docking vitamin e gastric tissue mucosal damage malondialdehyde water immersion selenium seasonal variation bacterial pathogens urinalysis co-infection schistosomiasis preeclampsia mn-sod gene polymorphism. gstp1 urinary tract genital tract mice immunogens oral immunization acmv antibodies turbidity coagulant hardness and water treatment. metals orobanche cascuta stimulator parasites. tonic endemic chronic lymphatic filariasis chromolaena odorata phytochemicals. retention factor (rf) methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (mrsa) type 1 diabetes mellitus diabetic nephropathy diabetic angiopathy bosentan :microbiological quality pupa adult rhynchophorus phoenicis palm pith edibility larva jasminum officinale antibacterial activity. cochlospermum planchonii root cochlospermum planchonii leaf batch culture shake flask spore production bioreactor bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis garlic antibacterial effect spices phospholipids senescence fatty acid composition polar lipids glycolipids sterol. leaf development rauwolfia serpentina potency vancomyc in capsules commercialization. shelf life atcc6633 bacillus subtilis autonomic neuropathy diabetes and lipid profile. autonomic function tests rural population. coronary artery disease halothane glutathione-s-transferase isoflurane echhornia crassipes edible insect gryllotalpa africana bacterial distribution. rosuvastatin. olmesartan metolazone rp-hplc method spironolactone nebivolol indapamide phoretix 1d. ficus rapd marker elemental affinity pigmented bacteria. energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy cellular element orobanche aegyptiaca pers dendrophthoe falcate phosphorus 32 ficus glomerata etc. cardio kymograph ulcer intestine. blood cardio. jaundice sightless enzymes active principal abstract sample etc pharmacist medication error pharmacy prescription error united arab emirates. bacillus cereus e. coli s. caryophyllatum mycelium growth cordyceps militaris mushrooms solid culture medium optimization flies waste dump drug target inhibitor insilico receptor. computational methods screening layyah medicinal use ethnobotanical survey traditional plants smf= sterile manufacturing facility. spore= most resistant form of vegetative cells incubation= specicific temperature or condition wh tsa= tryptic soy agar biodiesel transesterification lipid extraction biomass growth chlorella sp. neil3 gene knockout molt-4 gapdh shirna uv mutagenesis isoquercitrin bacillus litoralis kupffer cell malanoaldehyde bile pigments and bilu lipid peroxidation hepatotoxicity abakaliki and ebonyi state soyabeans ash content isolation and detection rubiceace alkaloids morinda lucida cajanus cajan. protein composition pigeon pea crude protein gamma radiation nitrogen sodium azide socio-economic characteristics eldoret innovation operators medium enterprises doinyo lessos creameries small activity levels eldoret international airport outflows cargo inflows business r&d trademarks corporate social responsibility strategies equity bankin kenya performance hra practices. hra issues human resource accounting (hra) capital investment hra challenges work-related issues flexible working hours. job stressors stress indicators pdsa critical success factors (csfs) market based quality effective communication and tqm implementation tqm failures stress at workplace time management bank managers usage level internal forces and external forces organizational change bcc model ccr model dmu dea organization hospitality industry political factors and politics. inclusive growth edps skill development bank linkages digital awareness e-loyalty. customer’s perception of feedback customer retention prior experience e-trust e-service recovery satisfaction degree of market imperfection futures indices pricing performance futures pricing models opportunity scanning humphrey strengths external factors ancient literature jain literature internal factors weaknesses swot analysis thirukkural swot matrix environmental scanning threat analysis tamil literature speech transference articulation structure ebusiness e-shopping internet shopping e-consumers online shopping acceptance goal setting. performance drivers human capital analytics conflicts multi-ethnic disputes hr practices multi-ethnic relationship european aviation safety agency (easa) quality assurance (qa) european union (eu) safety assessment of foreign aircrafts (safa). banking privatization all share index nigerian stock market liquidity. gross fixed capital formation error correction mechanism ifrs nairobi securities exchange external finance developing countries private capital flows training evaluations employee performances four point agenda and enugu state. coal enugu unemployment and local industries. shareholder wealth bse ·developing countries grey market e-waste problem · suggestions for management assembled pc breakeven point expanding in stages business strategy private hospitals change trends buying pattern customer’s taste. petroleum profit tax (pet) vecm ronw totally geodesic nearly hyperbolic cosymplectic manifold parallel distribution and semi-symmetric semi-metr cr-submanifolds differential operator rodrigue formula stirling number. generating relations fuzzy network defuzzification techniques project network fractional diffusion equation. tau method shifted legendre polynomial shifted chebyshev polynomial double laplace transform double elzaki troundaryansform inverse double elzaki transform convolution. least square g-inverse. minimum norm g-inverse g-inverse pitching derivatives piston theory angle of attack supersonic flow delta wing interval valued fuzzy soft matrix soft set interval valued fuzzy soft matrix medical diagnosi fuzzy soft set union and intersection of interval valued fuzzy so star graph and wheel graph. connected total dominating set connected total domination polynomial connected total domination number pseudo commutative p-semiprime completely p-prime p-pseudo symmetric ideal completely p-semiprime p-prime pseudo symmetric ideal mid unit. unconstrained problems. positive definite matrix optimal control conjugate gradient method non-linear systems riemannian connexion unified contact riemannian manifold c  -manifold semi-symmetric metric s-connexion. data envelopment analysis(dea) non-life insurance firms milling. one-step method size reduction enstrophy vorticity equation maxwell stress tensor vorticity stress tensor static pressure diameter. ams subject classification: 05c76 n -path radiation. oscillating vertical plate skew logistic distribution generalized hurwitz–lerch zeta function moment generating function fractional integral erd푒 lyi- kober operator riemann-liouville operator gauss hypergeometric function and general class of i-function weyl operator saigo operators uniform magnetic field buoyancy force rotation parameter temperature field intuitionistic fuzzy sub-algebra t-ideal intuitionistic fuzzy tideal. (closed) intuitionistic fuzzy ideal special polygonal numbers 2010 mathematics subject pair of pythagorean triangles 11y50
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