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buy ipad 3

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http://www.thinkofus.com.au/ Thinking of buying a Mobile - Think of Us! Best Prices Guaranteed. Apple,Samsung,HTC,Nokia,Sony,Blackberry

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buy ipad 3

  1. 1. thinkofusSamsung Galaxy S3 i9305 4G LTE 16GB (S III) (SMG-i9305) RRP $899.99 Our Price $735.00 You save $164.99! Stock Status:In Stock Availability:: Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days Color Click to view another Phone Color Phone Color*: Alternative Views: 1 Qty:Description SpecificationsBuy the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9305 4G LTE 16GB (S III) from Think of Us, unlocked and with 12months warranty.Samsung i9305 is a 4G LTE capable variant of best in class smartphone Galaxy S3 with an extendedlist of features. It would not be incorrect if we call it an upgraded version of i9300 as it runs latestAndroid operating system, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) with 2GB RAM as opposed to 1GB RAM on i9300.The rest of the features of i9305 are almost comparable to i9300. The smartphone boasts a brilliant4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD, power efficient display. The device is 8.6mm thin and weighs 135g witha quad-core processor, 8MP camera and NFC technology.The Samsung Galaxy S III was designed for human and mimics the warmth and beauty of nature. Itcomes in Pebble Blue and Marble White and runs a Nature UX. The casing is finished inHyperglaze, a new technology developed just for the S3, which will also have a wireless chargingcapability with the Samsung Galaxy S III wireless charging pad accessory.The camera is packed with new features including Best Photo, Burst Shot and Buddy Photo to helpyou take high quality shots, tag and share them effortlessly. Taking from the Galaxy Nexus, it has azero shutter-lag and can take 3.3 shots/second in burst of up to 20 images. You can record HD videofrom both the main and secondary cameras and capture a still while recording video.In typical Samsung fashion there are a bunch of Smart new features such as Smart Stay eye-trackingto keep the screen backlit as long as it needs to be, Direct Call automatic dialling for when you changeyour mind mid-text, Smart Alert motion vibration for when youve missed important calls and SocialTag for automatic recognition of your friends in your gallery.http://www.thinkofus.com.au/
  2. 2. thinkofus Extra functions are a much-improved voice-recognition program called S-Voice, S-Beam NFC + WiFi one-touch sharing and streaming and S-Help personal wellness tracker. AllShare has been improved and expanded to allow mirroring the phone screen onto any compatible device or any device connected to a new dongle accessory. Theres also Pop Up Play to keep active tasks running in the background, Group Cast, WiFi channel bonding, GPS + Glonas, improved enterprise security, mobile device management and so much more. The Samsung Galaxy S III also comes with 50GB of Dropbox online storage over 3 years, more than enough space for all your Music, Photos and Files.Read more : http://www.thinkofus.com.au/Samsung-Galaxy-S3-i9305-4G-LTE-p/7276.htmhttp://www.thinkofus.com.au/