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Mobile Collaborative Search Inviting Clients 07-19-13

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Mobile Collaborative Search Inviting Clients 07-19-13

  1. 1. Mobile Collaborative Search Inviting Clients to Connect
  2. 2. 2 Inviting Clients to Connect • Clients who accept an Agent’s invitation to connect will see that agent’s branding when they sign-in to the REALTOR.com® mobile app. • Additionally, all primary inquiries from that client will be routed to their agent. • Clients will be able to request showings and receive suggested listings from their agent. To invite clients to connect with you for Collaborative Search: 1. On the home screen, tap Invite Clients. iPad® iPhone® 2. Enter the email address of the client you wish to invite. You may also select by tapping +. NOTE: If your client already has a REALTOR.com® user (consumer) account, be sure to invite the email address which they use for their REALTOR.com® user account.
  3. 3. 3. Your client will receive your invitation via email and in their REALTOR.com® mobile app (if they already have the latest version installed). via Email via App © 2012 Move Sales, Inc. All rights reserved. Mobile Collaborative Search_clients_091312_fm_F Accurate Data, Always. Direct feeds from 864+ MLSs, and most listings updated every 15 minutes. Real Prices, from REAL Professionals. Homes for sale show real prices established between seller and broker, not a mechanized “estimate.” No FSBOs. REALTOR.com® DOES NOT allow FSBO listings. REALTOR.com® Sustains Itself. We don’t use NAR dues to operate and maintain the site. Never have, never will. A client can only be connected to 1 agent at a time. A client would need to disconnect from their current agent in order to accept an invitation from another agent. 4. Until you have a connected client, you can tap Pending Clients to see the status of your invitations. At this time, Agents can have up to 100 active invitations and connections. For more information, call us at 1-866-504-2338.