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Technical Marketing is the Price of Admission

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Mike King's HubSpot's Inbound 2015 talk about how technical skills are no longer optional for marketers.

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Technical Marketing is the Price of Admission

  2. INBOUND15 DOWNLOAD THIS DECK http://bit.ly/stock-marketing
  3. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 This is the stock market as most of us know it.
  4. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 When you think of the stock market, you think of guys like this.
  5. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Really, this is the stock market as it actually exists today.
  6. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 For years traders felt like the markets “weren’t the markets" anymore, but didn’t know why.
  7. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 It wasn’t until “flash crash” of May 6, 2010 that brokers really started to understand
  8. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 ROBOTS HAD TAKEN OVER THE MARKETS Or rather high frequency trading algorithms did
  9. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 The SEC implemented Reg NMS to require bid distribution across multiple exchanges
  10. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 LATENCY CREATES ARBITRAGE OPPORTUNITIES High Frequency Traders capitalize on the microsecond latency between trades
  11. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Front Running with HFT Exploiting the latency between trades, they could trade against you before your original trade went through
  13. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 These people embraced technology and created an opportunity in a fragmented marketplace
  14. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 …while other brokers were at the mercy of technology.
  15. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 This was the forceful evolution of Wall Street.
  17. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 This is Where We’re At Now is the time to find the crevices in the market to see outsized returns.
  18. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 We’re Not Ready for Right Now... Most marketers feel that their team is not ready to handle today’s technology.
  19. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 We’re Not Maximizing Most people are using their marketing technology just for email marketing.
  20. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 How About the IoT? So where does that leave marketing for the upcoming explosion of the Internet of Things?
  21. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 It leaves you right here. Not ready for what hit you.
  22. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 We All Agree IoT is Next Senior marketers agree that IoT is the next big thing, but there’s a disconnect with current channels and technology.
  23. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 …But Few Are Ready We are on the verge of a technological revolution that marketers are not ready to capitalize on.
  24. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Technical Expertise Not Needed? Marketers marketing to marketers want you to believe that technical expertise is not a requirement.
  25. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 HAVE YOU HEARD OF JAVASCRIPT? JavaScript MVW frameworks have made content accessibility a little more difficult in recent years.
  26. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 ANGULAR’S GROWTH IS A KEY REASON WHY SEO is more technical than ever before, actually.
  27. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 “NO IMPLEMENTATIONS UNTIL 2017” And still you are at the mercy of technology and your development team.
  28. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 SECRET: NOTHING IS EVER THAT HARD. Developers are seen as magicians so they get away with a lot because you don’t understand what they do.
  29. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 This is exactly why “growth hackers” are eating your food.
  30. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 The New Normal Companies like Facebook only hire technical marketers. This is fast becoming the new normal.
  31. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ADWORDS SCRIPTS? Did you know some marketers automatically make their PPC bids change based on the weather?
  32. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 EVER RETARGET THE WRONG PERSON? Did you know that’s easily solved on the frontend multiple different ways?
  33. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 EVER WANTED TO RETARGET JUST ONE PERSON? Cookie pools have minimums, but I solved that with a few lines of code.
  34. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Did You Know Your Ad Network Will Like to You? If you’re not savvy enough to figure it out, you could be wasting big portions of your budget. h/t @willcritchlow https://medium.com/@robleat hern/the-mobile-video-ad-lie- 938a6de51367
  35. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Does Programmatic Scare You? The programmatic ad marketplace is not much different from high frequency trading. Are you ready?
  36. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 THIS IS NOT ABOUT LEARNING TO CODE It’s about understanding possibilities and communicating effectively with your team to capitalize on them
  37. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 OH, You’re Still Siloing Your Teams? Despite how ineffective it is, companies still take an assembly line approach where marketing and development don’t interact
  38. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 The modern marketing team must have developers on it.
  39. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 81% Of big firms now have a chief marketing technologist. This is good news. Gartner
  40. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 WE ARE MATH MEN AND MAD MEN. It’s about understanding possibilities and communicating effectively with your team to capitalize on them
  42. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Change the Perception Marketers are OK with not knowing how things work which makes developers dismiss you.
  43. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 It’s like speaking French in Paris. They’ll just be happy that you tried.
  44. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Stay Up on Coding Trends What’s popular in the development community dictates where trends are going. HackerNews BuiltWith Trends
  45. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Learn from what the market is doing
  46. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Learn Your Tools Well I’ve never seen an instance of Omniture set up properly. I rarely see someone who knows how to use it.
  47. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Push Your Tools to the Limits
  48. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Stay Curious About Your Data
  49. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Discover what is possible.
  51. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Establish a Baseline of Skills Everyone on the iPullRank team knows HTML, CSS, SEO and Google Analytics no matter what they do.
  52. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 T-Shaped Marketer Modern marketers must have a working knowledge of many different disciplines with deep knowledge in a core skill of their choosing.
  53. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Cornerstones Haven’t Changed Fundamentally, marketing is still the same. The medium, tools, and speed have changed dramatically.
  54. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 HTML & CSS Learn how to build a web page. https://www.codecademy.com/tracks/web
  55. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 JavaScript Learn how to make a dynamic webpage. https://www.codecademy.com/tracks/javascript
  56. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 APIs Learn how to make applications talk to each other. https://www.codecademy.com/apis
  57. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 SQL Learn how to work with databases. https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-sql
  58. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Search Engine Optimization Learn how to make content visible. http://www.distilled.net/u/
  59. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Pay Per Click Learn how to advertising auctions work. https://support.google.com/partners/answer/6123881?hl=en
  60. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Content Strategy Learn how to make useful and usable content. http://thecontentstrategytoolkit.com http://contentstrategy.com
  61. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 User Experience Learn how to plan user experiences that work for your target audience. http://www.uxapprentice.com
  62. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Measurement Learn how to measure the performance of marketing activities. https://analyticsacademy.withgoogle.com
  63. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Data Mining Learn how to dig through your idea to identify opportunities. https://www.coursera.org/specializati ons/datamining
  64. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Optimization Learn how to optimize experiences for the completion of business objectives. http://do.thelandingpagecourse.com/
  66. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Tools Create Oppportunities Tools can be transformative to workflows and efficiency. They can also create entirely new opportunities.
  67. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 API Growth APIs have exploded in the last 5 years. There’s more structured data available than ever before.
  68. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 MarTech Landscape Don’t worry, most of this stuff sucks and tried and true or free open source solutions work just fine.
  69. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 “Tools must shift from lines of code to declarative tools that allow business analysts to drag and drop processes, and users to compose apps rather than code them.” …and that’s where things are headed.
  70. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 No Code is MarTech’s Best Trend Tools like Optimizely, Google Tag Manager, Zapier and Unbounce put the power back in the hands of marketers
  71. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 MySQL Excel’s million row limit isn’t going to cut it in the big data environment. http://www.mysql.com
  72. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 MySQL for Excel Pull your preprocessed query data into Excel. https://www.mysql.com/why-mysql/windows/excel/
  73. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Google Analytics Google Analytics is more than everything you need for effective measurement. http://www.google.com/analytics
  74. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Programmable Web Stay in the know about what data is available. http://www.programmableweb.com
  75. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 GA Query Explorer Get the most out of GA by querying the API. https://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/query-explorer/
  76. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Google Tag Manager Google Tag Manager is the future of measurement setups. http://tagmanager.google.com/
  77. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 CHECK OUT OUR FREE GUIDE TO GTM http://ipullrank.com/google-tag-manager
  78. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Klipfolio Connect all your data sources into stakeholder dashboards http://www.klipfolio.com
  79. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Orange Make data mining a visual process rather than just a mathematical one. http://orange.biolab.si
  80. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 FullContact Enhance data on your users based on their email addresses. http://www.fullcontact.com
  81. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Local Web Server Download a web server for building and testing. https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html
  82. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 URLProfiler Understand content’s performance quickly across every metric that matters http://www.urlprofiler.com
  83. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 MailChimp From newsletters to trigger emails for marketing automation, MailChimp is usually all you need.
  84. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Zapier Automate your app connections. Achieve scale and efficiency http://www.zapier.com
  85. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Kimono Labs Scrape content from websites without any code. https://www.kimonolabs.com/
  86. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Mautic Open source Marketing Automation. http://www.mautic.com
  87. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Postman Test out APIs without any code. http://www.getpostman.com
  88. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Unbounce Build landing pages without any code. http://www.unbounce.com
  89. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Optimizely Build conversion tests without any code. http://www.optimizely.com
  90. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Personyze Do drag and drop personalization for free. http://www.personyze.com
  91. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Chrome Developer Tools Understand the code on your page. Ctrl+Shift+I in Chrome.
  92. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 WordPress The only CMS you’ll ever need http://www.wordpress.org
  94. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 You’re a Conductor Your job as a modern marketer is to be a conductor across many disciplines.
  95. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Strategic Planning You need to be able to bring a strategy together from end to end that also covers the technical aspects
  96. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Be prepared to execute it yourself. If you must.
  99. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Model Identify a performant segment of your audience Develop a hypothesis Launch something to support the hypothesis Determine how to measure Listen to performance Optimize Accordingly
  100. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 “Only teams where there’s cross-discipline understanding are going to be able to produce truly exceptional marketing content, and the gap between those agencies and clients and everyone else is only going to get more obvious as the rate of progress hastens.” @PeteWailes
  101. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 Go Get Em!
  103. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 My name is Mike King.
  104. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 I Own An Shop Called iPullRank
  105. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 This Is What We Do Hitting the Right Targets Making Software Work Paid Media Amplification Making the Right Content
  106. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 This Is What We Do Earned Media Taking the Message to the User Performance Insights Testing and Learning
  107. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 We’d Love to Help You Out
  108. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 That’s All I’ve Got!
  109. @iPullRank #INBOUND15 THANK YOU / Q&A MICHAEL KING FOUNDER IPULLRANK @iPullRank mike@ipullrank.com http://ipullrank.com DOWNLOAD THIS DECK: http://bit.ly/stock-marketing