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Axses Hotel Direct Marketing Branding


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Axses Hotel Direct Marketing Branding

  1. 1. Marketing Barbados with a Unique Travel Platform made for Barbados Tourism Operators By Barbadians 12 years building technology for Caribbean tourism knowledge engineering AXSES Travel Platform What we do and why
  2. 2. helping small and medium sized resort & tourism operators build direct business and brand integrity knowledge engineering AXSES MISSION advanced technology – training & support – supplier tools
  3. 3. Building and Supplying Supplier-centered supply-chain management tools and services for small and medium sized tourism operators including; resorts, small chains, destination associations and travel portals knowledge engineering AXSES FOCUS Direct Sales | Your Brand | Your Technology | Your Control
  4. 4. *engineering information & process for the knowledge based economy making information malleable, configurable, searchable, accessible and delivered to suite knowledge engineering Supplier Tools e-commerce marketing & management direct marketing websites & portals reservations management global distribution social networking channel management hospitality management cost effective advertising / advertising management Intellectual resource & knowledge management
  5. 5. Knowledge engineering A Unique Platform for Destination Marketing     Advertising is the Driving Force for Direct Travel Marketing and Branding Bookings is the Call to Action   AXSES has Merged Advertising and Bookings into a Single Powerful Marketing Solution with a sophisticated and simple interface for managing advertising and bookings in multiple channels across multiple platforms
  6. 6. Knowledge engineering Direct Marketing for Brand Integrity in 2006 major brands direct online was 81.4% Max Starkov , President & CEO, Hospitality eBusiness Strategies Inc. Direct-to-consumer online distribution should become the foundation, the main focus of any hotelier's online distribution strategy. Online, the industry direct sales average 52% (PhoCusWright, 2002) with many hoteliers reporting less than 5%. Many hoteliers cede control of their inventory and pricing property to online intermediaries, at an enormous cost financially and to brand integrity   Internet is about being direct! It is the most efficient marketing and distribution medium ever made for Direct Business
  7. 7. Knowledge engineering in our booking channels , given the option to go direct travelers do so.. The number linking direct far exceeds the number that choose to go thru a full booking process. Advertising driving direct sales and branding $$ Revenue # Clicks
  8. 8. Knowledge engineering Smart Ads (bookable-ads) and Bookings = 56% approx of all clicks 50 % of ads are now smart
  9. 9. Knowledge engineering Description ??? Photo ?? -- add with arcRes Tool Smart Ads Marketing - Themes Barbados family vacation
  10. 10. Knowledge engineering Smart Ads Marketing - Specials Barbados vacation specials eSpecials – quotes, bookable RSS feeds publish Specials to 100’s of site
  11. 11. Knowledge engineering Smart Ads Marketing - Quotes Bookings Beach View Hotel Barbados
  12. 12. Knowledge engineering Smart Ads Marketing – by name Beach View Hotel Barbados
  13. 13. Knowledge engineering Bookable-ads (maps) If No arcRes (not Bookable) NO quotes, room, rates, Comparison shopping, photo gallery MyRealholidays
  14. 14. . Knowledge engineering Turn on the light Bookable-Ads FREE!! To arcRes BookingsBarbados.com users TM
  15. 15. Knowledge engineering arcRes/arcAds: Expose, Leads and Bookings Travelers visit several website before booking. Travel Guides (Barbados.org) are one of the first places they visit Our Travel Channels are a leading force in building desire We help build/expose your Brand We provide you with a database of prospect and the tools to market directly All the tools to help close the sale specials, packages, groups, partners, rss, on-line help - scripts, call-center http:// localhost /axses/ encyc /archive/ arcres / arcrates /users2/ mailform _ webmail _help. cfm Leads are being Closed at the rate of 10-30%
  16. 16. Knowledge engineering Bookings Conversion report: Small hotel June to Aug. 23 2009 ## 16.4% of lookers booked people who got at least a quote   59.5% of success booked successfully completed the process   0% of invoices got to the invoice stage   5.7% of quotes got a quote Clicks ## Revenue $$
  17. 17. Knowledge engineering Bookings Conversion report: Small hotel June to Aug. 23 2009, In the first 7 days of Sept. They have 8 bookings totaling US$ 5534 and covering 51 nights
  18. 18. . Knowledge engineering arcAds management and reporting Tracks every click on every ad on every ad spot Place any type of adv. through all sites and analyze their effectiveness. Advertisers can login and review their own accounts Multiple Ad types
  19. 19. . Knowledge engineering Tracks every click on every ad on every ad spot
  20. 20. . Knowledge engineering Tracks every click on every ad on every ad spot 7995 clicks CPC $0.15BGI Avg. cost $2.5 us
  21. 21. . Knowledge engineering Travelers have a keen interest in Bookable-ads using all of ad-option (rates etc) to help make the right choice Bookable-maps have use ratio of approx 3:1 (3 clicks on rooms, rates, quotes, photos, and compare, for every click to the website) Bookable-Banners = 2:1  
  22. 22. . Knowledge engineering arcRes and ArcAds Managing multiple sites and applications on several platforms e-commerce platform Website Booking Engine for hotels, villas, cars, activities, channel management, GDS, marketing tools, e-commerce management
  23. 23. Knowledge engineering . Easy to use admin tools All inventory options All payment options All Guarantee options Full control of content Research Newsletter Client Management Database Marketing Flexible Family plan & ages Flexible rules & policies Groups – Specials – Packages Themes Management Co-Marketing (Partners Program) Distribution | GDS | Affiliates FaceBook
  24. 24. Knowledge engineering arcRes for Tourism Website Database of lookers and bookers
  25. 25. Knowledge engineering Transaction details for hotel and partners Selling property tracked on partner record arcRes for Tourism Partnerships Properties selects partners Selected partners displayed Final bookings page
  26. 26. Knowledge engineering many results arcRes for Tourism Partnerships Flight search - GDS (Sabre) ian.com affiliate partner Airlines webrates now available to GDS FREE – Branded Solution $250setup 8 results form pre set with info from arcRes booking form Airline Search & bookings is non commissionable – this service offered as a convenience. Some service fees may be applied – Branded solution receives 50% of services applied
  27. 27. A RC R E S Knowledge engineering Property description and photo Quotes Room descriptions Rates Specials automatically shown through RSS feeds. Bookings … all shown in Facebook and updated easily in arcRes. arcRes for Facebook
  28. 28. Knowledge engineering Transaction record show agent. Custom reports available Caribbean Specialists Resources Links to: Barbados Sandy Lane A Bookings Barbados Service direct on Travel Agents site * Axses supplied agent website * Agents own website arcRes for affiliates For the traveler:: compare lists, quotes, myRealHolidays website- -itineraries
  29. 29. Knowledge engineering arcRes for Portals For the traveler:: compare lists, quotes, myRealHolidays website- -itineraries 30 Caribbean Sites
  30. 30. Knowledge engineering arcRes for Direct Marketing Transaction manager & Database (leads) Marketing Direct marketing system - broadcast arcMail personal
  31. 31. Knowledge engineering arcRes for Facebook arcRes for GDS arcRes for e-Specials arcRes for Affiliates arcRes for Google Maps arcRes for Your Website arcRes for Bookable-ads arcRes for Portals arcRes for RSS Marketing arcRes Marketing Suites http:// arcres .com/ ecommerce -and-travel-marketing. cfm arcRes for Partnerships
  32. 32. . Knowledge engineering Why use arcRes as a booking engine <ul><li>Leads and database marketing </li></ul><ul><li>Dynamic content – rates – rooms </li></ul><ul><li>Booking-partners </li></ul><ul><li>Flight search & bookings </li></ul><ul><li>SEO – Tops on search engines </li></ul><ul><li>GDS Load – completed | GDS Integration PMS setup $750 mim $75 pm </li></ul><ul><li>Costs </li></ul>
  33. 33. . Knowledge engineering arcRes booking engine 0$ If hosted ($125pa if not hosted) Hosting and advertising is $1400 with stats -$1100 paid now i.e for $300 for hosting
  34. 34. . Knowledge engineering AFFORDABLE GDS/IDS Channel Manager 7/5$ booking 3 rd part PMS Not integrated with arcRes: Setup $750 Month $75 Hotels.com Travelweb Merchant N/A
  35. 35. . Knowledge engineering Combing Bookings and advertising Building Brands and Direct business Giving travelers a uniquely rich experience More clicks and exposure of brands More leads and database marketing More brand control
  36. 36. *engineering information & process for the knowledge based economy making information malleable, configurable, searchable, accessible and delivered to suite knowledge engineering providing the tools & services to help suppliers build brands, markets & profits advanced technology | know-how training & support
  37. 37. knowledge engineering T h a n k y o u