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CARNIVAL                                                 BARBADOS.ORG                                                http:...
Street Party Of The Year                Kadooment                      the girls taunted them with provocative            ...
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Barbados Crop Over Carnival

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Crop Over Carnival Barbados. Kadooment the grand final street party

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Barbados Crop Over Carnival

  1. 1. CARNIVAL BARBADOS.ORG http://barbados.org/barbados- carnival-jouvert-videos.htm bandsThe Bands dressed in spectacular featuredcostumes, bumped and jived on the outskirtof town, along the beach at spring gardenhighway and ending at the shallow draftbehind the harbor. Along they way theydanced and swayed with the crowd ofspectators.Carnival In Barbados takes place mostly in † FOOD AND DRINK ¢August when the bands parade andKadooment street parties are in full swing. The food served on the street and in thePreparations start in Spring and throughout stalls along the road is very Caribbean:the year there are competitions for the top Roti, Cou Cou, Pasties, Jamaicianband, tune and the best costumes. Patties, Fish Cutters and BBQ pigtail are all along the road. Everywhere there are http://bit.ly/barbados-carnival-videos rum shops and watering holes. STREET PARTY 2012WORK CITY, WORK STATE WORK ZIP
  2. 2. Street Party Of The Year Kadooment the girls taunted them with provocative moves and smiles”.The big event, the grand parade is a hottourist attraction and a time to let your The street parade ends at a party justhair down and let it rip in Barbados. across from the boats moored in theAlmost anything goes. shallow draft harbour.Barbados International singing star,Rihanna was at the party last year was http://barbados.org/barbados-seen joining the very raunchy bumps and carnival-jouvert-videos.htmgrinds. Skin and suggestion are on paradeat Carnival which is a time to celebrateand let it all go.  Caribbean people love tolet go and be sexy.The army stood by at the end of theSpring Garden parade street withautomatics in hand, as an unusualprecaution in 2012. They were smart anddiscreet behind the wire fence, dressed incombat camouflage. They watched on as