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Easter Story

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Easter Story

  1. 1. Easter Story Yunclillos Easter Story
  2. 2. Once upon a time there was a good fairy called Twig
  3. 3. She was very kind and sweet, and she played music for all the children to hear
  4. 4. She had a pet bird that was called Easter
  5. 5. Easter was a very naughty bird. She never listened to twig, and she kept taking her jewellery and losing it in her nest!
  6. 6. Twig told her off time and time again
  7. 7. But Easter never listened, she just carried on taking the jewellery, and losing it in her nest.
  8. 8. Twig was so upset, she decided that she was going to teach Easter a lesson.
  9. 9. She waved her magic wand and said 'Easter has been bad stealing my jewellery, turn her into a rabbit to stop her tomfoolery!'
  10. 10. In a puff of smoke, Easter opened her eyes. She was a RABBIT!
  11. 11. Easter was very sad, but Twig couldn't change the spell... That made Twig sad too!
  12. 12. But then Twig had a marvellous idea! She could play a tune on her magic flute and change the spell just a little bit.
  13. 13. She changed the spell so that once a year, when March is nearly finished, Easter can lay eggs like a bird.
  14. 14. Easter was so happy that she decided she would give a little egg made of chocolate to all the girls and boys to make everyone very very happy.
  15. 15. Happy Easter everyone!