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Smart Utility Tunnels - Conference of Isam SHAHROUR at ITASC 2017, Shanghai

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This keynote was presented at the International Symposium for Intelligent Transportation and Smart City; ITASC 2017; Shanghai. It presents How the Smart Technology could help in meeting the utility tunnels challenges?. The first part presents the utilities challenges and how the utility tunnel meets these challenges. Then it presents the application of the smart technology to establish an inclusive approach of the utility tunnel; that is based on the collection and analysis of data throughout the lifecycle of the utility tunnel. It shows that this approach enhances both the security and efficiency of the utility tunnel.

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Smart Utility Tunnels - Conference of Isam SHAHROUR at ITASC 2017, Shanghai

  1. 1. Smart Utility Tunnels 智慧综合管廊 Isam SHAHROUR Professor Smart Cities https://fr.linkedin.com/in/ishahrour
  2. 2. Outline Utility tunnels 综合管廊 Why ? 为什么需要综合管廊? International examples and practices ? 案例分析 Challenges of utility tunnels? 综合管廊的挑战 Smart Technology 智慧技术 What ? 什么是智慧技术? Smart utility tunnels ? 智慧综合管廊 ?
  3. 3. Urban Utilities 综合管廊 Large density, added gradually over long period of time. termed ‘‘The spaghetti subsurface problem’’ (Oude 1992)
  4. 4. Multiservice (water, energy, telecommunication, waste,.) 多功能,供水、能源、通讯、废水… Critical for the city functioning 对城市功能发挥至关重要 We have to ensure the service continuity Related to the city construction 与城市建设密切相关 • Very old • Recent Urban Utilities 综合管廊
  5. 5. Buried (in the underground) : 埋于地下 - Localization ? Accidents during work 管线位置?施工时易引起工程事故 - Strong interaction 强烈的相互作用 - Works requires excavation, which leads to large disturbance in the traffic and other urban services 需掘进施工,影响交通和其他城市功能 Urban Utilities 综合管廊
  6. 6. Vulnerable to environmental factors: 易受环境影响: • Climate (freezing, …) 冻胀 • Soil expansion 膨胀 • Water infiltration 渗水 • Earthquakes 地震 • Soil erosion 侵蚀 Urban Utilities 综合管廊
  7. 7. Vulnerable to human activity 易受人类活动影响 • Construction works (excavation,….) 开挖工程 • Heavy traffic 交通流量 Urban Utilities 综合管廊
  8. 8. Utility tunnel is an excellent solution Any system containing one or more utilities, which is “visitable” without excavation Utility tunnel (Safe box) 综合管廊是最优解决方案之一 所有管线均可见而无需开挖 综合管廊
  9. 9. Utility tunnel is an excellent solution • Avoids trenches and traffic disturbance 避免开挖及干扰交通 • Reduces risk of utilities damage during works. 避免施工过程中管线破坏 • Facilitates the installation, inspection, replacement and maintenance. 易于安装、巡检、替换及维护 • Facilitates management of construction wastes. 方便管理、避免施工浪费 • Saves fill materials 节约填充材料 综合管廊是最优解决方案之一
  10. 10. Opportunities for the construction of tunnel utilities • New urbanization or renovation projects. 新的市政规划 • Re-qualification of public spaces, in particular historical city centers. 公共用地重新评估,特别是历史文化名城 • Creation of public transport infrastructures. 新的公共交通基础设施 • Large renovation of urban utilities. 大规模市政管网更新 综合管廊立项的合适时机
  11. 11. Axel Laistner, Hermann Laistner “Utility Tunnels – Proven Sustainability Above and Below Ground “Within the coming 40 years – the whole energy supply and distribution system of the world – including China and India- will need to be 100% restructured and reworked’ Opportunities for the construction of tunnel utilities 综合管廊立项的合适时机 在未来40年内,世界上所有能源管线,包括中国和印度在内,需要重新 规划和布置。
  12. 12. Outline Utility tunnels 综合管廊 Why ? 为什么需要综合管廊? International examples and practices ? 案例分析 Challenges of utility tunnels? 综合管廊的挑战 Smart Technology 智慧技术 What ? 什么是智慧技术? Smart utility tunnels ? 智慧综合管廊 ?
  13. 13. London in the 19th Century Construction and reparation of London sewage system http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2038281/London-underground-photos-Miles-ornate- brickwork-tunnels-hidden-Fleet-River.html 1845 1854 19世纪的伦敦 伦敦下水管道建设和维护
  14. 14. Paris in the 19th Century 1860: Governor of Paris Haussmann (Napoleon III) started the construction of large water tunnels Driver: Cholera epidemics in France 1832 : 103,000 deaths. 1849: 110,000 deaths 1853: 9 000 deaths in Paris Boulevard de Sébastopol (1858). 19世纪的巴黎 1860年巴黎开始建设大尺寸下水管道 主要原因是19世纪的大规模霍乱
  15. 15. City of Tours, France Started in 1947, after the 2nd world war • Drinking water 供水管线 • Sewage 污水管线 • Electricity 电力 • Telecommunications 通讯 • Heating 供热 • Gas 燃气 CléSol 法国图尔市 地下管廊始于1947年的二战后的重建
  16. 16. Besançon, France Construction: 1965 – 2003 Within a new district project • District heating • Telephone • Electricity • Drinking Water • Sewage • TV • Optical fiber GazX CléSol 11 km 法国贝桑松市 地下管廊建于1965-2003年新区建设中 供热 电话 电力 供水 污水 电视 光纤 不包括燃气管线
  17. 17. Prague Started in 1970 • Electricity • Drinking water • Gas • urban lighting • TV • Telephone UNESCO World Heritage CléSol 捷克布拉格 联合国教科文组织认定的历史文化遗产 管廊始建于1970年 电力 供水 燃气 城市照明 电视 电话
  18. 18. Geneva Construction 1985 -1989 • Electricity • water, • Telephone, • Roads light control • sewage • storm water CléSol Gaz GazX 瑞士日内瓦 地下管廊建设于1985-1989年 电力 供水 电话 城市照明 污水 雨水 不包括燃气管线
  19. 19. Barcelona Started in 1989 within large urban works for the Olympic games in 1992 • Drinking water • Sanitation • District heating • Electricity • Telecommunications • Waste collection The investment costs: 1500 € / m CléSol GazX 西班牙巴塞罗那 因1992年奥运会,管廊始建于1989年 供水 卫生 供热 电力 电话 污水 不包括燃气管线投资约1500欧元每米
  20. 20. Amsterdam • Water supply • Sanitation • Storm water • Gas • District heating • Cold network • Electricity • Telecommunications Construction 2002 - 2005 New Business District District Heating Electrical CléSol Others 荷兰阿姆斯特丹 管廊建于2002-2005年的新商业区 供水 卫生 雨水 燃气 供热 制冷 电力 电话
  21. 21. Chao Yang and Fang-Le Peng / Procedia Engineering 165 ( 2016 ) 540 – 548 Utility Tunnels in China 中国的综合管廊
  22. 22. France: 5-Years National Project «Clé de Sol » outcome Consortium: National Authority, professional, local government, urban services providers, universities, construction companies.. 法国为期5年的地下综合管廊国家级项目 中央政府部门 地方政府 市政部门 大学 施工单位 …
  23. 23. National Project «Clé de Sol » outcome Which utilities? All utilities are eligible provided risk and safety analysis for the networks, the tunnel and the environment. 法国为期5年的地下综合管廊国家级项目研究成果 所有可能入廊管网都进行了综合风险分析
  24. 24. National Project «Clé de Sol » outcome Contents Chapter I: • Multiple Networks' Multiple Interests • sustainable development. Chapter II: • Opportunity analysis Chapter III: • Technical draft • Security • Planning for management and operation • Project analysis • Legacy analysis • Financial analysis 法国为期5年的地下综合管廊国家级项目研究成果
  25. 25. The conventional method (open-cut) is used, because of the short-term planning and and low initial costs. Considering the long-term sustainability perspective, this method is socially disruptive, environmentally damaging and significantly more expensive. D.V.L. Hunt et al. (2014) Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 39. Huant et al. (2014) concerning the UK experience 英国综合管廊建设经验 考虑长期可持续发展,传统方式在社会和环境方面成本更高。
  26. 26. There is no more effective, efficient, economic, safe, supply secure, environmental and sustainable urban supply and support systems technology than the Utility Tunnel The outcome of 20 years German experience in utility tunnels (A. Laistner & H. Laistner, 2012) 德国综合管廊建设经验
  27. 27. Outline Utility tunnels 综合管廊 Why ? 为什么需要综合管廊? International examples and practices ? 案例分析 Challenges of utility tunnels? 综合管廊的挑战 Smart Technology 智慧技术 What ? 什么是智慧技术? Smart utility tunnels ? 智慧综合管廊 ?
  28. 28. Utility Tunnels challenges Complex system, which hosts multitude of systems: • Water supply, rainwater, sewage, reclaimed water, • District heating • Gas • Electrical grid • Telecommunication networks • Facilities: fire, power supply, lighting, monitoring, ventilation, drainage, • Access : entrances, exits, Air inlet, air outlet.. 综合管廊的挑战 系统复杂,同时容纳多种管网
  29. 29. • Critical infrastructures for the city 城市生命线 • Compatibility of utilities in a tunnel environment; 多管线的相容性 • Multitude of users (Who does what ?) 多用户参与 Utility Tunnels challenges 综合管廊的挑战
  30. 30. • Safety and security (fire, sabotage, flood, water leakage, gas leakage,…) 安全 (火灾、恐怖袭击、洪水、漏水、漏气…) • Hazards to workmen from unfamiliar systems; 工人误操作 • Management (use, inspection, maintenance,…) 管理 (使用、巡检、维护…) • Interaction with adjacent environment 周边环境影响 Utility Tunnels challenges 综合管廊的挑战
  31. 31. • Lifecycle management 全生命周期管理 • Construction cost (initial investment ?) 建设费用(初期投资) • Economic model 经济模式 • Legacy issue 法律问题 Utility Tunnels challenges 综合管廊的挑战
  32. 32. • Leakage from gas pipes 燃气泄漏 • Gas from sewage system 污水系统中的气体 • Electrical equipment and cable wire 电力系统设备及电缆 • Maintenance works 维护工作 • Poor ventilation 通风不畅 • Insulating materials used in hot water and air-condition systems. 供热及制冷管网的保温材料 Fire Risk in utility tunnel 火灾风险
  33. 33. Security of utility tunnels Canto-Perello et al. / Expert Systems with Applications 40 (2013) According to experts experience, Canto-Perello et al (2013) ranked threats on utility tunnels as follows: Terrorism Activists Disgruntled 综合管廊的安全
  34. 34. Lifecycle management Optimization, efficiency and reduction of the global cost Planning Design Construction Exploitation 全生命周期管理 规划 设计 建设 运维 Avoid data and information loss?
  35. 35. Resiliency Reduce the impact of natural, industrial and “human-made” disasters 抗灾恢复力
  36. 36. Outline Utility tunnels 综合管廊 Why ? 为什么需要综合管廊? International examples and practices ? 案例分析 Challenges of utility tunnels? 综合管廊的挑战 Smart Technology 智慧技术 What ? 什么是智慧技术? Smart utility tunnels ? 智慧综合管廊 ?
  37. 37. • Smart City • Smart Grid • Smart Nation • Smart People • Smart Health • Smart Education Smart Technology • Smart Water • Smart Energy • Smart manufacturing • Intelligent Transportation • Smart Health • Smart Education 智慧技术
  38. 38. Smart Technology Based on comprehensive and knowledge-based management What is this technology ? How it could be used in Utility Tunnels? 智慧技术 什么是智慧技术? 如何在地下综合管廊中应用?
  39. 39. Internet People are connected at large scale and from every where Digital Technology 数字化技术 Social Media Mobile
  40. 40. Internet of things 物联网 Things become Smart and connected at large scale
  41. 41. BigData, data analyses, artificial intelligence, Learning machine.. 大数据、数据分析、专家系统…
  42. 42. Augmented and virtual reality 增强现实及虚拟现实
  43. 43. Drone for inspection 无人机在结构和环境监测中的应用
  44. 44. Smart system organization Data Collection & storage Data share & Analysis Interaction with stakeholders Smart Management Sensors Field survey Users Authorities Open data Engineering Environmental Security Management Economic, Machine Learning Learn Control Process adaptation Management adaptation New services Users Technical staff Administrative staff Emergency Policy-makers 数据收集和存储- 数据共享和分析 智能管理 与利益相关者的互动
  45. 45. “Smart City” 智慧城市
  46. 46. Real-time 数据适时存储、分析、学习、适时控制、优化控制
  47. 47. Share data : Collective intelligence 数据共享及集体智慧
  48. 48. Health, Education Art, Culture Data
  49. 49. Health, Education Art, Culture Data BIG DATA digits, images, movies, audios
  50. 50. Outline Utility tunnels 综合管廊 Why ? 为什么需要综合管廊? International examples and practices ? 案例分析 Challenges of utility tunnels? 综合管廊的挑战 Smart Technology 智慧技术 What ? 什么是智慧技术? Smart utility tunnels ? 智慧综合管廊 ?
  51. 51. Smart Utility Tunnel Platform Information Sytem Asset Data (GIS, BIM, CIM) Analysis Control Web-server • Management staff • Technical Staff • Authorities • Users • Emergency Communication : • Wired and Unwired Monitoring • Tunnel • Networks • Facilities • Access – occupancy Sensors data Users - Alerts - Information Users data Other data • Weather • Traffic • Emergency other data
  52. 52. Utility tunnel monitoring 1) Structure monitoring • Deformation • Displacement • Water content • Camera inspection 综合管廊监测 结构监测 变形 位移 含水量 摄像监测
  53. 53. Utility tunnel monitoring 2) Utilities monitoring Drinking water: Flow, pressure, quality Sewage : Flow, height, quality Electrical : current, voltage, frequency,.. Heating : temperature, flow, pressure Gas : pressure, flow 综合管廊监测 管网及设施监测
  54. 54. Utility tunnel monitoring 3) Indoor monitoring • Temperature • Humidity • Lighting • Acoustic • Air quality (gas,…) • Air flow 综合管廊监测 管廊内部监测 温度 湿度 光线 声音 空气 气流
  55. 55. Utility tunnel monitoring 4) Security monitoring • Access (open/close) • Occupancy • Air quality • Fire detection • Ventilation • Smoke extractors • Firefighting system • Camera 安全监测 综合管廊监测
  56. 56. Data transformation into operational information • Data analysis • Data mining • BigData tools • Learning machine • Engineering tools • Management tools • Data visualization (3D, 4D, Augmented Reality,…) Use of GIS, BIM, CIM, Civil 3D tools 数据及指令信息
  57. 57. Decision and on-line control • Equipment and devices control (security, optimal management) 控制设备 • Alerts 报警 • Reports & recommendations 报告及建议 决策及在线控制
  58. 58. Smart System Team Smart System Team Digital technology Data mining and analysis Civil - engineering Mechanical and electrical engineering, Security Management 智慧系统的实现需要跨学科的智慧系统团队
  59. 59. Smart System Team role Establish clearly for each data a key actor as well as the associated actors The key actor is responsible for the data acquisition, verification and integration as well as its share with other services. 智慧系统团队 智慧系统团队每个组成部分有明确职责,并负责该职责相关的数据收集、验 证、与其他相关方面的共享。
  60. 60. Smart system Team Each service should: • Dress up process tools and tools for the use of data for safety and optimal management. 建立相关工作流程、便于安全及优化管理 • Establish alerts and security measurement in case of any incident. 建立报警及紧急预案 • Share with other services any abnormal event and strategies for safety and optimal management 建立与其他部门的突发事件联动机制 智慧系统团队
  61. 61. Conclusion Lessons learned from experiences in different countries show the “Utility Tunnel” is the most effective, efficient, economic, safe and sustainable system for urban utilities 结论 各国经验显示综合管廊具有有效、经济、安全、可持续的优点 But, it faces major challenges such as governance, legacy, finance, security, safety, compatibility among utilities, lifecycle management 但综合管廊面临管理、资金、安全、相容等多方面的挑战
  62. 62. Conclusion The smart technology is “mature” and can help in establishing a knowledge-based strategy for an optimal and safe management of Utility Tunnels 结论 智慧技术可在综合管廊的优化及安全管理中发挥作用
  63. 63. • Data collection, storage and transformation into operational information • Learning • Decision making; the right decision • Predictive maintenance • Expenses savings • Resiliency implementation Conclusion The smart technology allows: 结论 智慧技术的优势
  64. 64. Conclusion We need to start with pilot projects 我们需要进行项目示范 结论
  65. 65. THANK YOU Wish you a Smart Day https://www.linkedin.com/in/ishahrour http://ishahrour.com WeChat ID: ishahrour