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Internship Presentation - Larsen & Toubro

a presentation showcasing the work done at Larsen & Toubro during the Technical Internship Program

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Internship Presentation - Larsen & Toubro

  1. 1. Quality Improvement Through PFMEA Larsen & Toubro Ishan Parekh MBA (Tech.) – Mfg. Roll No. # 315
  2. 2. •What is FMEA? Failure Mode & Effects Analysis. FMEA provides a structured approach in identifying and prioritizing potential failure modes , taking action to prevent and detect failure modes and making sure mechanisms are in place to ensure ongoing process control.
  3. 3. A Proactive tool to identify concerns with the sources of variation & then define and take corrective actions Process=f(Man, M/c, Material, Method, Environment, Measuring instrument) PFMEA as a tool helps to.. •Access risk or likelihood of significant problem •Trouble shoot problems •Guide Improvement aid in determining where to spend time & money •Capture learning to retain and share knowledge and experience. Refer: Sample PFMEA Sheet FMEA Scoring via RPN
  4. 4. Refer: Detailed Graphs of Each CTQ Dimension
  5. 5. Refer: Detailed Graphs of Each CTQ Dimension
  6. 6. Refer: Detailed Graphs of Each CTQ Dimension
  7. 7. Refer: Poka Yoke of the Assembly of the Mechanism
  8. 8. Refer: Sample OPLs made for the assembly of the mechanism