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Management of Technology - Service Industry

a look at the Management of Technology in the Service Industry

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Management of Technology - Service Industry

  1. 1. In Service Industry By: Balagopal P (301) Adityavikram Cheema(304) Nachiket Kulkarni(311) Ishan Prekh(315) Rishabh Sinha(321) Dhruv Kalia(324)
  2. 2. • Technology Management is set of management disciplines that allows organizations to manage their technological fundamentals to create competitive advantage. • Typical concepts used in technology management are: 1. Technology strategy (a logic or role of technology in organization) 2. Technology forecasting (identification of possible relevant technologies for the organization,possibly through technology scouting) 3. Technology roadmapping (mapping technologies to business and market needs), 4. Technology project portfolio ( a set of projects under development), 5. Technology portfolio (a set of technologies in use).
  3. 3.  Tertiary sector of the economy  Consists of soft parts of the economy  Consists of all intangible goods  Involves provision of services to other businesses as well as end consumer  May involve transportation, distribution & sale of goods from producer to a consumer  Focus on people interaction and serving customers rather than transforming physical goods
  4. 4.  Obstacles selling service that goods-sellers rarely face  Intangible, difficult for customer to understand its value  ‘People costs’ high component of service cost  Unrelenting pattern of increasing costs  Differentiation difficult
  6. 6. • NEED TO DEVELOP THE HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (An HMS) : 1. Keeps the records of its patients 2. Keeps the record of the doctors 3. Maintains the record of the inventory • Advantages of Hospital Management System: 1. Streamlined Operations 2. Improved Patient Care 3. Better Administration Control 4. Smart Revenue Management
  7. 7. Wal-Mart
  8. 8.  Primary focus on people and technology  Integrated technology and business strategies to become America’s no. 1 retail corporation  Aim to create value and offering friendly services to customers  Properly balanced the marketing and technology to serve the customer  Delivering high quality merchandise at EDLP  Striving to improve human relation s among customers, employees, and communities
  9. 9.  Relies heavily on technology; expansion  Linked all stores to its MIS  Leading purchaser of large computer in U.S  Analyzing buying patterns, collect real time data on sales and inventory  POS terminals connected to company’s headquarters; continuous information upgrade  1800 suppliers into integrated system; matching in- transit, in-warehouse merchandise  Right quantities at the right time
  10. 10.  Technological progress; major shift from production to service sector  U.K first economy to the transitional change  U.S: 76.7%, India: 55.6%