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Strategic leadership
Strategic leadership
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  1. 1. LEADERSHIP A brief overview of definitions, theories, tasks and styles Prof. Dr. Ismet BARUTCUGIL İsmet Barutçugil
  2. 2. Leader - Leadership EVERYBODY IS TALKING ABOUT LEADERSHIP The word leader at Google brings appr. 940.000.000 results* The word leadership at Google shows appr. 491.000.000 results* İsmet Barutcugil *Nov. 2014
  3. 3. Leader - Leadership On Amazon.com there are over 480.000 books whose topics are related with leaders & leadership In Wikipedia, 9 theories of leadership and 11 different types of leaders are named. İsmet Barutcugil
  4. 4. RReeaalliittiieess ooff tthhee 2211sstt CCeennttuurryy The need for leaders is increased. Leadership is crucial for future success of teams & organizations The numbers and qualities of the leaders developed do not meet the needs of today & near future İsmet Barutcugil
  5. 5. Leader - Leadership Leader is the person who has power to influence others’ thoughts and behaviors. Leadership is the capacity to influence human behavior in order to attain a specified mission İsmet Barutcugil
  6. 6. Leader - Leadership Leadership is not a title or position. Leadership is about attitude and behaviour Leaders serve the teams to succeed. Leaders are responsible for results İsmet Barutcugil
  7. 7. OOlldd ppaarraaddiiggmm: Leaders are the very few charismatic individuals equipped with superior competencies by birth. 7 LLeeaaddeerrsshhiipp İsmet Barutçugil
  8. 8. NNeeww ppaarraaddiiggmm: Each and every individual who knows & manages himself and understands & influence others has the capacity of leadership. 8 LLeeaaddeerrsshhiipp İsmet Barutcugil
  9. 9. Leadership Challenge “It is nonsense to assume that leadership is genetic. There is no hard evidence to support the assumption” Kouzes&Posner İsmet Barutcugil
  10. 10. Leadership Challenge The truth is that leadership is an observable set of skills and abilities. Any skill can be strengthened, honed and enhanced if we have the motivation and desire, the practice and feedback, the role models, coaching, support and recognition. Live, learn, lead İsmet Barutcugil
  11. 11. Leadership is about Relationship Building trust Inspiring and motivating Encouraging and enabling others İsmet Barutcugil LLeeaaddeerrsshhiipp
  12. 12. Leadership is about Challenging the status Inspiring the vision Building teams Managing the change Being a role model Developing new leaders İsmet Barutcugil LLeeaaddeerrsshhiipp
  13. 13. Leadership is an art based on certain inborn competencies and learnt & developed by professional experiences. Since leadership is an art, there exists no style, pattern, model or standard which can be defined as the best. İsmet Barutcugil LLeeaaddeerrsshhiipp
  14. 14. Leadership Theories Great Man Attributes İsmet Barutcugil Contingencies Attitude & Behaviours Followers Roles & Tasks
  15. 15. CCoommppoonneennttss ooff LLeeaaddeerrsshhiipp Contingencies Relations Skills = Experience Image Values Vision Knowledge Attitude  Courage  Honesty  Fairness  Enthusiasm  Commitment  Determination
  16. 16. Power Bases of Leadership Power of Authority (Position Power) Resources Authority / Status (legitimate power) Coercion Rewards Connections İsmet Barutcugil
  17. 17. Power Bases of Leadership Power of Influence (Personal Power) Personality Knowledge - Expertise Competencies – Skills Referent power Attitude İsmet Barutcugil
  18. 18. How to Lead Smart, Talented and Powerful People Jeswald W. Salacuse İsmet Barutcugil
  19. 19. Trust Creation İsmet Barutcugil
  20. 20. Task 1. Direction Question How do you negotiate a vision for the team that other leaders will buy into? İsmet Barutcugil
  21. 21. Task 1. Direction Do not impose a vision from the top Structure & conduct meetings with the team Negotiate the vision Allow for genuine participation for decisions Determine a vision based on acceptable principles and standards İsmet Barutcugil
  22. 22. Task 2. Integration How do you make stars a team? İsmet Barutcugil Question
  23. 23. Task 2. Integration Make the common interests of your team’s members apparent Understand the differences that divide your team’s members Seek to find ways to bridge the gaps Demonstrate that you put the interets of the team above all. İsmet Barutcugil
  24. 24. Task 3. Mediation How do you resolve conflicts over turf and power among other leaders so the team can move forward? İsmet Barutcugil Question
  25. 25. Task 3. Mediation Understand the underlying interests of team members Consider carefully the six mediation power tools of reward, coercion, expertise, legitimacy, reference and coalition Learn how to employ and apply these tools most effectively whenever needed. İsmet Barutcugil
  26. 26. Task 4. Education How do you educate people who think they are already educated? İsmet Barutcugil Question
  27. 27. Task 4. Education Do not teach, be the manager of the learning process Prefer one-on-one educating rather than in groups Actively involve the team members in the process and invite them to contribute İsmet Barutcugil
  28. 28. Task 5. Motivation How do you move other leaders who already seem “to have everything” to do the right thing for the team. İsmet Barutcugil Question
  29. 29. Task 5. Motivation Learn as much as you can about the team member’s interests Understand and develop particular incentives that accord with these interests Agree on future goals of both sides Agree on an action plan İsmet Barutcugil
  30. 30. Task 6. Representation How do you lead your organization’s outside constituents while still leading leaders inside? İsmet Barutcugil Representation Question
  31. 31. Task 6. Representation Remember that you are always on stage. Every act or statement that you make has the potential to affect the team’s relations with the outside world. Beware of confusing your self interest with team interests İsmet Barutcugil Representation
  32. 32. Task 7. Trust Creation How do you gain and keep other leaders’ trust, the vital capital that your own leadership depends on?. İsmet Barutcugil Trust Creation Question
  33. 33. Task 7. Trust Creation Be open and honest in communication Be consistent and predictable in action Balance result vs. people orientations Demonstrate that your leadership will advance their interests Avoid exaggerated leadership ego. İsmet Barutcugil Trust Creation
  34. 34. Autocratic Democratic İsmet Barutcugil Bureaucratic Charismatic Strategic Systematic
  35. 35. Leaders in Action Commanders Pace Setters Visionaries Team Builders Motivators Coaches İsmet Barutcugil
  36. 36. Leadership Practices There are different practices of leadership; because there are different situations, different needs and different cultures. An effective leader knows which style is the best to practice, where, when and how. Those who do not perform the right style loses their power of influence and their followers İsmet Barutçugil
  37. 37. Effective Styles of Leadership Democratic Leader & Coach (2) Pace Setter & Commander İsmet Barutcugil (1) Team Builder & Relations Developer (3) Inspirational & Visionary Leader (4) 1 2 3 4 Followers’ Maturity Level
  39. 39. TTHHAANNKKSS ibarutcugil@rcbadoor.com twitter@IsmetSabit http://ismetbarutcugil.wordpress.com/ İsmet Barutçugil