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Xi‘an food top5

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Xi‘an food top5

  1. 1. Xi’an Food Map<br />035115500Top 1: Yang Rou Pao Mo (Pita bread soaked in lamb soup 羊肉泡饃)<br />Recommended Restaurants: <br />Lao Sun Jia (Sun’s Family 老孫家): Most famous and most expensive. (US$5)<br />Lao Mi Jia (Mi’s Family 老米家): Local people’s choice, close at 2pm.<br />Lao Liu Jia (Liu’s Family 老劉家): Local people’s choice, close at 2 pm.<br />Top 2: Guan Tang Bao & Ba Bao Zhou (Steamed dumplings 灌湯包and eight-treasure porridge 八寶粥) at Jia San Guan Tang Bao Zi Guan (Jia San’s Steamed Dumplings House 賈三灌湯包子館)<br /> <br />037846000Top 3: Rouga Mo (Marinated meat in baked bun 肉夾饃)<br />Recommended Restaurants:<br />Fan Ji La Zhi Rou Dian (Fan’s Braised Meat in Preserved Sauce 樊記臘汁肉店): Most famous, THE restaurant of Rouga Mo.<br />Qin Yu Rouga Mo (秦豫肉夾饃): Claims to be the best in Xi’an, close at 2 pm.<br />Top 4: Jin Xian You Ta (Golden thread tower 金線油塔), Chou Jiu (Glutinous rice wine 稠酒), Liang Pi (Cold green bean noodle 凉皮), Guo Tie (Pot stick 鍋貼), and whatever you want at Xi’an Fan Zhuang (Xi’an Restaurant西安飯莊): Everything is good here. <br /> <br />Top 5: Dumplings at De Fa Chang Jiao Zi Guan (De Fa Chang Dumpling House德發長餃子館): all kinds of dumplings… try Suan Tang Shui Jiao (Sour soup dumplings 酸湯水餃)<br /> <br />Dessert: Zeng Gao (Glutinous rice and date cake甑糕) at Dong Nan Ya Zeng Gao Shop (Southeast Asian Zeng Gao東南亞甑糕)<br /> <br />Tips: <br />1. China might be a little bit crowded. Look after your belongings, especially when there are kids around.<br />2. Garlic is very popular in Northwestern Chinese cuisine. Tell the waitress if you don’t like it.<br />3. Tipping is weird in China. As a result, waitresses are generally less enthusiastic than American ones.<br />4. Tourist guide might get brokerage from bad restaurants or expensive shopping centers.<br />