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Julio Lumbreras - Research & Innovation Missions in the European Union

  1. Julio Lumbreras, PhD. Professor at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) UPM Director for North America Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Kennedy School UPM e-mail: Harvard e-mail: R&I Missions in
  2. Annual average temperatures for GLOBE from 1850-2018 Source: Data from UK Met Office / #ShowYourStripes
  3. Annual average temperatures for SPAIN from 1901-2018 Source: Data from UK Met Office / #ShowYourStripes
  4. Source: GSDR 2015, based on data from EEA and other sources Time lags between science and policy (in years)
  5. Source: Climate-KIC 2018 The incremental approach is not working. We need to unlock exponential change
  6. “Firms ignoring climate crisis will go bankrupt” Mark Carney, Bank of England governor Source:
  7. KeyFeatures Extended association possibilities Create more impact through mission-orientation and citizens' involvement Support breakthrough innovation Strengthen international cooperation Reinforce openness Rationalise the funding landscape European Innovation Council R&I Missions New approach to Partnerships Open science policy Spreading ExcellenceEncourage participation Lessons Learned from Horizon 2020 Interim Evaluation Key Novelties in Horizon Europe
  8. Engagement of diverse national and regional stakeholders Measurement and impact by goals and milestones A portfolio of instruments to foster bottom-up solutions Flexibility, pro-active management and building in-house capabilities
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  11. StepstowardsHorizonEuropeStrategicPlan& MissionsintheWorkProgramme Summer 2019 • Start of involvement and exchanges with Member States, consultation with stakeholders and the public at large. Co-design via web-consultation (closed on 8 September) and Research & Innovation Days 24 – 26 September. Establishment of Mission Boards Autumn-winter 2019/2020 • Extensive exchanges with the European Parliament. Establishment of new Commission. Drafting the Strategic Plan including Identification of missions by proposal of the Mission Boards 2020 • Drafting of first Horizon Europe Work Programme on the basis of the Strategic Plan including the calls of the missions 2021 • Start of Horizon Europe including the calls of the missions, as appropriate
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  14. Julio Lumbreras, PhD. Profesor Asociado de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) Director para Norteamérica de la UPM Profesor visitante en Harvard Kennedy School Correo UPM: Correo Harvard: