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Jaroslav Seifert - Look at book


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Jaroslav Seifert - Look at book

  1. 1. Jaroslav Seifert
  2. 2. Jaroslav Seifert was a Czech poet and the first Czech Nobel Prize winner. He was born in 1901 in a poor family in Prague. He studied at several high schools. He worked as an editor in many newspapers and magazines. He wrote poems for children and adults. He died in 1986.
  3. 3. There are many moments I cannot forget, moments like radiant flowers in all possible colours and hues, evenings filled with fragrance like purple grapes hidden in the leaves of darkness. With passion I read poetry and loved music and blundered, ever surprised, from beauty to beauty. But when I first saw the picture of a woman nude I began to believe in miracles. My life unrolled swiftly. It was too short for my vast longings, which had no bounds. Before I knew it