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Pan changknot

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Pan changknot

  1. 1. JD of Tying It All TogetherPan Chang Knot The Pan Chang Knot is a very satisfying knot to tie. Still you don’t see many people tying it on account (at first glance) it looks wicked difficult. I’m not going to lie to you, the knot’s a challenge. But my hope is that the following instructions will make it a whole lot easier to create. 1. Make a bight in the 2. Drop two opposing middle of the rope. bights beside the middle bight. 3. Hook the right running 4. …and over the vertical end down, then left ropes. Then slither the under, over, under,… running end back… 5. …and forth, following 6. …three times. the same path as the line above,… Pan Chang Knot Instructions
  2. 2. JD of Tying It All Together7. Now hook the left 8. …the vertical ropes. running end down, then Hook the running end right over all… back under…9. …the vertical ropes, 10. …passing over and then curve it around the under the vertical ropes bight below… again.11. Hook the running end up 12. Hook the running end under, over-over-over, down under-under, under, and over-over- over, under-under- over the ropes above it. under, over, and under the ropes below it. Pan Chang Knot Instructions
  3. 3. JD of Tying It All Together13. Curve the running end 14. Curve the running end around the bight to the under the middle bight right and repeat Step 11. and repeat Step 12.15. Rotate all the vertical 16. Carefully adjust the and horizontal ropes 90 knot, taking up slack in degrees, creating an consideration of the fact upper and lower lattice that the Pan Chang Knot of woven ropes. has an upper and lower section.17. Congratulations! You’ve 18. Special Note: The Pan just finished tying, what Chang Knot is effectively a is believed to be, one of compressed cylinder and is the eight Buddhist not meant to lay completely Treasures. flat. Consider this fact when adjusting it. Pan Chang Knot Instructions