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Online Services for india

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Ready-to-use services from iWebz in India.

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Online Services for india

  1. 1. powered by the web Online Services For India
  2. 2. SPECIALIZED SERVICES (INDIA) 1. ownCloud accounts – cloud-based sync storage for individuals 2. payMyPage – use payment gateways without software coding 3. getSSL – affordable, warranty-backed SSL certificates for business websites
  3. 3. OWNCLOUD ACCOUNTS UTILITY Sync files across unlimited Windows/macOS/Linux PCs Access via Apps/Advanced web file manager Phone backups via mobile app Automated, self-service user interface Localized cloud service (within India) PRICING Starts at just ₹99 iwebzcloud.com
  4. 4. PAYMYPAGE UTILITY Add a supported payment gateway to any website Use payment links to collect payment via Email, IM, SMS, etc. Can be customized for use in a custom order process Automated, self-service user interface PRICING Fixed fee is only ₹5 for successful payment via pMP paymypage.com
  5. 5. GETSSL UTILITY Warranty-backed SSL certificates, from world-class brands Very affordable pricing Automated, self-service user interface SSL certificates issued within minutes PRICING Upto 85% discount on vendor-listed pricing www.getssl.in
  6. 6. STANDARD SERVICES iWebzSites.com – (India only) A service built on a traditional web hosting service that simplifies setting up their online presence quickly without too much tech-knowledge. iWebz.host – (Global) The full web hosting service experience for web technology experts with powerful features, quick 24x7 support, and multiple global datacenter options. iWebzHost.net – (Global) Free & Paid web hosting options to support the needs of those getting started with learning web technology. Ideal for web developers learning to host websites.