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Understanding the audience (IWC8)

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Slides used during the science to communication workshop in the 8th GEF Biennial International Waters Conference, to explain how to understand and communicate with an audience better when presenting.

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Understanding the audience (IWC8)

  1. 1. Understanding the audience
  2. 2. Why do people question you? •To clarify •To test your knowledge •To show their knowledge •To improve your study •Your results may differ from their findings •Beware about the future opportunities
  3. 3. Types of audience • Supporters • Curious minds • Critics • Competitors • “Moment seekers” • Neutrals
  4. 4. Responding to questions • Wait until the question is finished • Understand the question • Be brutally honest
  5. 5. Responding to questions • Be open for criticism • Show your enthusiasm • Use slides under the sleeve
  6. 6. Troublesome questioners • Answer the question only • No arguments at any cost • Keep the smile and your confidence • Invite to meet you later • Admit the universal truth – “Anything can be improved”
  7. 7. When asking questions…………. • Ask one question at a time • Practice your question • Take the shortest possible time • Is this needed and relevant?
  8. 8. Thank you Have a great time at IW8 We can be contacted @ sevvandi_jayakody@yahoo.com Chris.OBrien@fao.org