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Venture Capital Investment Pitch Deck Template - Leave Behind

This template was initially based off a few generally accepted decks that were passed to me by friends who were / are VC's, I then based this on years experience in the entrepreneurship space building, growing and selling companies, added a few things that I believed to be improvements in communicating value to your potential investors.

This is also not a bible but should serve to give an overview of what you should think about. Each company and business is different, think about those items in this deck that are important to your business and use them. It's also ugly on purpose, so you have to do the work putting it all together.

By all means, edit, augment, change as you see fit. Enjoy, and good luck!

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Venture Capital Investment Pitch Deck Template - Leave Behind

  1. 1. Image telling me what your product does image Tagline understood by non-technical peopleby JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  2. 2. what does it do? SPLIT THESE OUT IF YOU NEED TO! It provides value to the market by, being able to do all this other cool stuff. MyAwesomeProduct.com is …. ..... (again use of non-technical language, present immediate value to reader) How the market is shifting, why this is solving people’s problems and what why everyone in the markret will want it. (demonstrate scalability) MyAwesomeProduct.com is used by the following organizations (demonstrates traction) NASA UN WSJ Google etc..by JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  3. 3. History + Product Info • MyAwesomeProduct.com was launched by _team_, _from facebook, google, fivesquare, in 2011 • Since then it has grown and become a name player in the world of whatever pushing conventional boundaries and is making an impact in so and so space... • It works on all modern browsers and mobile devices. product growth timeline, key points. communicate growthby JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  4. 4. Team (key players only) Main achievement prior to MyAwesomeProduct.com img Tom Secondary Achievement prior to MyAwesomeProduct.com Brief on historical background Main achievement prior to MyAwesomeProduct.com img Dick Secondary Achievement prior to MyAwesomeProduct.com Brief on historical background Main achievement prior to MyAwesomeProduct.com img Harry Secondary Achievement prior to MyAwesomeProduct.com Brief on historical backgroundby JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  5. 5. Current investors, advisors or major clients slide Can delete this if not necessaryby JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  6. 6. COMMUNICATE THIS BUT SPLIT THIS UP INTO Market Size MULTIPLE SLIDES! Total Actionable Across Verticals Total PotentialGlobal 1 million 500 k 300k 150k/year A% of all addressable market use maps to communicate information though whatever.CAGR 7% 37% 3% 7.5%Total Market #number There were X billion mapping visualizations in 2011. Total addressable market in 2009: $dollars bn with A% CAGR The total potential number B2B users in the addressable market is Y million. The target demographic makes Z potential clients Expected addressable market in 2015: $dollars bn Expectable market reach at A% penetration in addressable market after 1 year, with N clients @ Average whatever spend in 2011 : $dollars / annum revenue of $dollars by JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  7. 7. Value Matrix Reinforce value proposition Offer Value to client Result Competitors Lorem ipsum dolor sin... What they’re not doing Vertical 1 Lorem ipsum dolor sin... Lorem ipsum dolor sin... Vertical 2 Lorem ipsum dolor sin... Lorem ipsum dolor sin... Lorem ipsum dolor sin... What they’re not doing Developer Lorem ipsum dolor sin... Lorem ipsum dolor sin... Lorem ipsum dolor sin... What they’re not doingby JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  8. 8. reinforce value through product shot(s) (these can come earlier in the deck)by JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  9. 9. User Acquisition Inbound Marketing Conversion Funnel, Activity 2, Activity 3 + how Outbound Marketing Email, Activity 2, Activity 3 + how Viral Marketing Viral Loop, Activity 2, Activity 3 + howby JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  10. 10. Value to Partners MyAwersomePoduct offers business’ a platform that does something great Accessible to all business Val 1 Val 2 Val 3 Reinforce Values Reinforce Values Reinforce Valuesby JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  11. 11. Business Model Campaign delivery Freemium MyAwesomProduct provides developers, jounalists, NGOs (my customers) a simple solution to do whatever the hell it does Interest We solve the needs of the global whatever community Local Freemium model allows for rapid growth along key verticals.by JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  12. 12. Competitors Key Competitors: Potential Entrants: what they’re not doing how they’re not going to play Competitive Advantage Defensibility And how do we protect it. What is our long lasting competitive advantageby JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  13. 13. SWOT POSITIVES NEGATIVES Strengths Weaknesses Threats Opportunitiesby JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  14. 14. positioning Variable 2 (+) img img Variable Variable 1 (-) 1 (+) img Variable 2 (-)by JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  15. 15. Financials USER Acq. Cost Assumptions Investment Stake $2m 10% Rev Channel 1 $5 Hurdle Rate 8% 50k users | $100 user = 60m annual rev USER Lifetime.Val IRR Rev Channel II $55 197% 50k users | $100 user = 60m annual rev Project NPV Rev Channel III 50k users | $100 user = 60m annual rev $ 40.57mby JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  16. 16. Exit Strategy Acquisition goog msft appl ibm etc. Google: As a key offering to their Google Mega plus engine. Get Glue, Foursquare : check in into the real world - offer additional services to brands, focus on real instead of only digital, expand business. Ogilvy, GREY: Purchase an engagement platform for brands.by JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  17. 17. Risk & Precautions Positive Indicators Key Problem Areas Economic : Limited Reach : Social : Slow growth : Tech : Commoditization: Market : Substitutes :by JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  18. 18. Competitive Response Situation Co. response Low barriers to entry Diverse user acquisition strategy & brand development. Competitor synergies with other networks API integration post platform launch. Low platform virility API integration post platform launch, web embed codes Lack of user commitment High value - low time commitment proposition. Slow initial growth Key problem identification, chose alternative scenario. Emergence of new competitors CartoDB feature set is difficult to implement and align. Churn in mappin services Satisfied users have little reason to switch. Existing competitor user base averse to switching Incentivize on price pointby JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  19. 19. Deployment Timeline when will product be ready, milestones, etc.by JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI
  20. 20. MyAwesomeCompany.com @twitter LOGO http://mysumsum.co whatever else blurb to strengthen emotional bondby JACEK GREBSKI - @JGREBSKI