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Just As We Lack Leonardo Boff

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Just As We Lack Leonardo Boff

  1. 1. Just as we lack The prevailing culture is at all excessive. He has no sense of restraint or sense of fair measure. For it is in crisis, dangerous for their own future. The challenge is: what is the proper measure to preserve the natural capital and survival? The proper measure is the optimal relative balance between the more and less. First, the measure is perceived negatively as a limit to our aspirations. This brings up the will and pleasure of violating the limit. Second, it is perceived positively as the ability to use, a moderate, the potential to last longer. This is only possible when is the right balance. The cultures of the Mediterranean basin, where we came from, Egyptian, Greek, Latin and Hebrew postulated where the search for fair measure. This was and is also the central concern of Buddhism and ecological philosophy of Feng-Shui Chinese. For all the symbols were the largest scale and their female deities just as the tutors. The goddess Maat of Egypt made sure that everything flowed evenly. But the wise Egyptians soon realized that the proper measure outer reaches only from the right point inside. Without the convergence of Maat inner and outer lost the right point, that is, balance, and we show destructive. One of the key features of Greek culture was the insatiable quest of the measure at all (metron). Is the classical formulation: Meden Agan,''nothing in excess''. The goddess Nemesis, venerated by the Greeks and Latins, represented the proper measure in divine and human. All who dare to go beyond the measure itself (called hubris - arrogant self-assertion) were immediately struck by Nemesis. Thus the Olympic champions who, similar to today, if left by fans deify or philosophers and artists that allowed excessive exaltation of their lives and works. The Bible Hebrew-Christian founded just as the recognition of the insurmountable barrier between Creator and creature. The creature will never be like God. That was the intention of our ancestors in the earthly paradise. They imagined that the case be able to eat the forbidden fruit. They ate it, exceeded the limit imposed, did not become God and were expelled from paradise. Sin is refusing to limit, not to recognize the condition of the creature. Despite the expulsion, remained the imperative of full measure in the form of''save''and cultivate the garden of Eden, that is, to live the ethic of care. Behind''cultivate''resonate''always''cult''and''culture, which signal the deal respectful of the Earth (worship). And behind the''save'', the sustainable use of its resources to meet human needs and not for purposes of accumulation. In biblical language, be''image and likeness of God''means to be the representative and lieutenant of God in the midst of creation. As such, should extend the divine creative act, and also created with the same grace with which God created all things (''and saw that it was good''). The net effect of interventions in the proper light, is the culture as human evolution and humanization of nature. Learn the old and remedy the crisis of civilization: living without excess, the precise extent and essential care for with all that surrounds us. <br />