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The Plagiarism Of Our Everyday Circus De Suannes

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The Plagiarism Of Our Everyday Circus De Suannes

  1. 1. The Plagiarism of Our Every day - Circus Suanne Who among us will not have had a bright idea and some time later discovers that someone took advantage of something very similar and used it as his own? Not registered? Danced. I even run the risk of being exposed, sooner or later. Ando making haiku, which, as you know, poetic expressions are very short, something half-page and three or four lines. Reading the words I wrote, I'm not sure whether even the author of all of them or if I'm appropriating things Basho, the great Japanese poet of the seventeenth century, master of us all in the area, including our Millor Fernandes, who published a huge list of them, duly Brazilianized. Nothing like remembering the Japanese master in this centenary year. <br />Joao Cabral de Mello Neto read much poetry in life, when inspiration brought him a poem prontinho, he wrote, as we all do, and then modify it entirely, for fear that the inspiration was simply the working memory others whose author at the time it occurred. With so much scruples, could only have those daily headaches that nearly went mad poet our ambassador. Know what is plagiarism? The Romans used the word to indicate disapproval of the act of those who could make use of slave of others. Much like the housewife who offers higher salary for the maid's door. Want to have my slave? Well then, pay me. In the language of today this value is called royalty.<br />Clearly, plagiarism is reprehensible, since it implies the appropriation of intellectual work of others, which is done not only for the glory of authorship and the economic gains that will provide the plagiante. Name it: royalty. I recognize that it is not always easy to punish a thief, unless the position he occupies and more because certain ideas are like birds: are flying here and there, and who is to take it. Plagiarism " illustrated" Among the thousands of frames that left Pablo Picasso, we find clear references to works by earlier artists, a kind of intervention on the work of others, reviewing the same topic. Compare your Las Meninas, which is 1957, with the framework of the same name Velázquez, which is 1656, and will see that there are the same elements. Who writes or composes has a permanent torment: our cricket speaker inside. We just write a great cricket in the text and asks: " Are you sure that this was done for you?" I hum to my wife a beautiful melody that I just happened and she said, " This is a thing of Chico, is not it?" Well, I still think that the composer of that song is me. And there are people who do not care.<br />